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Volume 43, Number 2, January 8, 2016

Cover of EIR Volume 43, Number 2, January 8, 2016

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One Minute to Midnight

One Minute to Midnight: It’s Time To Denounce the Saudi Barbarism and Bankrupt Wall Street  

LaRouche Manhattan Project: Dialogue Jan. 2: A Force Which Can Resuscitate the United States  

This Crisis Is No Act of Nature—It’s the Result of Bad Policy  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

A New Year’s address by the chair of the German political party Civil Rights Movement Solidarity.

Lyndon LaRouche: The Law, the Citizenry and the Government  

Excerpts from Lyndon LaRouche’s Dec. 28 discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, and from his Fireside Chat of Dec. 30.

Law & Government: Hamilton vs. Hobbes  

Frankly, It’s Deadly—Cancel Dodd-Frank  

by Rachel Brinkley

New LaRouche PAC Release—The United States Joins The New Silk Road: A Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance  

by Benjamin Deniston

The British Trigger Drive for Global War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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