Volume 41, Number 33, August 22, 2014


A Global Coalition Emerges: Productivity, Not Money!  

by Nancy Spannaus

A new system of value is emerging in the aftermath of the BRICS Summit in Brazil in July—a system based on the productive powers of labor, and a new platform of productivity, with the future power of a helium-3-fueled fusion economy.

Egypt Sets New Course for Economic Progress; Will It Join the BRICS?  

by Dean Andromidas

President al-Sisi has begun re-orienting his nation away from the catastrophic policies of the British Empire, and has embarked on the road to survival and economic development, including a “New Suez Canal.”

ASEAN Says No to U.S. War, Austerity, Yes to Joint Development with China

Despite President Obama’s effort to isolate China, the ASEAN Regional Forum in Myanmar achieved quite the opposite result.

Is Argentina Moving Toward New, ‘War Economy’ Measures?

by Gretchen Small

Argentina may well be planning stepped-up “war economy” measures to deal with the financial warfare being launched against it, led by the vulture fund assault with backing from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cristina in Paraguay: Vultures Are the World’s Problem


Ebola Outbreak Threatens Global Biological Holocaust  

by Douglas DeGroot

The Ebola outbreak poses the reality of impending biological holocaust, as a result of enforced primitive economic conditions, such as the austerity imposed by the IMF and World Bank’s Structural Adjustment programs.

Italy at a Crossroad: European Nightmares or Glass-Steagall

by Claudio Celani

Italy’s poor economic figures have been used as pretext to threaten a takeover of the Italian economy by the Troika, Greek-style. This, in turn, has increased support among the opposition, for a break from the euro and a Glass-Steagall reform.

Vulture Funds Role in Europe Revealed


From the Vineyard: Obama Follows Cameron, Inciting More Illegal Wars  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Returning from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama gave no indication that he intends to adhere to the War Powers Act and Art. I, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution giving Congress exclusive authority to declare war, by requesting authorization for his actions.

Bildt, Reinfeldt War Criminals?: ISIS Is the Effect, Not the Cause of The New Dark Age!

by Hussein Askary

A statement by the chairman of the European Labor Party in Sweden.

EU Sanctions Against Russia Are a Boomerang

by Rainer Apel

Agriculture is particularly hard-hit. Thousands of agricultural enterprises in the EU countries will be ruined by the impact of sanctions, and some hundreds of thousands of jobs in the food industry are threatened.


Where’s Boehner? Obama Violates Constitution with Expanding Iraq War  

by Edward Spannaus

The key to stopping the war in Iraq, and adopting an actual peace policy, is to throw both President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R) out of office.


China’s Path To Becoming a Knowledge-Based Economy

by Mary Jane Freeman

By almost any indicator, China is moving as quickly as it is able to meet its goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy. The labor-intensive, export-oriented policies of the last three decades are being superseded by advances in science, translated into new technologies, directed to transform the productive workforce of China, through education, and a transformation in the standard of living, and the cultural level, of the population.


Scandal: ‘Markets’ Attack Food Supply