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Emergency Campaign Webcast:
Beat the Drought, from Texas to California
The Kesha Rogers for Senate campaign in Texas and the Michael Steger for Congress campaign in California's 12th Congressional District (San Francisco) held a joint webcast on the drought crisis on April 12. Steger, who is running against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic nomination, spoke from San Francisco; Rogers and host Harley Schlanger spoke from San Antonio, Texas; and Benjamin Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team spoke from Northern Virginia. Schlanger introduced the proceedings by saying: ``The purpose of this event is to direct the attention of citizens to the immediate crisis we face, with the drought that is destroying agricultural production, and also the potential for life in the western United States and the Southwest. This is a drought that is now in its fifth year. It's leading to a collapse of production, in agriculture, in livestock. In California, we've seen the state Water District shut off water supplies to the richest agricultural areas in the world. And here in San Antonio, we're near Mead Lake, which as of a month ago was at 3% of its capacity. ``So we're going to be addressing this question of the collapse of the physical economy of the United States, and worldwide, a physical economy which is reflected in the imminent blowout of the global financial system. And that's why there's a war drive from the British Empire, which is part of what we're addressing here: that we have a President in the United States who's functioning as an asset of the British Empire, of the financial interests that ran up the biggest speculative bubble in world history...
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  • The Friday, April 18 Message!
    Start with Our U.S. Economy
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    'If the United States were suddenly freed from the grip of the present Barack Obama Administration, there would be the immediate possibility of both halting the presently growing threat of a global thermonuclear war now building up. This could not be a reasonable possibility unless the United States of America, itself, were freed from the grip of the present economic policies of that Obama Administration.'



  • President Obama Faces Showdown Over 9/11 Coverup
    President Obama promised that he would declassify and release the 28 pages of the Congressional report on the financing of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Until now, he has refused. On April 10, two Members of Congress wrote to the President, demanding that he honor his promise.
  • Rogers Campaign Evokes Americans' Optimistic Spirit
    A growing number of Texas voters now recognize Rogers as the candidate leading the drive to impeach President Obama, for his role as an agent of a foreign power—the AngloDutch-Saudi Empire—working to destroy the U.S.



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