Volume 42, Number 14, April 3, 2015


‘The Mission of the Presidency’  

by Tony Papert

A recent discussion with between Lyndon LaRouche and associates, concerning the nature of the U.S. Presidency, provoked the thought that this issue of EIR must be devoted to the subject, as stated on this week’s cover of “The Mission of the Presidency.” Stating it in that ambiguous way, is intended to weave together the three strands of: 1) the intrinsic mission of the U.S. Presidency, as discovered uniquely in the principle which Manhattan’s Alexander Hamilton embedded in our Constitution; 2) the prior history of development of that mission, which should be traced back to France’s Joan of Arc and her followers; and within all that, as it were: 3) the mission of the next U.S. President.

Hamilton’s Principle, and Obama’s Suicidal Opposition  

by Paul Gallagher

LaRouche has recently said that what is needed is to collapse Wall Street, while at the same time providing a “buffer of new credit for productive employment.” This means creating a Hamiltonian credit system to replace the Wall Street-London bubble economy.

The Hamilton Principle

Bringing the Hamiltonian Principle into Manhattan

by Dennis H. Speed

Alexander Hamilton’s immortality was the implicit subject of the March 28 New York City conference of the Schiller Institute. The title of the conference was “It Is Time To Create a World Without War: New Dark Age or Renaissance? The BRICS Option—The Only Sure Way To Avoid World War Three.” That just-concluded conference is the latest step in the advancement of an organizing campaign designated by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche as “The Manhattan Project.”

The Mission of Cusa: The BRICS and a New International Order for Mankind  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s keynote address to the March 28 Schiller Institute conference in Manhattan.

A New Light on the Presidency: Hamilton’s New York City

by Anton Chaitkin

Two opposite and incompatible visions of the New World’s future have clashed ever since the Renaissance sent Columbus here in 1492. The patriots of the nation-in-the-making, typified by Massachusetts’ Cotton Mather, Virginia’s Alexander Spotswood and Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin vs. the Anglo-Dutch monarchy and the imperial London financiers.

The Development of the Mission

Joan of Arc  

by Megan Beets

“The Jeanne d’Arc case is an example of exactly how the history of mankind produces a kind of mankind which is never simply a copy of the predecessor or the predecessor species; that mankind develops to a higher level,” Lyndon LaRouche wrote recently. “Such a concept of the immortal nature of mankind, and therefore of the essence of leadership, lies at the very foundation of the United States republic,” writes Megan Beets.

Louis XI

by Gerald Rose

France’s King Louis XI established the world’s first nation-state republic in the wake of Jeanne D’Arc’s victory and martyrdom.

The Presidential Mission Today

Memo for the Next President: New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis  

by Benjamin Deniston

Lyndon LaRouche has recently pointed to China’s activity as the critical point of reference for addressing the water challenges of California, Texas, and the Southwest. The U.S. needs a shift to galactic thinking—the fullest expressions of which are clearest in the implications of China’s orientation to the development of space, and the new perspective provided by such an orientation.

O’Malley Takes on Wall Street’s GOP Seven Dwarfs

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As likely Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley barnstorms around the country on behalf of crushing Wall Street, the array of likely and/or announced Republican candidates for the 2016 nomination are a collection of Wall Street dwarfs.

Reverse Obama’s Murderous Austerity, Make Wall Street Pay

by Nancy Spannaus and Marcia Merry Baker

The recent passage of the Federal budget resolutions by the House and the Senate portends a rapid acceleration of poverty and the death rate among the American people.

Bush Family Treason

by Barbara Boyd