Volume 41, Number 37, September 19, 2014


Bush-Obama 9/11 Coverup Paved Way for Rise of ISIS  

by Edward Spannaus

Should Congress force the release of the classified 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, it would blow apart the British-Saudi war drive, and lay bare the venal criminality of the corrupt officials in the U.S. government who have carried out the coverup—ranging from George Bush to Barack Obama.

Congressional Press Conference: Release the Secret 28 Pages of the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry Report!  

The transcript of the press conference, demanding release of the suppressed pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry report. Chairing the event, Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) said, “I don’t know how the Senate can say no to these families that are standing here today, and the families that are not here today. With 9/11 coming about on Thursday, there would be no other way to bring a little bit of relief to the heartache of these families than for President Obama to announce that he is going to declassify the 28 pages.”


Obama, Brits Have Started a ‘Piecemeal’ World War III  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Obama’s “mission impossible”—to destroy the Islamic State while maintaining his commitment to back Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow the Assad government—has drawn sharp criticism from a wide range of military specialists and Members of Congress.

What the West Has To Learn from the Ongoing Transformation of China  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

“The Silk Road Lady” reports on her recent trip to China.

Russia, China, Japan To Help India with Infrastructure Modernization  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Prime Minister Modi is moving rapidly to line up support abroad for his economic program.

Inside the Saudi/ Londonistan Terrorist ‘Suicide Factory’

by Michele Steinberg

A review of The Suicide Factory: Abu Hamza and the Finsbury Park Mosque, by Sean O’Neill and Daniel McGrory.

Interview: Ray McGovern: Retired Intelligence Officer Reflects on How We Came to the Current Crisis


Why We Are Losing the Battle Against Ebola  

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Nothing short of deployment of the full weight of international logistical capabilities, in close collaboration with the sovereign governments in the area, has any hope of getting this epidemic under control.

China, Russia Outflank Financial Sanctions

by Paul Gallagher

Russia and China are working out plans to exchange currency swaps among central banks to support settling trade with Russian rubles, Chinese yuan, Indian rupiahs, etc.

Vedomosti’s Summary of ‘The Glazyev Plan’

ECB’s Draghi Pumps the Final Bubble

by Claudio Celani

Science & Technology

Nuclear Power Needed in a Tumultuous World

by Matthew Ehret-Kump and Liona Fan-Chiang

A report from the Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in Vancouver. While many nuclear experts are hunkering down in fear of the green lobby, great potential exists in the BRICS countries to develop nuclear fission power and step up the pace of research toward fusion.

Nuclear Fission: Humanity Is Missing Out on a Good Opportunity

An interview with Dr. Srikumar Banerjee, the Homi Bhabha Chair Professor at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in India.


The Next Revolution