Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 50, Number 35, September 8, 2023



Kicking the Axioms of the ‘Anglosphere’ 

by Dennis Speed

I. New Economic Order

China and Iran Reach Important ‘Oil for Construction’ Deal 

by Hussein Askary

Live Dialogue With Helga Zepp-Larouche: BRICS Challenge to the Global North 

Lies and Censorship Will Not Stop the BRICS 

by Harley Schlanger

Beyond Growth: Monetizing European Citizens into Poverty 

by Jaap C. Hanekamp

II. The Beast-Men and the Bomb

Movie Review/: Putting the Issue of Nuclear War Back on the Table 

by Stewart Battle

John Von Neumann And Hiroshima: Don’t Let AI Play Games with Nuclear Bombs 

by Pierre Bonnefoy

III. From Lyndon LaRouche

The Conceptual Basis for a Healthy Economy 

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 1986

Why We Use the Term ‘Ibero-America’ 

Correction: In the transcript of Claudio Celani’s interview of Paolo Raffone (Number 34, Sept. 1), we inadvertently transcribed Dr. Raffone quoting Josep Borrell as saying (page 27), “the ‘EU Global Gateway’ and the BIS [Bank for International Settlements] are complementary….” Instead, it should have been, “the ‘EU Global Gateway’ and the BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] are complementary….”