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John F. Kennedy's Program For a Nuclear America

This is an edited excerpt from the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report of Oct. 2, 2013. Megan Beets was the host, and the speakers were Michael Kirsch of the LaRouche science team, and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
The ghost of President Kennedy speaks to his future: ``This great, rich country of ours has a long, unfinished agenda, but it's always had that agenda, in creative times....''
Michael Kirsch: ...These cowards who are shutting down the government can feel the heat of the American population, like they felt with the objection to the Syrian strike; they can make it clear, that what they really want is for Glass-Steagall to go through; and as this crisis worsens, the population will be showering their demands upon them. But they also want water, they want food, and they want a full recovery program in the United States. Now, that program we launched last month on this website: ``Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to a Fusion Economy.'' And that spells out what the future could look like, preparing the ground for fusion, full development of nuclear desalination, agreements with China and South Korea, the development of the whole region from the Mississippi all the way to the West Coast, all the way up through Canada, through the Bering Strait, and what the future lays out. But what I want to present to you today, is a way in which to understand that that report is really the ghost of John F. Kennedy speaking to us today. And 50 years ago tomorrow, on Oct. 3, 1963, Kennedy spoke at Heber Springs, Arkansas, in his last major address,...
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  • What His Assassins Killed:
    John F. Kennedy's Program for a Nuclear America

    Michael Kirsch of the LaRouche science team presents the little-known story of President Kennedy's nuclear power program, which included rapid expansion of nuclear power, including fast-breeders; nuclear desalination of seawater for the benefit of the world; a nuclear-powered rocket for space exploration; infrastructure development for water and electricity, such as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), using peaceful nuclear explosions for rapid and efficient digging of large-scale projects. Where would this country be today, if Kennedy's program had not been aborted? The LaRouche movement is organizing to revive it today, under the broader international concept of NAWAPA XXI.



  • LaRouchePAC Ad Hits D.C.:
    Pass Glass-Steagall Now!

    While President Obama and most members of Congress continue to haggle over ever-more-draconian cuts in the living standards of Americans, LaRouchePAC has taken out an ad in the Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill, stating that, 'It is time for Congress to break with Wall Street banksters, their stooge in the White House, and their stooges on Capitol Hill'; the ad has been endorsed at press time by 45 leading individuals.
  • Top Banker-Spokesman Discloses 'Shutdown' Aim:
    Kill Off Old Folks

    American Bankers Association president Frank Keating lays out the agenda behind the government shutdown: Cut Social Security and Medicare, because Americans are living too long.
  • Book Review:
    It Was FDR's Bretton Woods!

    The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order, by Benn Steil.



  • Baghdad 767-1258 A.D.:
    Melting Pot for a Universal Renaissance

    From its conception in the mind of the Abbasid Khalifa Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour in 767 A.D., until the day of its first destruction by the Venice-allied Mongol hordes in 1258, Baghdad was the cradle of a historical scientific and cultural renaissance, and a melting pot of a rich IslamicChristian-Jewish-ArabPersian-Greek-Indian collaboration. Like every great renaissance movement, it started with the gathering, translation, and assimilation of the best works produced by other great cultures and individuals. Hussein Askary reports on the legacy that needs to be revived today, in modern form.


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