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Volume 40, Number 18, May 3, 2013

Cover of EIR Volume 40, Number 18, May 3, 2013

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Boston Bombing: Anglo-Saudi Terror Machine Strikes U.S.  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Stu Rosenblatt

Members of Congress are calling for an investigation of the FBI’s role in the Boston Marathon bombing, as well as the possible global terrorist links of the two accused bombers. Such an investigation would provide Americans with a profile of the Anglo-Saudi apparatus that has been responsible for every major act of terrorism since 9/11, and before.

The North Caucasus Flashpoint for War  

Put Britain on the List of Terrorist Sponsors  

Why the Afghanistan War Does Not End  

by Susan B. Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

LaRouche’s 1999 Video: ‘Storm Over Asia’  

FBI Provocations: Does the FBI Stop Terrorism, or Create It? A Brief History  

by Edward Spannaus

Missing from the avalanche of media coverage of the Boston Marathon terror attack is the role of the FBI, going back decades, in terrorism cases. EIR Law Editor Edward Spannaus lifts the fog which has hidden this shocking story.


The Blair Doctrine Redux: Obama Claims WMD in Syria  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The unsubstantiated charges that the Assad government has used chemical weapons in Syria should trigger a sense of déjà vu: Recall the bogus claim that “Saddam has WMD,” promoted by the Tony Blair, and adopted by the Bush-Cheney-Rummy gang, which turned out to be a blatant lie.

War, the Oligarchy, and the Ancient Myth of Overpopulation  

by Theodore J. Andromidas

The population panic-mongers are not of recent vintage. The oligarchy has been pushing the fraud of overpopulation—and committing genocide—for millennia.


Under Pressure for Glass-Steagall, the U.S. Senate Produces a Sham: ‘Too Big To Fail’  

by Paul Gallagher

As the fight for Glass-Steagall reaches a fever pitch, some cowardly Congressmen are offering “ersatz” banking bills—“anything but Glass-Steagall” is their watchword.

Italy: Bank Separation Bill Goes to Parliament  

Swedish Parliament Debates Glass-Steagall  

by Ulf Sandmark


All Eyes on the U.S. To Reinstate Glass-Steagall  

by Nancy Spannaus

LaRouche PAC has declared a “National Week of Action To Restore Glass-Steagall,” beginning May 6, to raise the heat on both houses of Congress to pass a Glass-Steagall bill without delay.

Obama’s Asia Pivot Is Aimed at China  

by Carl Osgood

Obama’s “Strategic Guidance,” reorienting U.S. military power to the Pacific theater, portends a new phase of the permanent-war policy initiated by the Bush-Cheney regime—this time targetting China.


Schiller Institute Frankfurt Forum: Prospects for the Future of Eurasian Cooperation  

by Jason Ross

We continue our coverage of the April 13-14 conference, focusing this week on Eurasia.

Eurasian Integration as a Chance for Survival in the Global Economic Crisis  

by Natalia Vitrenko

Economic Policy for the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and Beyond  

by Nino Galloni

Confucius in China Today  

by Dr. Cui Hongjian

The Global Crisis: Why Mankind Needs Russia  

by Mikhail Delyagin


‘Knew or Should Have Known’  

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