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A New Era for Human Civilization

I. The New World of the New Silk Road

II. The Ideas of the American Revolution

III. True Economic Science

    • Capital Management (LCTM) hedge fund, the wunderkind of financial derivatives, in September 1998, run by the two 1997 Nobel Prize winners, Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, made it clear to world leaders in Russia, China, and other countries, that LaRouche was right, knew the problem, and more importantly, knew the solution. LaRouche in this article precisely warned “the system simply disintegrates within as short a span as 24 to 72 hours. That is to say, it would vanish as if in a cloud of smoke: in an implosion of what is called 'reversed financial leverage.'” Instead of LaRouche's called-for orderly bankruptcy, the Federal Reserve convened over those 24-72 hours ending on Sept. 23, 1998 with the 16 largest banks on the planet to “solve” the problem by creating the even greater crisis now threatening the lives and livelihood of most Americans. Now is the time for Americans to join in the solution so clearly articulated here.

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