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Sense & Science, Again
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr

A conversation with William Shakespeare:
ConcerningThe Subject of Strategy Today


The January 5 publication of my campaign, which had been titled, ``Against Dictatorship!,'' has now been set, here, in my here now published, intended sequel to that item, a new standard for the publication of a series of follow-on publications which are now, at this point, now to be considered in a more advanced stage of being: presently devoted, in effect, to the future determination of what had been, heretofore, still-predominant, as a set of same old reductionists' standards: those customary follies of practice, such as foisting a merely mathematical doctrine on the mere name of science. But, which remains, heretofore, a doctrine which is, still, a currently persistent, popularly applied one, as a pre-determination, among those who are nominally either, or both, mathematicians, or, are, otherwise, representatives of some mere sentiments of those who had been, otherwise, to be considered as leaders in and among the aforesaid set of merely ``artistic performers,'' in music, as and in barely plausible literary productions....

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  • Sense & Science, Again:
    A conversation with William Shakespeare:
    Concerning the Subject of Strategy Today
    By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    In which 'some insights into the meaning, for our future, of the genius of william Shakespeare' are offered. 'It is a quality of genius, which every serious mind, today, must now come to know.' At stake, LaRouche writes, is that 'Mankind can not continue to exist as a species, without a higher and broader mission within the relatively immediate neighbors within our Solar System, to beyond the Solar System's containment by the 'mother' Galaxy, and so, must live in the future, or, otherwise, we are not, yet, truly, a human species.'


  • The Empire Lashes Out
    The violent events now unfolding in the capital cities of Ukraine, Thailand, Syria, and Egypt cannot be seen as separate and unrelated events. Rather, in each case, the hand of the Anglo-Dutch empire is visible, reflecting what Lyndon LaRouche has identified as the growing danger of a global war leading to potential war of thermonuclear extinction.
  • General Declaration of Independence of European Nations
    by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

    This declaration 'was written to provide a conceptual basis to mobilize all those forces who, in this great crisis of civilization, wish to reshape the future of Europe as a community of principle among sovereign republics, and work together toward the common aims of mankind.'



  • Impeachment Urgent!
    New Evidence Arises on Obama Gun-Running to Syria

    Recent developments in Turkey, combined with earlier intelligence, establish without any doubt that President Obama has been involved in running weapons from Libya to Turkey, dating to before Sept. 11, 2012, and that those weapons were transferred to al-Qaeda in Syria with the aid of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


  • The Strategic Implications of the Lunar Fusion Revolution
    The LaRouchePAC New Paradigm for Mankind Weekly Report of Jan. 22 featured a discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and Creighton Jones and Natalie Lovegren of the LPAC Basement Science team. China's recent breakthrough, placing its lunar rover on the Moon, represents the assertion, Lovegren stated, of the Promethean tradition, which the United States has, for the past 50 years, abandoned. But, the same tradition still exists, embedded in the U.S. population, and is just waiting to be revived.


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