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LaRouche at Webcast
Dispel the Nightmares—Join China in Developing the Moon

Aug. 9—Following a broad exposition by EIR's Dennis Small of the latest strategic developments, in which the British Empire's drive for war is rapidly leading toward thermonuclear confrontation, Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks, at the Aug. 8 LaRouchePAC Webcast:
Well, now you've heard all the nightmares, let me tell you they don't exist; they're only nightmares. They have no reality to them whatsoever. See, the problem here is, people are so sucked into believing what they're told, that they don't know what is going on in their own minds. What you're faced with, in effect, is a doom of the United States in its present economic form. You're threatened with threats to the existence of the European economies, again similarly. Now, why do people believe these threats? Why do they believe these silly stories? Because they don't know any better. Because they don't know how the Solar System works. They're talking about itty-bitty things in itty-bitty corners in itty-bitty this and that. They're saying this is the system. It is not! Obama's a fool; he's the worst of all possible fools. He's doomed. He's not going to win anything; don't believe that. Now, how do you understand all this? Well, the first thing is, you've got to know where you're living. You're living in the Solar System. The Solar System of relevance is what? It's the Moon; it's the Moon! The power is that of the Moon. The economic power of the planet Earth is of the Moon. So what are you worried about? Yes, there are tactical questions you have to consider, but when you get worried that this crap that you've been dosed with is somehow reality...
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  • LaRouche at Webcast:
    Dispel the Nightmares—Join China in Developing the Moon

    An excerpt from the Aug. 8 LaRouchePAC webcast, in which Lyndon LaRouche stated: 'What mankind is going to have to do is simply go out there and do what the Chinese are doing. . . . They have defined what the challenge of the Moon is.'
    • China To Industrialize Moon;
      Realize Promise of Thermonuclear Fusion
      China's dedication to the future development of mankind is exemplified by its commitment to elevate and upgrade its space program, to a mission of exploring, developing, and mining the Moon, with a special emphasis placed upon the ultimate use of the chemical isotope helium-3, as a fuel for thermonuclear fusion-powered energy production—the next frontier in technology revolutions. Creighton Cody Jones of the LaRouchePAC Science Team reports.
    • The Power of Helium-3
      Benjamin Deniston gave this presentation at the Aug. 8 LaRouchePAC webcast, on the coming scientific and economic revolution to be achieved with helium-3-fueled thermonuclear fusion power.


  • Russia Pursues Diplomacy But Prepares for War
    The Russian government has been engaged in non-stop diplomacy, to try to avert further genocide by Ukrainian forces that are besieging the southeastern cities of Lugansk and Donetsk. Kiev, Washington, and London have responded: We will consider the delivery of humanitarian aid by Russia to be an invasion. The Russians have drawn the consequences: to prepare for war.
  • Urgent Message to Germany:
    Get Out of NATO, Before It's Too Late!
    By Helga Zepp-LaRouche.
    While the Western mass media have continued to demonize Russian President Putin, it is, instead, the British and U.S. governments, NATO, and the EU, which are pushing a confrontation with Russia, risking thermonuclear world war. There is only one way out for Germany: Withdraw from NATO immediately.



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