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This article appears in the March 30, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

For the Good of the Locusts:
Gabriel Misuses His Office

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The following article, written by the Chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement, is going out as a mass leaflet in Germany. It was translated from the German.

Our school children have a right to be protected from psychological manipulation and fear campaigns carried out for political reasons. Therefore, I appeal to the schoolmasters and teachers in Germany not to participate in the campaign of Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who wants to put free DVDs of Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth," at the disposal of the schools. This completely unscientific movie is part of a large-scale campaign by hedge funds and banks that are trying, by creating a deliberate panic, to make trade in CO@si2 emissions certificates attractive to unsuspecting little investors.

Al Gore, who is himself a board member of the locust fund Generation Investment Management, and was formerly an honorary board member of Metropolitan West Financial, is totally scientifically incompetent, and personally unbelievable. According to the website Scorecard, the zinc mine on Gore's property, from which, up until 2002, he brought in $20,000 rent every year, totalling some $570,000, is among the most environmentally damaging in the United States. And Gore's monthly power bill, thanks to the heating costs for his swimming pool, matches the yearly power costs for an average American household.

Gore's movie, which Environment Minister Gabriel now expects pupils to watch, puts forward the unsustainable thesis that climate changes allegedly caused by human activities, such as industrial production, auto emission, and so forth, could be reversed. Among serious scientists, there is unanimity that this is a politically motivated argument, not a scientific one. The Earth's continual climate changes, which occur over hundreds of thousands of years, between ice ages, warm periods, interglacials, and intermediate warm periods, depend almost 100% on the cycles of the Sun and the combined orbits of Earth and the other planets, on the angle of the Sun's rays hitting Earth and on cosmic rays and cloud formation—i.e., on processes over which mankind hasn't the slightest impact.

The British TV station Channel 4 in its anti-Gore film "The Great Global Warming Swindle," has presented extensive documentation of what economic, political, and ideological interests stand behind the campaign on alleged human-created climate change. If schoolmasters and teachers want to come to an understanding about this topic, they must at least watch this movie along with Gore's movie, and then come to a conscientious decision about whether they want to make themselves into servants of financial interests and ideologues of this kind.

Teachers are morally bound to keep children and youth away from injury. But the Gore movie, apparently intentionally, has catastrophic effects on the souls of young people, who are very open emotionally and malleable on such existential questions. It is basically criminal to drive children and youth into a state of desperation with such a fear campaign. Hence, a piano teacher in Frankfurt reported that all her students no longer wanted to have piano instruction, after the Bildzeitung had a huge, blaring headline on the front page saying, "Our Planet Has Only 13 Years." It wasn't worth it for them to learn to play the piano, if everything would be gone so soon. One could describe this fear campaign as spiritual child-abuse.

An Eco-Dictatorship?

The movie on British TV Channel 4 alludes to yet another consequence of the Global Warming hoax, which would be the implementation of an eco-dictatorship, such as, for example, that which has been demanded by British Environment Minister David Miliband, who wants to reduce CO@si2 emissions by 60% by the year 2050. For the African continent and the developing countries in general, this means nothing less than genocide, through which every bit of economic development would be paralyzed, and the population potential of the Earth would sink by several billion people. For the notorious supporters of population reduction, this would obviously be a welcome by-product.

In that respect, you must bear in mind that the ecology movement today is simply presenting itself in new clothing, since its historical tradition lies with the Conservative Revolution. The voluminous material in the book How Green Were the Nazis? is very informative. In fact, there are immense parallels between the Third Reich's Nature Protection Law of 1935 and the eco-dictatorship proposed today by the ecology movement. Armin Mohler, the former head of the Siemens Foundation, describes, in his scandalous 1949 book The Conservative Revolution, the appearance of which produced an uproar because it whitewashed the National Socialists, how a large portion of the conservative currents of the Conservative Revolution belonged to the Gaea cult and shared its cyclical worldview. Armin Mohler was the secretary of Ernst Juengers, who himself belonged to this tradition.

The head of the Board of Directors of Siemens A.G., Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, on March 18, under the patronage of Minister Gabriel, issued an invitation to an "education matinee," attended by over 700 prominent personalities who came to see the Gore movie. Invited for the ensuing discussion, among others, was Dennis Meadows, who played an important role in the early phase of the paradigm shift initiated by the ecology movement at the beginning of the 1970s, with the book Limits to Growth, which he co-authored. Meadows would later, of course, admit that the main argument of the book—that raw materials were limited—was a conscious swindle, because he had knowingly concealed the role of scientific progress and of qualitatively new technologies in the definition of raw materials.

The fact that the Goetz Partners Company has undertaken the financing of Gabriel's planned donation of 6,000 Gore movie DVDs to the schools, underscores once more the interests which the locust funds have in this campaign. Goetz Partners over the past year participated in a large number of sales of houses and communal apartments to the notorious hedge funds.

Al Gore has already made a name for himself as the man who brought George W. Bush into the White House, and with that, he has contributed much to creating lasting damage to the interests and the reputation of America. We should, under all circumstances, prevent his propaganda film from burdening the souls and spirits of our school children, in the interests of the locust funds. And Minister Gabriel should, for the sake of her own reputation, be rebuked and re-called by Chancellor Merkel.

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