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Bust the London-Riyadh Global Terror Axis
by an EIR Investigative Team

Aug. 13—If another major terrorist attack like the Sept. 11, 2001 hits on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, or the Sept. 11, 2012 armed assault on the Benghazi, Libya U.S. Mission occurs, you can blame it on George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the British and Saudi monarchies. The wellspring of all significant international terrorism today is the Anglo-Saudi imperial alliance, expressed most vividly in the 1985 Al-Yamamah arrangements between London and Riyadh that persist to this day. Al-Yamamah (``The Dove'') was ostensibly an arms-for-oil barter deal, first brokered by then-Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, and then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Under the cover of the arms-for-crude-oil deal, over the succeeding 28 years, hundreds of billions of dollars in cash have been squirreled into offshore banks accounts in such notorious havens as the British and Dutch Caribbean Islands, Switzerland, and Dubai. Those funds have bankrolled nearly 30 years of global terrorism and coups d'état, dating back to late-1970s British and American sponsorship of the Afghan ``mujahideen'' which spawned al-Qaeda and every other Muslim Brotherhood offshoot now imposing a reign of terror across the entire Islamic world, and into Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Al-Yamamah slush funds bankrolled the Afghan ``resistance,'' separatist wars in Africa, and the 1990s conflicts in the Balkans following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. An honest and thorough investigation...
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  • Bust the London-Riyadh Global Terror Axis
    Had Presidents Bush or Obama released the suppressed 28-pages from the 9/11 Congressional Joint Inquiry's final report, and allowed a thorough investigation into the role of British and Saudi intelligence in the attacks, it is quite possible that Amb. Chris Stevens would still be alive today, along with tens of thousands of others, killed or injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Mali, and other frontline battlegrounds.
  • Bush and Obama Joined at the Hip in Shameless Coverup of Anglo-Saudi 9/11
    Despite clear evidence of Saudi and British sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks, the Bush-Cheney Administration launched war against two nations which had only peripheral involvement (Afghanistan), or no involvement at all (Iraq), and suppressed the evidence of the British-Saudi role in 9/11; Obama has continued the coverup. Edward Spannaus reviews the damning evidence.
  • Al-Yamamah:
    Funding Terrorism
  • Graham:
    Hijackers Needed the Saudi Support Network


  • Crimes of Wall Street:
    Big Banks Commit Murder of U.S. States, Cities

    Over the past 20 years, the $3 trillion annual sum of budgets of U.S. municipalities, counties, and specialty entities of all kinds, was seen as a looting ground by the Wall Street/ London/European banks. Thousands of localities were swindled, cutting back funds for schools, port and airport authorities, water and sewer commissions, irrigation and levee districts, and pensions.
  • Greek Leader Seeks Kirchner's Advice on Exit from Euro
    By Theodore Katsanevas, economics professor at the University of Piraeus (Greece), and a founder of the anti-euro Drachma 5 Party in that country.



  • LaRouche Warning Circulates To Stop War Drive vs. Iran
    While Lyndon LaRouche's warning, that Israeli attacks against Russian-related targets in Syria could lead to nuclear war, is picked up around the world, new threats from Israel against Iran are being taken very seriously by high-level U.S. intelligence and other officials.
  • Rouhani:
    A New Perspective for Iran

    A guest article by Ghoncheh Tazmini, Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Know Thy Brothers:
    Tunisia and the IMF

    The common thread that ties the former despotic regime of the Ben Ali clan (deposed in 2011) with that of the Muslim Brotherhood today is their mutual dependence on the International Monetary Fund to run Tunisia's economy.


  • Mankind's Existence Is Called into Question:
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'Despite the abundant evidence already at hand, only a small fraction of even the population of the United States, has yet been capable, this far, of actually recognizing the actual causes and motives for the carnage of sheer evil which has been already implicitly prepublicized as the intent for a present Anglo-Dutch-led program of globally directed genocide. It is an intended genocide whose intention and passions are rooted in its monetarist, stock-marketbased, programs of global mass-murder already in an accelerating motion.' LaRouche analyzes the historical roots of the crisis, the policies required to reverse it, and the 'noëtic principle' that is necessary to make the changes we require.


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