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Obama in Breakdown Mode—Policy Revolution Now!
by Nancy Spannaus
Nov. 10—In what one Washington insider characterized as a ``political impeachment,'' President Barack Obama suffered a stinging repudiation in the Nov. 4 mid-term elections, taking the Democratic Party down along with him. A sea-change in U.S. politics has occurred in which, implicitly, Obama is finished. The problem is that until he is actually out of power, and new policies of economic recovery and international cooperation are put in place, the world economy—and potentially the world's existence—are on the verge of being finished as well.
Lyndon LaRouche was emphatic about the next steps required. First, Obama must be removed from power, but that is not sufficient: The United States needs a new combination of forces, and a new positive policy, to address the urgent crises facing the U.S. and humanity.
``What we have to do, is we now have to consider how we form a viable government, under these circumstances,'' LaRouche said Nov. 7. ``Endgame is coming on fast. The international financial system is imploding and disintegrating around us, and we have the job of putting this back together in a way that's going to work, quickly.'' ``Timing is absolutely crucial,'' he added. ``The whole world will be affected by what the United States does in the coming days.'' It is the nature of the world crisis on every front—from the British-instigated global war policy, to the economic breakdown crisis to rampaging diseases like Ebola—that demands a revolutionary change in the policy of the U.S. government....
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