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Man's True Intention!
How the Future Builds Its Past
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 10, 2013

August 4, 2013 occurred in the week when the British Empire's J.P. Morgan virtually declared war against what was then formally identified as the firm's choice of mortal foe: which was us. Our quarrel on that account, is not among a collection of some more or less numerous individuals, or even some particular nation; it is now our battle to save civilization from the most evil agency in the world today: the actions of the imperial forces of the Anglo-Dutch world-empire and its effects on the future. The issue is still a world empire under the reign of Britain's malicious Elizabeth II who is the actually avowed principal enemy-in-fact of our own U.S. republic.

In this conflict, the principle of this present defense of our republic, must be traced properly in recent world history: as traced now from the leadership which had been associated with the Great Golden Renaissance`s Nicholas of Cusa, and, also, later, Cusa's follower, Johannes Kepler in the matter of the deeply rooted principles of physical science. Cusa and Kepler still represent the same principles of physical science which the great dramatist William Shakespeare demonstrated in the particular case of the ``Chorus'' introduced in Shakespeare's King Henry V: the same common heritage of the greatest Classical dramas and Classical composers of music, poetry, and of what should also be known as physical science. Let your future create your past!...

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  • Man's True Intention!
    How the Future Builds Its Past
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'My experience with the most frequent instances of successful cases of forecasting the future, including my own future, have happened to have been chiefly in the relative domain of economy,' he writes. 'Those successful cases have occurred in their most familiar form of expression as 'presciences': they occur, in my experience, as like an effect of 'tuning-in on' a fortuitous stepping into what may have seemed to have been a sensation from a broadcast 'heard as streaming from my head into the future.' The experience 'appears' in the guise of 'an ebb and flow in a heightened effect of a generally maturing awareness' of the future.' To understand 'How the Future Builds Its Past,' one must, first of all, overcome the hoax of sense perception.




Conference Report

  • The Sense Un-Certainty of Truth
    Through creativity in science and Classical art, 'human beings have a capacity to come to discover valid, universal principles of the universe, principles which are governing the unfolding of processes around us on the planet, processes occurring in the Solar System, out into the galaxy, and hopefully beyond.' A speech by Megan Beets of the LaRouchePAC Basement Science Team to the Schiller Institute conference in San Francisco June 29.
  • The Science of Creativity
    Longtime leader of the LaRouche movement Phil Rubinstein's address to the June 29 San Francisco conference, in which he responds to Lyndon LaRouche's challenge to look at Glass-Steagall 'in a deeper and more profound way.'


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