Volume 42, Number 26, June 26, 2015


Free the Pope from Satan! Schellnhuber Is a Satanic Figure!  

Editorial Statement.

I. ‘We Are All Greeks’—Percy B. Shelley

‘We Are All Greeks’  

by Dean Andromidas and Paul Gallagher

EU leaders threaten the world with their confrontation with Greece.

‘Why I Am Here, and Not in Brussels’

The Greek Prime Minister in St. Petersburg, Russia June 19.

Whole Families Survive on Pensions of the Elderly

Why Greeks Love Mikis Theodorakis—and His Music

by Theodore Andromidas and Dean Andromidas

II. ‘The Classical Chorus Is the Germ-Form of Every Valid Mode of Human Organization’

The Development of Manhattan’s Alexander Hamilton Chorus  

by Diane Sare

The True Scientific Musical Tuning

On the Employment of the Chorus in Tragedy

by Friedrich Schiller

Friedrich Schiller’s Prologue to his Classical tragedy, The Bride of Messina, of 1803.

‘All Men Become Brothers’: The Decades-Long Struggle for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

by Michelle Rasmussen

III. LaRouche ‘Fireside Chat’

Creating a New Unity for All Mankind  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s June 18 discussion with hundreds of American activists.