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Executive Intelligence Review has just released a special report, 'Global Warming' Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science. We are releasing this report internationally, now, to defeat the efforts to impose a disastrous and murderous carbon emissions reduction treaty at the upcoming Conference of the Parties 21 UN climate change conference in Paris. The full report is available in print and electronically for $25. A preview PDF is available here.

The capitulation of Pope Francis to the British Royal Family's Malthusian princes to Gaia, in his new 'climate change encyclical' Laudato Si' , is an extremely grave threat to mankind, and to human life. The British royal ecologists and their agents for 70 years have been insisting that the human population be reduced over some period to 1-2 billion people at most, claiming this is Earth's maximum 'carrying capacity.' Executing such a Gaia policy means death rates will rise without limit across the planet.

These are the urgent reasons for the preparation of this special report now.

The claim that man-made CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic changes in the earth's climate is one of the biggest, most criminal frauds ever perpetrated in human history. The assertion itself requires manipulation of scientific data, heavy-handed blackmail and fraud to create the false claim of a scientific 'consensus', and the transfer of trillions of dollars from an already depressed world economy into a known scientific dead-end. However, it is the intended effect of peddling that lie—namely the rapid 'decarbonization' of the world's economy and stifling the economic growth of the third world—that will perhaps one day earn those peddling that lie their own Nuremberg trial.

From the beginning, what has become the environmentalist movement, has never been about the environment. As we lay out in this EIR Special Report, the modern day green movement is and has always been a cover for population reduction—what Helga Zepp-LaRouche refers to in her introduction to the report as, 'very old wine, in new wineskins.' However, while the oligarchical, Malthusian world outlook has been reincarnated and recast as 'saving the planet', the good news is that today, with real science and the growing pro-development spirit of the BRICS and associated nations, we have an opportunity to defeat this unscientific, anti-human ideology once and for all.

The introduction of the report, written by Schiller Institute President, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, provides the geopolitical context, past and present, of the green movement's coming into being and of the current push for a genocidal zero-growth green agenda. Zepp-LaRouche calls out, by name, the leaders of the climate change scandal, including Queen Elizabeth II herself and Hans Schellnhuber, personally knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and who played a leading role in Germany's nuclear exit and energy policy since. Zepp-LaRouche's introduction is followed by further background on the political and ideological underpinnings of the environmentalist movement, and by full dossiers on Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Prince Philip and Martin Palmer, and each of their witting roles in propagandizing a known lie, including their role in the Laudato Si' encyclical.

The latter half of the report presents the real science of climate change and of truly modern energy policies. CO2 is not a primary driver of climate change, and we have no reason to fear increases in human CO2 emissions. The climate changes we have seen, and those we will see in the future, are overwhelmingly the product of natural influences, with orbital changes, solar activity, and, on long scales, our sun's motion through the galaxy being the most important factors. What we should be concerned about (rather than CO2) is developing economic policies which will rapidly increase the energy flux-density of the world economy—led by a fusion power driver program—allowing mankind to improve his conditions of life, expand his population, and to be empowered to better the conditions of the Earth.

Why you should buy this report

This is not just a problem for scientists or policy makers, it is one of the defining issues of our time, and unless you are content living under a provable, hideous lie, worthy of its own Nuremberg-style trials, you need to know the facts and you need to help set the record straight. Purchasing this report and circulating its contents gives you and your network an opportunity to just that.

This report is at the center of an international mobilization leading up to the COP21 climate summit in Paris this December, where governments and policy makers will be put under excruciating pressure to submit to the genocidal green-agenda of population reduction. We intend on making the Paris summit a total failure, perhaps the final COP summit in history.
By purchasing this report, you will be supporting our efforts to take this message to the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C., to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, and throughout Europe as the international diplomatic corps prepares for the UN General Assembly in September and then COP21 in Paris.

This is an important battle to win, and we have the unique opportunity to do it. Thank you for supporting our efforts and creating a brighter future for the next generations.


I. Depopulation Plot: British Satanists Capture The Vatican

  • How the British Turned Genocide and Race Science 'Green'
    by Jeffrey Steinberg

  • British Crown's Depopulation Pope:
    CBE Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

  • The Encyclical from Hell by Paul Gallagher

  • Prince Philip:
    Founding Father of the Environmentalist Movement
    by Alicia Cerretani

  • Interview:
    Paul Driessen Develop the Ultimate Resource—The Mind

II. The True Science of Climate

III. Reject 'Decarbonization Fraud

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