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The Nile Basin:
Egypt's Role In Africa's Development
by Hussein Askary and Dean Andromidas
There is a reason why Egyptians are alarmed by any mention of dams or other water infrastructure from the source of the Nile at the Equatorial Lakes region and along its path. This cradle of ancient civilizations has always owed its existence to the flow of the water in the Nile River, and will continue so. Egyptians were alarmed by Ethiopia's decision to build the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, the largest source and tributary of the Nile River. Disagreements have also arisen between Sudan and Egypt, and the riparian nations further upstream want more equal rights to the waters of the Nile. But the real issue is not ``equal shares'' of the water, but the right to develop the water resources so that each nation can meet its needs and future development requirements....
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  • The Nile Basin:
    Egypt's Role In Africa's Development
    Egypt and its neighbors in the Nile Basin are almost completely reliant on the water of the Nile. It is not the availability of a 'natural resource' which is the issue, but society's optimizing of its use, through science and technology, that is the key. These technologies have been available for more than a century in the industrialized world; but Africa has been denied their benefits. Environmental organizations, NGOs, and financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF have been used to stop such development in Africa in recent times, the same way colonial armies were used in the 19th and 20th centuries. But with the advent of a new, just world economic order, initiated by the BRICS, and the end of the colonial era of racist British and other trans-Atlantic policies against Africa, these nations have a genuine opportunity to rise above the ashes of decades of civil wars and underdevelopment.
    Part III of a series by Hussein Askary and Dean Andromidas.





  • Richard Dawkins' Secular Humanism Is Stardust Fascism
    Benjamin Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team traces the history of the fraudulently named 'humanist' movement, the purpose of which is to destroy actual science. 'A particularly disgusting false-science narrative being popularized by the pop science mouthpieces of the British Empire's ideology is that it is mankind's elevated self-view that blocks the development of science: that science is held back by the 'arrogant' belief that mankind is something different than just a smart ape, a collection of bio-molecules, ultimately governed by a fixed set of mathematical laws of chemistry and physics.'


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