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President Xi in India:
An Alliance of the Two Asian Giants Will Benefit Mankind
by Ramtanu Maitra
Sept. 22—Chinese President Xi Jinping's Sept. 17-19 visit to India, and his close interactions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have advanced the important bilateral relations between the two giant nations, and has positive implications for the global development thrust being carried out by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) as a whole. Today, in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that cooperation will remain the main theme of Sino-Indian relations. He pointed to President Xi's observation that harmony between the Chinese dragon and the Indian elephant will bring benefits to the whole world.
The broadening of cooperation in economic, regional, and global affairs between the two, also brought to the fore the necessity of resolving their longstanding border dispute. The good news is that both leaders are keen to resolve it. Hua stressed that the two leaders have reached a consensus on resolving the border issue through friendly mechanisms and effective communication. Prior to his arrival in India, President Xi had penned an article for the Indian news daily The Hindu, ``Towards an Asian Century of Prosperity,'' (Sept. 17), in which he set the tone for what relations should be to make the 21st Century an ``Asian century of prosperity and renewal.'' He wrote: ``As two important forces in a world that moves towards multi-polarity, we need to become global partners having strategic coordination. According to Prime Minister Modi, China and India are `two bodies, one spirit.' I appreciate this comment....
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