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The Way History Closes in on the Past!
History Is Closing In on Obama
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
May 9, 2014 —The most foolish, and ultimately most dangerous, of all popular opinions, is the witless presumption, that history flows, simply, from past into future. Contrary to that admittedly popular nonsense, it has often been the case, that history assumes its characteristic form in a notable similarity to that uniquely original discovery of the Solar system, which as such, itself first occurred, also uniquely, in the work of Johannes Kepler. Thus also, the indication of threat to a present civilization, often re-emerges in the form of something like a very small blob within some historical space-time. The blob grows, becomes more impressive, varies, back and forth, a bit, acquires more and more characteristics, and, after some time, contracts, contracting in a way something akin to the way in which the present, trans-Atlantic civilization has been already long falling, formally, into a moral and physical collapse, since about 1900. This change for the worse, even the worst, once it had given a turn-about direction of modern European history, had come about the same time c.|1900), of European civilization's scientific-intellectual collapse under the twin influences operating from the beginning of the collapse of modern civilization. The trigger for that presently onrushing collapse of the culture of trans-Atlantic society, was actually touched off with the combined effect of, first, the ouster of Bismarck, and by the subsequent, silly David Hilbert's attempted replacement of physical science by merely mathematics, a travesty which had occurred in the French farce which Hilbert had launched in 1900....
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  • The Way History Closes In on the Past!
    History Is Closing In on Obama
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    'The currently attempted British-imperial taunting of Russia by use of the traditional Hitler Nazi organization, the which had already been planted by Adolf Hitler himself into the Ukraine, has been only a pre-world-war taunt set into motion by the mere British stooge, and miserable wretch, the mere stooge, U.S. President Barack Obama, to pre-stage a new version of those preliminary wars, including the so-called 'Balkan Wars' used to set up so-called 'World War I.' '
  • British Imperial Project in Ukraine:
    Violent Coup, Fascist Axioms, Neo-Nazis
    An EIR Research Team reviews the background to the crisis in Ukraine, starting with the country's economic devastation under the radical free-market policies demanded by the IMF, the USA, and the EU following the breakup of the Soviet Union. These ruinous economic effects helped bring to the fore the nest of fascists long sponsored by Anglo-American intelligence. We review the dossier with the following sections: 1. Fascist Axioms; 2. The Post-Coup Ukrainian Government; 3. Right Sector: Not a Radical Fringe; 4. Who's Spinning 'False Narratives'?





  • How the Malthusians Crushed the U.S. Fusion Program
    The achievement of controlled fusion has been at mankind's fingertips for decades. Had the trajectory established in the early decades of the U.S. fusion program continued, mastery of fusion as a power source would already be providing nations of the world with virtually unlimited energy, and would have completely revolutionized our species' power to transform the conditions of life on our planet through unprecedented rates of physical economic growth and development. Megan Beets of the LaRouchePAC Science Team reports.


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