Volume 42, Number 11, March 13, 2015


U.S. Nuclear Warfighting Plan Could Wipe Out the Human Race  

by Carl Osgood

The United States is preparing to fight and win a nuclear war, but the idea that it can do that against another nuclear power is a dangerous delusion. Gen. Maj. Andrei Burbin, chief of the Central Command Post of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, made this clear in an unusual March 1 on-air briefing on Russia’s RSN Radio. The message he delivered was that “utopian” military schemes for “limited nuclear war” or a “counterforce” destruction of Russia’s nuclear weapons are illusory. Since 2001, the U.S. has been reorganizing and modernizing its nuclear forces on the belief that nuclear weapons aren’t just a last-resort weapon, but are actually tools for coercing other nations into heeling before the Anglo-American empire of globalization.

Who Thinks Nuclear War Is a Viable Option?  

by Nancy Spannaus

Who would be so perverse as to come up with a strategy to launch a nuclear war? The short answer is the British financial oligarchy, whose determination to maintain world domination has historically included not only the threat to deploy the bomb in order to intimidate those in resistance, but the willingness to risk global extinction by use of what they’ve called “limited nuclear war.” Today’s U.S. military doctrine derives directly from these utopian ideas.


EU Bluff Against Greece and Russia Raises War Threat  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The simultaneous escalation of provocations against Russia by NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea, and the forward basing of NATO troops and heavy equipment in the Baltic States, up to Russia’s borders, are directly related to the impending bankruptcy of the financial system.

Greece Can Serve as Bridge to Russia, BRICS

Debate in Europe: ‘Remember, Russia Has Nuclear Warheads’

by Nilufar Bahadorvand Shehni and Roger Moore

A spirited public debate over the U.S./NATO confrontation with Russia is underway in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

The Role of Youth in the BRICS Paradigm

An interview with Tatiana Seliverstova, head of the Department of International Cooperation and Innovation Activity of the Russian Union of Youth.

Charge U.S. Role in Philippine Terror Raid

by Michael Billington

The Pendulum of Power

by Andrew Spannaus

An interview with Antonio Maria Costa, the former UN Drug Czar, about his novel, The Checkmate Pendulum.


China’s Congress Stakes Out Path for Silk Road Project  

by William Jones

The annual dual sessions of the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC), held this year in Beijing, are occurring as the Chinese economy finds itself at a crossroads, and the government charts a new course in the face of the financial turmoil in the London-New York financial markets. Key elements in the new orientation for the Chinese economy are the building of a Silk Road Economic Belt and a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, or as the Chinese say, “One Belt, One Road.”

Physical Economy

Russia Seeks Development as Solution to Conflicts  

An introduction to the following report on a selection of policy papers, published by the Institute for Demography, Migration, and Regional Development, a Moscow NGO.

A Russian Vision: The Industrial Development of Afghanistan and Central Asia

A reprint from EIR’s December 2014 Special Report, “The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge,” featuring the Russian proposals that were to be presented to the June 2014 G8 summit in Sochi, Russia, with an emphasis on eradicating the narcotics trade in Afghanistan. Numerous maps and illustrations are included.


Will Neo-Cons, Led by Obama, Lie Us into a New World War?

by Nancy Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

A psychological, propaganda war on behalf of an all-out confrontation with Russia was on full display on Capitol Hill last week, with testimony by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (now an advisor to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko), and anti-Putin fanatic Garry Kasparov, before House and Senate committees.


What Is the Mission of Mankind in the Solar System?

by Megan Beets

Megan Beets of the LaRouche PAC Science Team gave this presentation on the Feb. 25 New Paradigm show, as part of the ongoing discussion of the work of Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler.


Glass-Steagall—To Destroy Wall Street