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Eurasia Comes Together To Challenge British Empire
by Nancy Spannaus
June 2—``The British Empire is in deep trouble,'' concluded American statesman Lyndon LaRouche in his May 31 webcast. Look at the situation globally, he said. We have a burgeoning revolt in continental Europe, involving opposition to the Empire's agenda of war and economic dictatorship in France, Germany, and potentially Italy. ``We have the development of the relationship of China, Russia, and India, now,'' LaRouche continued. ``Now these are three nations in Eurasia, which now are the leading powers in Eurasia. Now you have three nations which are striking out against Britain—not explicitly, but implicitly. And implicitly is sometimes better than explicitly, implicitly lets you have some maneuvers to manipulate the fears of your enemies. That's sometimes useful. ``What this all means is, that we are now in a situation strategically, where what is clear, with one exception, is that the British Empire is now in a difficult situation. Because we have two parts of the Eurasian world which are now in question, and resistance against the British Empire is piling in. At the same time, we are on the verge of an imminent bail-in crisis which sweeps across from western Europe, across into the United States and areas beyond—the trans-Atlantic region. We're coming to a crisis point, because an actual bail-in explosion in the trans-Atlantic region would be absolutely chaotic in its effect on the planet as a whole.'' What's missing, LaRouche went on to explain, is the United States, which remains politically, through its President, in particular, under the control of the British Empire....
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