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Current History as A Unified Process: A Keplerian Approach

Here is the transcript of the regular Friday LaRouchePAC webcast of March 20, 2015.
Matthew Ogden: I am joined in the studio tonight by Dennis Small from Executive Intelligence Review, and by Benjamin Deniston from the LaRouchePAC Basement Scientific Research Team. And the three of us had an opportunity to meet with both Lyndon and Helga LaRouche earlier this afternoon.
Before I ask Dennis Small to come to the podium tonight, I wish to make a few remarks by way of prologue, which will reflect the discussion that we had with Mr. LaRouche earlier today. Our task for tonight, and in general, is to present to you, our viewer, a mental experience of the world as a single global process. A single planetary process of history in motion that cannot be broken down into single issues or isolated locations as such. And through this mental experience of the universals which are shaping history right now, you will—hopefully—be enabled to understand what must be done to act on that history, and to consolidate the great potential which has been unleashed over the past ten days; which Mr. LaRouche identified in his written statement released this past Sunday, ``On the Subject of Germany's Role''—which is available on this website.
Mr. LaRouche mandated in our discussion with him earlier this afternoon that the specific subjects we take up tonight, will be selected not because they possess the characteristic of static, dead facts, so-called, but because they reflect the overall flow, or the process of world history....
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  • LaRouchePAC Webcast:
    Current History as a Unified Process: A Keplerian Approach
    A transcript of the LaRouchePAC webcast of March 20, 2015, in which an earlier discussion among Lyndon LaRouche, Matthew Ogden, Dennis Small, and Ben Deniston provided an in-depth review of the current process of world history. The planet is today operating as a single integrated unity, LaRouche said, in which 'the pressure of ideas is being felt everywhere.' Recent developments such as the interventions by two prominent German leaders, and by a former U.S. governor and potential Presidential candidate, reflect this process. Deniston, of the LaRouche Scientific Research Team, posed the challenge: How do we think like Kepler?

Physical Economy

  • Euphoric Egypt Steps into the 21st Century
    EIR's Arabic-language editor Hussein Askary recently spent a week in Egypt, where he spoke at the International Water Technology Conference, and closely monitored the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC). His report on the tremendous strides the country is taking under the leadership of President El-Sisi, is summed up in the title of the EEDC event, 'Egypt of the Future.' He found the Egyptian people, from all walks of life, visibly exuberant and hopeful about the potential of the new Egypt.


  • As Europeans Join AIIB:
    China Asks Washington 'What Are You Waiting for?'
    The global shift toward a new world economic order based on building physical economy, not financial bubbles, made stunning progress last week, as, first Great Britain, and then five other European nations applied to become founding members of the China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). But the Obama Administration has dug in its heels, preferring to go down with the ship of the trans-Atlantic Titanic.
  • Tremonti Equates EU to Roman Imperial Court
    In his first high-profile national intervention since he was forced out as prime minister in 2011, Sen. Giulio Tremonti boldly condemned the rape of Greece by the Euro-imperialists, comparing them to a debauched Roman emperor of the Third Century A.D.


  • War Drive Against Russia:
    British and Obama Will Deploy Military to Ukraine
    The Pentagon announced on March 19 that U.S. military personnel would be sent to Ukraine next month, to train the Ukrainian National Guard forces (which are infested, if not dominated, by Nazi militias), on how to better defend themselves against 'Russian and rebel artillery and rockets.'
  • British Drive Against BRICS Member South Africa Intensifies
    As South Africa's government continues to orient toward the BRICS system and nuclear power, the global British-centered financial power is increasingly launching operations—through its institutions and networks—to reverse this turn away from the British system.


  • LaRouche Defines Standard for Presidential Candidate
    Among the current field of announced and unannounced candidates for President of the United States, Lyndon LaRouche has pointed to former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's support for a crackdown on Wall Street and the reintroduction of Glass-Steagall as exemplary of meeting 'one of the crucial requirements for candidacy.'


  • Abraham Lincoln's Leibnizian Second Inaugural Address
    Historian David Shavin commemorates the 150th anniversary this year of the poet-statesman Lincoln's sublime speech given on the occasion of the inauguration of his second term as President, only weeks before his tragic assassination, and the end of the Civil War, to which he gave the 'last full measure of devotion.'


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