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The Republic of Principle:
Celebrating Dr. King, as Hamilton Would Have Wished
by Dennis H. Speed

Jan. 20—The 225 participants in the Schiller Institute's Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Weekend conference held at New York City's Riverside Church, and the national and international audiences connected to that event live by Internet, experienced an all-too-rare occurrence in the trans-Atlantic world today: spiritual elevation. While it might be expected that such a thing should happen in a church, the means for this elevation was the wielding of the principle of Classical tragedy, in the service of reversing the likely global catastrophe of thermonuclear war. This was done by shocking the audience into the realization that only their unified action, as a singular indivisible American citizenry liberated from petty concerns and subscribing only to the General Welfare principle of the U.S. Constitution, would prevent the increasingly probable destruction of all life on the planet.
The conference's keynote speaker, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is recognized in much of the world as the embodiment of the concept needed to solve this unfolding world tragedy. Her work, particularly since November 1989, in co-inventing and advocating what has now become known as ``The World Land-Bridge'' policy, earned her, from the 1990s, the sobriquet ``The Silk-Road Lady'' in China. She is nearly as well-known among the planning and policy institutions of Russia and India. Her conference presentation, ``BRICS Nations Revive Martin Luther King's Dream: Economic Justice Is an Inalienable Right,'' was the opening shot in a New York City-based campaign, called ``the Manhattan Project,'' ...
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