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The Satan Still Operating from Inside Bertrand Russell's Corpse
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
March 19, 2014 —The British Empire's trial policy which had ended, approximately during mid-week, in seeking to bluff Russia's President Putin, has failed in the effort to carry out the mission assigned implicitly by the British Empire. U.S. President Obama, who (perhaps, now, only temporarily) has been lately showing more and more of the qualities of an imitation of the mentality of Adolf Hitler-in-the-bunker. Obama's current reactions are about the same as in Hitler's rage-ball behaviorisms, earlier. He is now on the edge of readiness to be toppled, perhaps into prison for his own, actual crimes, crimes which, in fact, he has committed at increasing rates, especially since the beginning of his present, second term in office. Obama is now operating fully in overt violation of the U.S. Constitution, and were likely, on that account, to end up, not only impeached, but also even in Federal prison for cause of the sheer, fascist-like offenses against the Constitution of our United States, or, perhaps, like Adolf Hitler, a defeated-Hitler-style suicide. Nonetheless, Obama's crimes, this far, to the present date, have not yet shown the even far more monstrous crimes, which he is now fighting to add to the probable, and crucial, new phases of his intentions for his immediately intended repertoire: global thermonuclear warfare. This behavior of his, has been launched in his role as a lackey operating on behalf of the Empire of the current ``British Imperial Queen prototype'' (actually, currently in historical fact) the imperial Elizabeth II: a globally coordinated, intended planetary, thermonuclear warfare throughout our planet, generally...
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  • The Satan Still Operating from Inside Bertrand Russell's Corpse
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    Obama's crimes today, are but the latter-day expression of the evils perpetrated by the British Empire's Lord Bertrand Russell: '[F]or the purposes of historical clarity respecting current events,' writes LaRouche, 'all of Obama's malfeasances, must also be classed, most emphatically, as being, actually, echoes of the Satanic-like intentions of the truly most evil man of the Twentieth Century, the British Empire's Bertrand Russell. . . . 'Russell, essentially, denied (as a chronic reductionist) the effectively actual existence of anyone's actually living human life, and did so both systemically, and categorically. That was the result of his essentially, implicitly Zeusian thesis expressed throughout his adult public life, since his earliest, already vicious writings of the 1890s. . . .'
  • LaRouchePAC Weekly Report:
    Brunelleschi-Cusa-Kepler: The Foundations of Modern Science
    LaRouche's discussion on the March 19 Weekly Report/The New Paradigm for Mankind, of the crucial contributions to the advancement of science by the 15th/17th-Century Renaissance triad of Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler.






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