Volume 43, Number 8, February 19, 2016


Emergency Action Now

I. The Moral Fitness To Survive

Prometheus in the Twenty-First Century  

Excerpts from Feb. 8 LaRouche PAC Policy Committee discussion.

Vladimir Putin and the New Hope for Mankind  

by Robert Ingraham

Kesha Rogers: Mobilize the American People To Restore a Vision of the Future!  

Excerpt from Feb. 12 LaRouche PAC Webcast.

Prometheus and the War against Empire

by Ted Andromidas

The Trans-Atlantic System Is Finished: The Solution Lies with Russia and China  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

II. Obama the Criminal

‘The Look of Silence’ Contributes to Removing Obama from the Presidency  

by Stephanie Ezrol

Obama Kills Again: The Case of HSBC

by Jeffrey and Michele Steinberg


The following corrections are for our Feb. 12, 2016 issue.

In “China’s Mission to Lunar Far Side Opens New Frontier for Mankind” (p. 6), the opening quotation from President John F. Kennedy was originally part of his announcement of the program to put a man on the Moon in his address to a special joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961, and is cited in that context. The diagram of a halo orbit around the Earth-Moon L2 point (p. 7) is conceptually correct, but the dimensions indicated in the diagram should be disregarded. The photograph of President Kennedy (p. 9) is properly captioned, “President John F. Kennedy, Glenn Seaborg, and Harry Finger on a tour of the Jackass Flats, Nevada test site, where work on the NERVA nuclear rocket engine was underway.”

In “How America’s Space Program Has Been Nearly Destroyed” (p. 17), the caption of the photo of President Kennedy should indicate that he announced the Apollo program before the 1961 special joint session of Congress, and called for landing a man on the Moon “before this decade is out.” On p. 21, the photo shows Apollo 15’s Jim Irwin on the Moon, saluting the American flag.