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On the Subject of Thermonuclear Warfare:
Mind Over Your Matter
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Issue Before Us

Betwixt yesterday's webcast, and its aftermath, today, I have posed the most crucial of all the strategic issues at hand with my concluding response to the question posed to me during yesterday evening's Webcast, and a continuation of that same subject in the discussion among the assembled body this morning. On both of those two occasions, the crucial issue of strategy has been posed, directly, as a subject-matter which could not be competently considered, without that specific quality of command by our own republic's forces which I have emphasized on each of these two occasions. During the remainder of this month of February, the world in its entirety is presently gripped by a countdown to global genocide, a genocide intended against human beings, but, which the animals themselves could not outlive. That statement, just stated precisely, in these two opening paragraphs, is the basis in meanings for all that now follows here. I forewarn the reader: this opening statement contains the meanings of all that now follows, here, throughout: On this account, I have emphasized, on both occasions, that the only visible choice of strategic policy for our United States itself, were the expulsion of the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, from office—immediately: with Constitutional due-process, but the greatest permissible haste....

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  • On the Subject of Thermonuclear Warfare:
    Mind Over Your Matter
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'On the matter of the presently ongoing march into a global thermonuclear warfare of mutually human extinction: the crucial factor will be serenity of the truly human spirit, as to be distinguished from 'British imperialist' rage. . . . 'Strategy, contrary to commonplace chatter, means, today, 'the human planet, when considered as a whole.' This still holds today, on the presumption that that is the actual term to be applied: as distinct from the relatively childish level of 'tactics.' It means the entirety of the relevant portion of the geography of the entire human species, that respecting the full sweep from the past (as since Zeus-vs.-Prometheus, to the present moments of history, since Columbus), into the need to shape the future destiny of mankind.'





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