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This article appears in the June 6, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Schiller Institute Founder Calls for
Doubling World Food Production—Now!

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"Instead of wars of starvation, let us double food production," Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche states in her call, issued May 3, for emergency action to increase agricultural production and stop the "free trade" policies that have led to starvation and food riots in 40 nations over the past year.

Zepp-LaRouche calls for the dissolution of the World Trade Organization and its free trade policies, which have enriched the few at the expense of the many. She called on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to begin now, before its June 3-5 conference in Rome, to use all means to set in motion programs for increasing food production, including a new "Green Revolution" and medium-term measures to build infrastructure, develop water management systems, and create food processing industries in developing countries.

In addition, Zepp-LaRouche called for a New Bretton Woods financial system and a "New Deal for the entire world," in the tradition of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A special session of the UN General Assembly should be convened, she said, to discuss the topic of "a new and just world economic order."

Zepp-LaRouche attacked the oligarchical model that views population growth as a threat, and instead put forward the view expressed in the American Declaration of Independence—that all men are created equal "with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." "Whether we can make this vision into reality, or whether we instead speed humanity into collapse, is how each one of us will be measured by history," Zepp-LaRouche concludes.

The statement is being circulated widely among scientists, elected officials, and other public figures for endorsement.

The full statement can be read at

The following are the signers as of May 30, 2008 of the Call To Double World Food Production. They are listed in the order in which their names were received. Affiliations are mentioned for identification purposes only.


Elected Officials


State Rep. Thomas Jackson, Chair, House Agriculture Committee, Thomasville


State Sen. Joey Pendleton, Minority Whip, Hopkinsville


Fred Huenefeld, Chairman of the Boeuf River Soil and Water Conservation District, and Trustee of the Louisiana Realtors Political Action Committee, Board Member of the Schiller Institute


Jorge Gonzalez, City Council, Lawrence


State Rep. LaMar Lemmons III (former); Detroit

Joan Seymour, City Council President, Southfield


State Sen. Joe Neal (former)

New York

Assemblyman William F. Boyland, Brooklyn

State Sen. Antoine M. Thompson, Buffalo

North Carolina

State Rep. Larry Bell, Vice Chair House Agriculture Committee, Clinton


State Rep. Catherine Barrett (former); Cincinnati


Thomas Trigona, Mayor, Johnstown

Kareem Johnson, Council Vice President, Coatesville

Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz, Council Member, Reading

State Rep. Harold James, Philadelphia

Ross Neidich, City Council, Bradford

Bob Onuffer, City Council, Bradford

Anthony Pinizzotto, City Council, Johnstown

Diane Bernardo, Council Member, Dubois

Gloria Martin Roberts, Council Member, Harrisburg

Barbara O'Neil Lane, Council Member, Duquesne

William Reese, Council Member, East Stroudsburg,

Karen Dolan, Council Member, Bethlehem

Robert Gaughan, Council Member, Lansford

Kevin Troup, Council Member, City of Sunbury

Richard Reedy, Council Member, Kittanning

John Wheeler, Council Member, Wellsboro

Jean Belinski, Council Member, Bethlehem

Vergie Werner, Council Member, Tyrone

Tom King, Council Member, Sayre

Charles Aikens, Council Member, Bellefonte

Guy Ferguson, Bradford County Democratic Party Chair, Hillary Clintion delegate, 9th CD

Martin Lewis Eggleston, Council Member, Coatesville

Frank Jacobs, Carbon County Democratic Party Chair; Council Member, Nesquehoning

Anthony Petaccia, Mayor, City of Monessen

Jeremy Melber, Council Member, Jim Thorpe


State Rep. Judith M. Livingston, Manchester


Dr. Luise Light, former USDA Director of Dietary Guidance, Bellows Falls, Vermont

Cathy M. Helgason, M.D., Professor of Neurology University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago

Stephen Herbert, Professor of Agronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr., Cooper Consulting Company, Kirkland, Washington

Sister Susanne Kullowitch, retired teacher, Sisters of Christian Charity, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Sister Margaritis Kullowitch, retired teacher, Sisters of Christian Charity, Berwyn, Illinois

William Reed, President, Black Press Foundation

Abdulkadir Yassif Hussein, Founder and CEO, ACEDONE (African Community Economic Development of New England), Roxbury, Massachusetts

Labor Leaders

Gary Barnett, Chairman, UAW CAP, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio

Maurice Pulley, President, AFSCME local 1654, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Scott Stringer, Vice Chairman, Bricklayers local 3, Rochester, New York

Wayne Rebich, President, Carpenters local 1911, Beckley, West Virginia

John Jeffries, Executive Board and former President, IAM local 830, Louisville, Kentucky

Bill Martin, President CWA Local 4108, Saginaw, Michigan


William Sickner, Board of Directors, Michigan Farmers Union, Otter Lake

Daniel M. Schmitt, Iowa head of National Organization of Raw Materials; former President of American Agricultural Movement (1995-2002)

Herman Steffen of Detour, Maryland, dairy farmer; founding member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace

Randy Sowers, Middletown, Maryland, dairy farmer; founding member, Schiller Institute Food For Peace

Noel Cowling, Texas farmer/activist, former advisor, National Farm Organization; member, American Agriculture Movement

Ron Wieczorek, founding member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace, Mt. Vernon, South Dakota

Deana Wieczorek, founding member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace, Mt. Vernon, South Dakota

Herman Eilers, member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace, Wessington Springs, South Dakota

Steve Nelson, member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace, Letcher, South Dakota

Andy Olsen, member, Schiller Institute Food for Peace, Huron Lake, Minnesota

Cecil Conry, Asst. Director (ret.), Pork Division, National Farmers Organization, Elliot, Iowa.

Leonard Cooper, former President, North Carolina branch, National Black Farmers Organization, Warrenton, North Carolina

Roland Assmus, South Dakota Food For Peace, Stickney


Russian Federation


Russian Anti-Globalist Resistance (

RPMonitor, director Andrei Kobyakov (

Sarov Top Secret portal, founder A. Borisov (

Dr. Igor A. Seleznyov, research specialist, Institute of Socio-Political Research (ISPI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Felix Goryunov, international economics journalist, Moscow

Victor Oskin, political scientist, Moscow

Magomed Ali Suleymanovich Suleymanov, bank branch director, Makhachkala, Dagestan

Yekaterina Shalygina, advertising specialist, Kaliningrad


Strategium East European Online Political Experts Community, founder and coordinator Sergei Pozny, Ukraine (


Sonya Kurbanova, Executive Director, Tajik Social and Ecological Union



Mrs. Wunderlich, CEO, FERMILA GmbH & Co. (milk production), Saxony

Emil Deutsch, CEO, DüKa (fertilizer business), Saxony

Bern Schlesiger, farmer, Saxony


Lidia Menapace, former Senator, Rome


Krzysztof Siwek, historian


Guy Allan Svensson, Chairman of the Small and Family Farmers organization

United Kingdom

Richard S. Courtney, former lead material scientist, Coal Research Establishment; former Technical Advisor, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)

Piers Corbyn, Astrophysicist and long-range weather forecaster



Congressman Alberto Cantero, Chairman, Agriculture and Livestock Committee, Chamber of Deputies, Buenos Aires

Jorge Mora, Director of International Affairs, Land, Housing and Habitat Foundation, Buenos Aires

Julio Gonzalez, former Technical Secretary to the Presidency of Argentina; Professor, University of Lomas Zamora, Buenos Aires

Dr. Leopoldo Frenkel, lawyer, former professor, University of Buenos Aires; member, Justicialista Party.

Alberto J. Lapolla, agronomist, historian, Buenos Aires


Everto Díaz, President, Unitary Agricultural Trade Union Federation (FENSUAGRO); member, International Via Campesina

Jaime Martinez, President, Medellín, Antioquia local, Bank of the Republic Workers Union; Secetary of Education, national union

Carlos Julio Daz, President, Antioquia local, Unified Workers Federation (CUT); former director, Bank of the Republic workers union

Jaime Torres Riano, President, Eastern Andean Area Regional Workers Federation (FETRANDES-CGT)

Luis Enrique Escovar, President, Voluntary Association of UPAC System Debtors


Raúl Anibal Marroquin Casasola, Union of National Electrical Industry Workers (INDE-STINDE)

Randolfo Ernesto Maldonado Cambara, INDE-STINDE Union

Miguel Ángel Tzoc Morales, INDE-STINDE Union

Walter Conrado Gaytan Morales, INDE-STINDE Union

Samuel Nenroht Hernández Orantes, INDE-STINDE Union

Luis Antonio Chinchilla Corado, INDE-STINDE Union

José Maria Santos Morales, INDE-STINDE Union

Carlos René Baeza Olivares, INDE-STINDE Union

César Augusto Flores Rodas, INDE-STINDE Union

Alfonso Bauer Paiz, former Labor Minister

Piedrasanta Arandi, former President, San Carlos University (USAC)

Carlos Wer, journalist

Carlos Rosales Roman, former Congressman

Tristan Melendreras, Professor, San Carlos University

Jorge Murga, Institute of Economic and Social Research, San Carlos University

Victor Perez Herrera, official, Coca-Cola Workers Union

Oscar Zamora de Leon, official, Coca-Cola Workers Union

Rosa Pu Tzunux, Mayan researcher, Asociación Iximulew

Victor Racancoj, Director, Tulan Institute

The Popular Front for Sovereignty, Dignity and Solidarity


Congressman Gerardo Villaneuva Albarrán, Revolutionary Democratic Party

Pro-PLHINO of the 21st Century Committee:

Adalberto Rosas López, Former Congressman; Municipal President, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

Antonio Valdéz Villanueva, Deputy Secretary General, CTM labor federation of Sonora

Jaime Miranda Peláez, ex-president, Association of Rural Producers of Sonora

Alberto Vizcarra Osuna, LaRouche associate, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

Jesús María Martínez Vitela, LaRouche associate, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora


Pedro Grima Gallardo, Professor of Physics at the University of Los Andes (Merida, Venezuela), former Dean of the Experimental University of Los Llanos Occidentales, "Exequiel Zamora" (UNELLEZ)

The Catedra Pio Tamargo Center for Studies of Current History of the Venezuela Central University's Institute of Economic and Social Research website



Albert Ndandu, President, Cries for Congo for Peace


Dr. Sam Aluko, Professor of Economics; former chairman of Nigeria Economics Intelligence Committee

Larry Fejokwu, Publisher, Polcom Press, Lagos


Jean Gahururu, foreign political advisor of the Opposition of Rwanda in Exile


Zwelethu Mnisi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Swaziland Embassy, Washington, D.C.



Hunter Huang, President, National Association for Chinese Unification (NACU)


Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha); Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation; collaborator of Dr. Norman Borlaug in the original Green Revolution


Mohd Peter Davis, visiting scientist, Universiti Putra


Michel Langevin, former executive member and President of the Parti Québécois; former Regional President of Montreal Hydro-Quebec Technicians Union

Marc-André Viens, secondary school Assistant Director

Daniel Ostiguy, dairy farmer


Gordon Hancock, Councillor, Member, Murrylands Regional Development Board, South Australia

Brian McCarthy, National Chairman, Citizens Electoral Council

John Carter, Director and former Chairman, Australian Beef Association, New South Wales

Barbara Dunnet, President, Nannup Shire Council, Deputy Chair, Southwest Local Government Association, Western Australia

Dale Frankel, Chairman, Wimmera Irrigators Association, Victoria

Rodney Wheeler, Councillor, Busselton Shire, Western Australia

Lorraine Thomas, Councillor, Ashburton Shire, Western Australia

Mathew Ledwith, Councillor, Kulin Shire Council, Western Australia

John Wilkins, Grd. Dip F. Ed; former Director, Australian Christian Lobby, Northern Territory; Professor of Telecommunication Engineering, Lecturer & Exam Supervisor, former member, Institution of Engineers

Mark Parkinson, Lecturer, B. Applied Science, Lockyer Agronomics P/L

Maurice Hetherington, Grazier, former Councillor, Banana Shire, Queensland

John Katis, Councillor, Swan Hill, Victoria

Greg Cruickshank, Councillor, Swan Hill, Victoria

Tom Fox, Chairman, Potato Board, Western Australia

John Salerian, J.P., Councillor, Waroona, Western Australia

Arnold Carter, Deputy Mayor, Port Hedland, Western Australia

Jim Hazzard, BE., MEng. Sc., Consulting Engineer, MIEAust, Toowoomba, Queensland

Arnold Read, Member, Queensland Canegrowers Association and Australian Caneharvesters Association

Deborah Botica, Councillor, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia

Sleiman Yohanna, Public Relations Officer, former President, Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Council of Australia

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