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LaRouche Webcast
Why Obama Must Be Removed From Office Immediately

Here is Lyndon LaRouche's Friday Webcast for Nov. 22, 2013, edited for EIR. LaRouche was joined by moderator Matthew Ogden, and LaRouchePAC's Dennis Mason, Ogden opened the program by noting the solemnity of date, which marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and then read a statement that LaRouche had issued Nov. 20, titled,
``An Emergency Statement by Lyndon LaRouche'':
``Given the fact that we are on the verge of the complete breakdown of the economy, we cannot tolerate a chaotic situation under this President. Therefore, there must be an impeachment now. There are plenty of grounds to do so—the paramount reason is that the United States must be saved. There must be a moratorium on foreclosures, and there must be a review of the outstanding claims of Wall Street circles, but the key to survival is to get Obama out of office before the collapse occurs. ``There is every ground to do so. His administration has been a systematic failure, so that his competence must be challenged. In fact, he is a completely unstable person that can't continue to function. He has to be kicked out because he is doomed in any case. ``The key thing is that we can't have the collapse occur with such a President in charge....''
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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    Why Obama Must Be Removed from Office Immediately

    'There's no way that Obama can remain in office and be President,' Lyndon LaRouche said during his weekly webcast on Nov. 22. Given that 'we are on the verge of the complete breakdown of the economy,' LaRouche said that Obama has no capability of making decisions necessary to assist the United States in dealing with its problems. 'Now, the danger is, that the crisis comes before he's out of office. If the crisis hits, and the crisis is about to hit—I mean, the whole end of the month of November, but certainly the early part of December, is a time when this is to be expected. If he were to leave office only after the crisis point had been hit, this would result in a disaster. So therefore, it's important that he be removed from office, or remove himself from office, perhaps by the aid of his Vice President, who probably is standing by, and is perhaps capable of dealing with this problem. I would suggest that that is the proper solution to this situation.' We publish the full transcript.





  • A New Paradigm:
    The Thermonuclear Future

    Benjamin Deniston gave this speech to the Schiller Institute's conference, 'A New Paradigm To Save Mankind,' on Nov. 2 in Los Angeles. He juxtaposes two 50-year processes: the one since the death of President Kennedy that has marked America's decline into a post-industrial society; and, in opposition to that, a vision for 50 years into the future, building a fusion-powerbased world economy.


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