Volume 42, Number 8, February 20, 2015


Will Nuland’s Nazis Push the World into War?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As of midnight Feb. 15, a fragile ceasefire went into force in eastern Ukraine, in a deal that was hammered out among the leaders of Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine—without the direct involvement of the U.S. and U.K. governments—after 17 hours of negotiations in Minsk. The immediate danger lies with the neo-Nazi militias which are an integral part of the Kiev government. Those Nazis are acting as protected assets of the Obama Administration, specifically his Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

LaRouche on Ukraine Crisis: Fire Nazi-Lover Nuland

Ukraine Nazis Caught Manipulating Congress To Get Lethal Weapons

Sen. Jim Inhofe released a set of photos Feb. 11 purporting to show “Russians troops” in armored vehicles entering eastern Ukraine. In fact, the truth was quite different.

Former Ambassador to U.S.S.R. Matlock Lambastes U.S. Policy on Russia  

by Jack Matlock

Jack Matlock, who served as U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1987-91, was the featured speaker at the National Press Club on Feb. 11. “We have an autistic foreign policy,” he said.


Greece Chooses National Survival, Not Destruction  

While most European leaders continue to follow the dictates of the financial oligarchy, the Greek government has asserted that it will accept no compromise between national survival and self-destruction. Therefore, Greece is calling for a European Debt Conference, a New Deal, and collaboration with the BRICS for a new economic paradigm.

Paris Schiller Institute Hosts Seminar on BRICS’ New Paradigm

The Schiller Institute in Paris hosted the first in a series of seminars on what Indian Prime Minister Modi called “the mass movement for development” of the BRICS countries.

Europe Should Choose the BRICS Alternative

by Jayshree Sengupta

Indian economist Jayshree Sengupta sent this message to the Feb. 10 Schiller Institute BRICS Conference in Paris.


Putin in Cairo: Egypt Joins the BRICS Dynamic  

by Hussein Askary

The warm welcome offered to Russian President Putin by President el-Sisi, and the people of Egypt, during his Feb. 9-10 visit to Cairo, and the bilateral agreements reached during the visit, demonstrate Egypt’s determination to remain a sovereign nation-state with great ambitions for progress and for securing its realm.

South Korea Says No to Obama’s War, Yes to BRICS

by Michael Billington

South Korea has given a resounding “No” to President Obama and the British puppets at the UN who are trying desperately to start a war in Asia, ostensibly over North Korea, although everyone in Asia knows that the target is actually China.


Zepp-LaRouche in Manhattan: Take Personal Responsibility To Prevent World War III  

One hundred and fifty people gathered at the Schiller Institute conference in Manhattan Feb. 14, to discuss how to build a mass movement for development, and avoid the imminent threat of thermonuclear confrontation with Russia. The three-and-a-half-hour event, keynoted by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, also featured presentations on subjects ranging from the strategic situation, to the scientific and economic perspective needed to raise mankind to the level required to launch a new creative era.

To Stop War, We Need a Mass Movement for Development  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Keynote speech to the Presidents’ Day conference of the Schiller Institute.

Will U.S. Help Greece End Years of Misery?

by Theodore Katsanevas

The founder of the Greek Drachma Five party and former Member of Parliament delivered a video-recorded message to the Schiller Institute conference in New York City on Feb. 14.

To Fight ISIS Terror, Release the 28 Pages

by Nancy Spannaus

There are now 13 co-sponsors for H. Res. 14.


The Fascist Coup of Feb. 20, 2014