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The New Silk Road Leads to the Future Of Mankind!
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
The Coming Helium-3-Based Fusion Power Economy
This is the Introduction to an upcoming EIR Special Report on the World Land-Bridge. August 2014—When the authors of this study decided last year to set out a new concept for peace in the 21st Century, by producing a revised version of the World Land-Bridge program—23 years after the first proposal for the Eurasian Land-Bridge—it was their intention not only to provide a concept for reconstruction of the world economy, but to present a war-avoidance strategy in the context of an acute strategic crisis at the same time. For in the intervening years, the danger of an intentional—or even an accidental—thermonuclear world war has grown dramatically. The attempt, fed by geopolitical motives, to associate Ukraine with the EU, and thus bring it, de facto, into the NATO sphere of influence, has triggered a series of escalating confrontations, which, in the worst case, could end in the extinction of the human race. But in addition, nearly the entire Near and Middle East is burning; set off by wars built on lies, against so-called rogue states, the seeds of violence were sown which have called to life a million-headed hydra, which has not only leveled the Cradle of Civilization to the ground, and created there a Hell on Earth, but has also become an existential threat to the West.
The consequences of this policy of ``regime change'' have long thrown large parts of Africa into chaos, and overrun the continent with wars of terror and civil wars. But there are also geostrategic conflicts breeding ...
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  • The New Silk Road Leads to the Future of Mankind!
    Helga Zepp-LaRouche's introduction to an upcoming EIR Special Report.
    In the 23 years which have passed since EIR and the Schiller Institute began to elaborate a program for a Eurasian Land-Bridge, she writes, 'this idea has not only been presented in innumerable conferences and seminars in cities around the world, but also further filled out into the idea of the World Land-Bridge. The linking of peoples through this World Land-Bridge is now the realistic perspective emerging from the collaboration of the BRICS nations, Latin America, and the ASEAN nations, and in which the U.S.A., Europe, and Africa must urgently participate.'
    A new strategy for mankind means the ability, from now on, to see the human species as a unity, and to see that unity in the process of mutual development. Thus, along with Friedrich Schiller, we see no contradiction whatsoever between the inviolability of national sovereignty, which is guaranteed by the law of nations and by the United Nations Charter, and the rationality of the world citizen who has in view the interests of mankind as a whole. For this unity lies in the higher development of all; the concordance of the macrocosm requires the maximal development of all microcosms to their reciprocal benefit, as Nicholas of Cusa said.'


  • Argentina:
    The Vultures Can Be Defeated
    In a bold assertion of national sovereignty, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has delivered yet another blow to the British Empire's vulture funds with whom she, and her late husband and former President Néstor Kirchner before her, have been locked in battle since 2005.
    Military-Style Mobilization Urgent for Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
    As updates from recent relief agency reports indicate, much more is needed for a full-scale response to the catastrophic disease outbreak, and to enlist experts to spell it out, and enforce action.




  • New Paradigm for Mankind:
    Mankind Is Now Moving to an Earth-Sun-Moon Economy
    Natalie Lovegren, Benjamin Deniston, and Megan Beets of the LaRouchePAC Science Team discuss the implications of developing helium-3 fuel from the Moon for thermonuclear fusion power, a potential that is now coming into focus because of the Chinese lunar exploration program. Why does the Moon have helium-3, whereas the Earth does not? Why does the period of the Moon's rotation make it a particularly unique place for scientists?


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