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LaRouche Webcast:
Your Chances of Survival with Obama Are Very, Very Low

Lyndon LaRouche gave this webcast on April 4, 2014, at www.larouchepac.com. Matthew Ogden hosted the event, assisted by Dennis Mason.
Q: Mr. LaRouche, the Senate Intelligence Committee has voted in support of an unclassified version of their investigation into the torture and renditions program of the Bush/Cheney Administration. All of the Democrats on the committee voted for its release, despite the fact that President Obama has been blocking the disclosure of 9,000 White House documents on the program, as part of his full embrace of the Cheney `Unitary Executive.' Now with the committee vote, the President must decide on whether to release the full 400-page unclassified report, or to redact it. This also comes in the context of an intensified campaign, which you have helped lead, for the release of the 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. President Obama, on at least two occasions, promised the families and survivors of the 9/11 attacks that he would declassify the 28 pages that were sealed by Bush and Cheney, but has instead personally abetted the cover-up of the Saudi role in those attacks.
This week, new revelations about the warrantless wiretapping of Americans' phone calls and e-mails has added to the outrage, and the growing climate for impeachment....
LaRouche:This is not a technical offense; this goes to the very heart of our Constitution. And there is no excuse for any of this...
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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    Your Chances of Survival with Obama Are Very, Very Low

    Lyndon LaRouche's April 4 webcast surveys the political terrain in the United States, as the British Empire faction here and abroad gears up for a showdown against Russia and China. 'If we do not throw Obama out of office,' he warns, 'we are already on the road to a thermonuclear war on a global scale. You see recently this has gone beyond this faking of an operation against Russia, and has now gone to an open attack on China, and there will be others. There are also major attacks of this type being planned for the Eurasian region. We're on the verge actually of a thermonuclear war. There are people inside our government, inside institutions of government, who are blocking the ability of Barack Obama to launch a thermonuclear war. But he's doing everything possible, step by step, to taunt Russia, and now China, into a circumstance for thermonuclear war.'



  • 'Bail-In' Means Collapse of British Financial Empire
    With the shift to the British Empire's bail-in policy, a process of uncontrolled implosion of financial aggregates has been unleashed—like the free-fall of an elevator from the 70th floor of a building.
  • Green 'Science' Is Out To Cut Food Production, Kill People
    The release of the latest 'global warming' reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Obama Administration are based on the assumption that we must reduce the number of people by cutting consumption of food.


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