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The Pacific Development Corridor:
Maglev Across The Bering Strait
by Benjamin Deniston

The construction of the northern components of NAWAPA XXI in Alaska and Canada opens up development programs with massive international implications, linking the United States with East Asia in the creation of a high-technology, fusionand fission-powered backbone for a new world economy.
A major geopolitical shift towards the Pacific is already underway, with a strong pro-growth orientation in Asia, centered on pro-development factions in China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan. This directionality stands in stark contrast with the stagnation and collapse of the trans-Atlantic sector. In line with this Pacific orientation, Arctic development is increasingly becoming an area of focus, with major untapped resource deposits lying in wait, while the melting of Arctic ice is opening up northern shipping routes.
The development of the nuclear-thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI system links the United States, Canada, and Mexico into this Pacific-Arctic perspective. However, the critical factor must be continually underscored: The success of the effort fully depends upon the highest levels of technology and energy-flux density achievable.
The present physical-economic collapse of the United States is the result of four decades of stagnation and attrition. Living standards have collapsed, industry has been shut down, power per capita has decreased, and aging infrastructure systems are breaking down. The only way to overcome the accumulated physical collapse in the United States (and the whole world) is....
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    'The distinction of the human species from all others known to us presently, lies within the development of qualitative, more than merely quantitative, upward transformation of human society. . . . [T]he quality of fire-like upgrading of the abilities of our species, is the most essential feature of beneficial 'evolutionary effect' on which the continued success of our species depends. . . . Those specific kinds of effects 'reside' in the most unique distinction of mankind from all other presently known species.'


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