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Overcoming the Imperial Drive for A New Dark Age
Matthew Ogden hosted the weekly LaRouchePAC webcast on Oct. 10, 2014. The video can be viewed at http://larouchepac.com/node/31887. Matthew Ogden: I am joined in the studio today by Megan Beets from the LaRouchePAC Scientific Team, as well as Benjamin Deniston. I'm also joined by Dennis Small from Executive Intelligence Review. The four of us have had discussions with Lyndon LaRouche over the last 24 hours, so the answers that you hear tonight will be a direct reflection of LaRouche's outlook on the world situation today.
So, let me start with the institutional question, as is customary, which reads as follows: ``Mr. LaRouche, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is unlike anything since the emergence of HIV-AIDS. This was said by top U.S. medical official Thomas Frieden. The outbreak has killed more than 3,860 people already, mainly in West Africa. More than 200 health workers are among the victims. What are your views on an effective response to this epidemic? Is the U.S. health-care system prepared to deal with the potential epidemic here in the United States? As you know, we already have had the first death in the United States.'' And I'd like to ask Dennis Small to come to the podium to deliver the response.
. . . Ebola: The Strategic Setting . . .
Dennis Small: Thank you very much. The central point that LaRouche made, is that to properly locate the Ebola nightmare which is now sweeping not only Africa, but also implicitly Europe and very soon the United States, as well as the rest of the planet....
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  • LaRouchePAC Webcast:
    Overcoming the Imperial Drive for a New Dark Age
    A transcript of the LPAC webcast of Oct. 10, featuring host Matthew Ogden, Science Team members Megan Beets and Ben Deniston, and EIR Ibero-American Intelligence Director Dennis Small. The discussion ranged from the horrors of the Ebola epidemic—the New Black Death—to the horrors of the New Dark Age, brought on by the rampage of the Islamic State in Southwest Asia; to the battle of the BRICS and their allies, such as Argentina, to create a new, humane financial and economic architecture, vs. the IMF/vulture fund genocide policy. Mankind, said Deniston, is poised to break out of its Earth-bound existence and move into space. 'This is where mankind can go, if we—as LaRouche said—get Obama out, get the United States on board, and get serious about working toward the future of mankind.'




  • Officials Admit Defeat in Face of Ebola Threat
    In the face of the self-admitted failure of the world's most powerful institutions, such as the IMF and World Bank, as well as the criminal, do-nothing policy of leading nations, especially Obama's United States, to effectively address the new Black Death, Dr. Debra Hanania-Freeman has issued this 11th-hour call to arms to rapidly adopt the alternative: the new world economic order now under construction by the BRICS nations and their collaborators.
  • EIR Launches Daily Alert Service

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