Volume 40, Number 7, February 15, 2013


Brain, or Mind?: A Good Old Thought Revived  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In which LaRouche discusses the “Mars-Earth relationship,” both in terms of Mars’ role in providing a platform from which the “defense of Earth” might be staged; but more importantly, Mars’ broader significance for the human species in ending the “implicit isolation of mankind on Earth”: “It is a matter of our ability to implant on Mars, in particular, sets of apparatus for the included mission of establishing ‘remote-controlled’ activity, coordinated with apparatus controlled continually from Earth, as used to control missions assigned to operate from Mars.”

Kepler’s ‘War on Mars’

by Susan Welsh


Competent U.S. Strategy Begins with Glass-Steagall  

by Nancy Spannaus

Four days before President Obama’s State of the Union address, on Feb. 8, leading U.S. economist Lyndon LaRouche devoted his regular Friday night webcast to defining the actual strategic situation which confronts the United States. LaRouche’s urgent message elaborated three policies which uniquely address the economic and strategic crises now facing the nation, and the world.

Interview: Elio Lannutti—Fraud Whitewash Puts IMF, Draghi to Shame

Elio Lannutti is an outgoing member of the Italian Senate and chairman of the Association of Banking and Financial Services Consumers.

Iceland Has a Winning Policy!

by Michelle Rasmussen


War Dangers Spread from SW Asia to the Pacific  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The threat of continuing Israeli Air Force incursions into Syrian territory is a wild card factor, adding to the danger that the Syrian crisis will spread across the borders into Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan. Moreover, neither Russia nor China show any sign of breaking from their refusal to support the rebels against President Assad, creating a political stalemate that can only be broken by a genuine effort at a political solution.

It All Comes Down to the Rule of Law and the Right to a Future

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

There is a direct connection between the state of the trans-Atlantic financial sector and the worsening global strategic situation.

The Korea Model: How To Transform an Impoverished Nation into a Modern Economy

by Mike Billington

South Korea’s newly elected President Park Geun-hye has prominently referenced the legacy of her father, Park Chung-hee, the man primarily responsible for the Korean economic miracle, which emulated American System methods.


Obama’s Troubles Grow: Will Impeachment Follow?  

by Nancy Spannaus

The process of institutional pressure against President Obama’s ripping up of the U.S. Constitution took another huge step forward this week. Obama is now faced with bipartisan opposition to his assertion of dictatorial powers. While the immediate points at issue appear to be about the confirmations, the actual target of the uproar is the President himself.

Senators on Benghazi: Was Obama Asleep While Americans Were Killed?

Obama’s Killer-Drone Policy Comes Under Scrutiny

by Edward Spannaus

For the first time in three years, Congress has put President Obama’s drone killing-spree—in which over 3,000 people have died, including three U.S. citizens—under a spotlight.

Senators Demand: What Are the Grounds for Killing Americans?

Is Obama, Who Is Inseparable from John Brennan, a British-Saudi Asset?

by Tony Papert

Conference Report

The Role of Classical Music in Saving Humanity Today

by Nancy Spannaus

For the Schiller Institute’s series of conferences on “A New Paradigm To Save Mankind,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche mandated a prominent role for the performance and discussion of Classical music. Here, three exceptional individuals describe their determination to bring about a revival of Classical music, in a world dominated by the ugly sounds of what passes for music today.

Classical Music Is the World’s Music

by Elvira Green

Through Beauty, One Proceeds to Freedom

by Fang Tao Jiang

Recruiting Youth to Classical Music

by Lynn Yen


A Planetary Defense Initiative