Volume 43, Number 28, July 8, 2016


I. The June 25-26 Berlin Schiller Institute Conference

EIR publishes here four complete presentations from the first two Conference Panels that were summarized in the July 1 issue.

Panel I: The Strategic Crisis Is ‘More Dangerous Than at the Height of the Cold War’

Will American Hubris End by Choice, or in a Universal Combustion?

by Alain Corvez

The Pathology of the Western Paradigm of Warfare

by Ulrich Scholz

Panel II: The Crisis of the Trans-Atlantic System and How To Overcome It

The Collapse of the European Financial System

by Marco Zanni

Japan’s Outlook Concerning Eurasian Cooperation

by Daisuke Kotegawa

II. Sylvia Olden Lee

Who Is Sylvia?  

by Dennis Speed

Sylvia Olden Lee Speaks

by Dennis Speed

Reminiscences of Sylvia Olden Lee

by Gregory Hopkins

‘Saving Voices, Saving Grace’: The Urgent Necessity for C=256

by Anthony Morss

III. Putin and China Take the Lead

Russia and China Combine Efforts To Preserve World Peace  

by William Jones

Think Like Putin, Not Like McClellan: How To Win the Battle Before Us

by Robert Ingraham

IV. The Genius of Krafft Ehricke

Embrace Krafft Ehricke’s Age of Reason: No Limits to Growth  

by Kesha Rogers

‘We Are Cosmic Creatures’: Krafft Ehricke and the Growth of the Noösphere

by Megan Beets