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This statement appears in the Sept. 24, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Zepp-LaRouche: Create Eight Million New Jobs

The following is excerpted from the leaflet issued on Sept. 7 by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party (BüSo), for the period going into the Saxony state elections of Sept. 19.

If one believes the polls, the voter participation in the coming state elections would be around 50%. The reasons are: general frustration with politics, lack of confidence in the parties, and the pessimistic feeling, that one could "not change anything anyway." Why then go vote? This is what many people think these days. This call is an appeal to you, to re-think this, and go to vote, and vote for BüSo! Because you, you personally, can make the difference....

And therefore, we, the BüSo, propose to draw the consequences from the fact, that the system of globalization today is as bankrupt as the [former East German Communist] G.D.R. economy was in October 1989. The good news is: There is a way out. Because, contrary to the policies of Brüning, which quickly led to Schacht and Hitler, there was Franklin D. Roosevelt in the U.S.A. in the 1930s, who led America, with his New Deal policy and state credit generation, out of the Depression. This is exactly what we propose for Germany today!

As different economics institutes in the past weeks have confirmed, real unemployment in Germany is not 4.3, but rather 8.6 million unemployed, if one counts people sent into early retirement, people above 58 years of age, re-trainees, unemployed youth, or people who have given up looking for jobs. They cost the state directly 83 billion euros in unemployment payments, social aid, or non-paid social security. According to the Institute for Labor Market and Job Research in Nuremberg, they cost the national economy at least another 230 billion euros in lost value creation, because these millions of people do not work.

What we need, therefore, are 200 billion euros in additional investments per year, in Germany, 20 billion in Saxony alone, to create 8 million new productive jobs. This is possible, if the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) [Reconstruction Finance Agency] provides state credit for well-defined projects, which create real value and serve the common good. Among these are: infrastructure, basic research in already existing and future technologies. The building of Saxony 's railway and starting new industries in Saxony, where many highly qualified but presently unemployed workers still live, are only some examples of what can be done. This state credit generation is not inflationary, because real capital values are created. Through full employment, the tax income of the state grows again, so that we can afford the social state.

I said in the beginning, that you, the potential non-voters, can make the difference. Give us, the BüSo, a chance. We are not like the other parties, but we tell you also the unpleasant truth. We tell you, that the globalization system is hopelessly finished. But that is no reason for pessimism, because there are effective historical examples of how the economy can be rebuilt with the policy of so-called physical economy—the New Deal and the German economic miracle after the Second World War.

Vote for us, if you want a real alternative!

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