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This call to action appears in the May 6, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Make June 17
the Day of German Resistance

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This call, which is being circulated in Germany by the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo), was translated from German.

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April 30—This call is directed to all those in Germany who are still able to think rationally and have the courage to stand up for what they know is true.

The purpose of the call is to spark an honest and open discussion among scientists, advocates of a productive society, and other people who are convinced that it is the creative ability of our species that differentiates us from all other living creatures, and that will also enable us in the future to use deeper scientific knowledge to overcome the challenges facing us. The call is also aimed at those who want to ensure that Germany, building on its tradition as the land of poets, thinkers, and inventors, will make its contribution to shaping a just world economic order, in a developing universe.

The whole world was astonished at the German government's solitary reaction to the events in Japan of March 11, when it suspended, until the Fall, its previous decision to extend the lifetime of existing nuclear power plants, and took seven older plants offline immediately. Even the establishment daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called it energy policy brainwashing.

In stark contrast, spokesmen of the governments of Japan, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, China, India, and South Korea—to name but a few—declared, using different formulations, that the lesson from the Fukushima disaster could only be that we should build the next generation of inherently safe nuclear reactors, such as the high-temperature reactor, as soon as possible, and that we must develop fusion power, but that the use of fission power was essential to supply the energy requirements of mankind.

What had happened in Germany? Why did representatives of the coalition parties,[1] which until then had been solid advocates of the indispensability of nuclear energy, for the energy security of Germany, suddenly try to outdo one another with proposals for an accelerated phase-out of nuclear power?[2] Was it a matter of what [former Chancellor] Helmut Schmidt called the Germans' "basic susceptibility to anxiety" as a result of having lost two world wars, such that the German word Angst is well-known all over the world as expressing the Germans' basic disposition?

Or was it tunnel vision, concentrating exclusively on holding on to power at all costs, which drove Chancellor Merkel, Christian Mappus, Stefan Lindner[3] & Co., before the state elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate to rush into the self-fulfilling prophecy of wanting to appear greener than the greenest Green? Was this capitulation intended to signal that their own former policy had been wrong, and the Greens had been right? And this signal was then rewarded by the fact that it increased the vote for the Greens.

But in addition to these tertiary factors, there is a scandalous state of affairs—largely unnoticed by the public—that underlies the federal government's turnaround on energy policy: nothing less than an attack by the British Empire on Germany as an industrial nation.

A Green Leviathan?

The proof of this is a monstrous document, which the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Government on Global Environmental Changes (WBGU) released on April 7, entitled "World in Transition—Social Contract for a Great Transformation." The "Summary for Policymakers" of this new WBGU flagship report is the blunt proposal for global eco-fascism, a green world dictatorship in the tradition of Thomas Hobbes, H.G. Wells, and Carl Schmitt, whose purpose is the full "decarbonization" of the world energy economy. This means the ultimate elimination of nuclear fission, which they advise against; of nuclear fusion, which might indeed be possible to achieve, they say, but is too complicated; as well as the complete abandonment of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, by 2050.

The study was several years in preparation and is called, interestingly enough, "A Master Plan for Social Transformation" by WBGU chairman Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. It really should have been called "A Master Plan for Imperial Gleichschaltung"[4] or "A Master Plan for the Collective Suicide of the Human Race."

That this Gleichschaltung, at least in Germany, has already become very far-reaching, was partly due to the lockstep media coverage and the unanimous chorus of politicians after the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Obviously Schellnhuber could smell which way the wind was blowing; he presented his Master Plan to the federal government, and the relevant ministers, Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU) and Minister for Education and Research Annette Schavan (CDU), in the current situation, found it "very helpful."

Were the study's crude ideas to be realized—and they obviously constitute the basis for the Merkel government's decision to go for the fastest possible cutback of nuclear energy—this would not only mean the destruction of Germany as an industrial nation with a battered, but still relatively functional social safety net. Germany would also divorce itself from the world community as a country that could contribute something really significant to solving mankind's existential problems. This would mean voluntarily eliminating the potential for necessary scientific discoveries, because it would divert human and industrial resources, as well as financial resources, to completely pointless low-energy-flux-density technologies. Above all, the intellectual potential of students and researchers would be destroyed by a completely synthetic construct, thus ruining the chance of recovering from this idiotically false doctrine.

The study's methodological approach reflects the statistical, linear thinking behind complex computer models as they are normally used by system analysts, and which we already know from the Club of Rome and the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA): The computer is programmed to produce the desired result. The fact that this "Master Plan" sees the light of day just as the United States is facing state bankruptcy, the euro is about to break apart, and the international financial system confronts a hyperinflationary explosion like that in Germany in 1923, and therefore, that this study has a snowball's chance in Hell of a "sustainable" survival, says everything about this Council's connection to reality and its scientific competence.

I can only recommend that all citizens read this study themselves, as quickly as possible, and the "Summary for Policymakers," which is already available, so as not to make the same mistakes that were made in Germany because of a certain other work, published in 1925[5]—namely, that it was not read thoroughly or taken seriously.

What is being proposed here expressis verbis, is a "great transformation" in production, consumption patterns, and lifestyles, a change as radical as in the previous two fundamental transformations in world history. These are the transformation from hunting and gathering societies to the invention and spread of agriculture and animal husbandry, the so-called "Neolithic Revolution," and the "Industrial Revolution," meaning the transition from agrarian to industrial society—only this time, the transformation would go backwards, to a "climate-friendly and sustainable world economic order." And that means energy-flux densities, which, although the authors naturally don't say so, mean a return to the population potential of pre-industrial society, or about 2 billion people. For if the developing and so-called emerging countries submit to this eco-dictatorship, the death rate will know no bounds.

To create the "contractual basis" for this new, sustainable world economic order, the authors bombastically demand a new "world social contract," explicitly linked to "models in early modern natural law." The Council does not specifically mention whether it has in mind Rousseau's "social contract," which requires "the total alienation of each associate, together with all his rights, to the whole community,"[6] or "The Great Leviathan" of Thomas Hobbes, in which the people transfer their power to the overlords of the state, and in which executive, legislative, and judicial authority are retained by one person, who has a monopoly on power and cannot be dismissed from office.

In any case, the new Leviathan here is known as modern "global governance architecture," whose supreme authority is supposed to be "a UN Council for Sustainable Development, co-equal to the Security Council and reflecting the world of the states in the 21st Century," constituting a world government with absolute authority.

In the Background: The British Empire

The ubiquitous concept of world dictatorship with imperial structures, in the report, also reveals the roots of this type of thinking, in the new form of Schellnhuber's study—and especially the cui bono of these plans. Who benefits from a green world dictatorship today, in which, despite all the study's unctuous words, population potential would be reduced to not more than 2 billion people? There is only one entity in the world to which this applies: the British Empire.

By the British Empire, we do not mean the island of Great Britain, but the system of globalization, with its comprehensive network of central banks, hedge funds and investment companies, shadow banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, which, over more than 20 years, has achieved the full deregulation of the financial system. And its headquarters, not by chance, is in the City of London.

This system of globalization, after the bursting of various bubbles, such as the New Market in the IT sector and the U.S. housing market, needs a new bubble, and what would be more lucrative than gigantic investments in the so-called renewable energies and the new "sale of indulgences"—i.e., CO2 emissions trading—especially if you have first of all shut down the competition: nuclear and coal-powered plants, oil and gas. This casino economy, which is hopelessly bankrupt, needs high rates of profit—Mr. Ackermann's famous 25%[7]—to keep the bubble alive, and what better way to do that than a "great transformation" in which the operators of renewable energy sources make a killing?

The extremely low energy flux-density of "renewables" only permits a massively reduced population potential, which should afford great pleasure to Prince Philip, who has stated publicly that he would like to be reborn as a virus, the better to contribute to population reduction, and whose World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has gained the dubious distinction of being the organization that has, in the past four decades, sabotaged the greatest number of development and infrastructure projects, with well-known catastrophic consequences for the affected populations. Even before the founding of the WWF and the International Union for the Preservation of Nature and their various predecessor organizations, the British monarchy saw great benefits in creating nature parks and reserves, in the name of conservation, but in fact, to keep control over raw materials, to prevent the development of the indigenous populations.

No one has better described the workings of empire than the reactionary theorist of the state Joseph de Maistre, in his 1815 Letters to a Russian Nobleman, in which he describes the alleged right of the monarch, who is superior by birth, to keep the common people in check with fear and terror. Since the real intentions are always hidden under an ideological mantle, the affected population internalizes the ideology, and believes it to be their own personal opinion.

A typical example of fear-mongering was the Club of Rome's Big Lie about the alleged limits to growth, a completely fictitious scenario that deliberately left out the role of scientific and technological progress in defining raw materials, and absurdly represented the universe as a closed system. This concoction, which was thrown onto the market in the early 1970s with a big propaganda campaign, in many languages simultaneously, probably played the most important role in bringing about the ecology movement.

Another such Big Lie is the theory of alleged anthropogenic climate change, which is simply ridiculous, especially considering the impact on our Solar System of galactic cycles that are many orders of magnitude more powerful.

Since the early 1970s, coinciding with the spread of the theses of the Club of Rome, a Climate Research Unit was built at East Anglia University, which later become notorious for the data manipulation scandal around Prof. Phil Jones.[8] Schellnhuber, who, in 1991, was one of the founding directors of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, and who, in 2001, attended a major conference of the British Royal Society on climate change, played a key role in the creation of East Anglia University's Tyndall Centre, which he headed from 2001 to 2005, and whose principal mandate was to find "solutions" for climate change—i.e., scenarios for CO2 reduction.

In his capacity as research director of the Tyndall Centre, Schellnhuber was sent, in early 2004, along with Prime Minister Tony Blair's top science advisor, Sir David King, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on a very delicate strategic mission to America: to put pressure on the recalcitrant George W. Bush to accept the theory of anthropogenic climate change. The British Observer of Oct. 31, 2004 reported on a supposedly "rare intervention in world politics" by the Queen, who had asked Blair to lobby with Bush on the climate change issue, after she noticed the alarming effects—"How shocking!"—of a change in the weather at her castles at Balmoral in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk. The Queen was also impressed by her own observations of the documents prepared by Sir David King, who had described the threat of climate change as greater than that of global terrorism.

The Observer cited an official U.S. source who said that the White House, after the visit by King and Schellnhuber—and actually because of their offensive appearance—had sent a written complaint to Blair. Obviously, Her Majesty's emissaries felt they had the authority to explain to the junior partner in the Anglo-American special relationship, that his position on the climate issue was untenable.

In early November 2004, an equally unusual event took place at the British Embassy in Berlin, namely, a British-German Climate Conference, which was opened in person by Queen Elizabeth II, and during which Professor Schellnhuber was named an Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE). "And if the Queen considers a subject as worthy of an Order of Merit, then that person could henceforth proudly be called 'Officer' or even, 'Commander of the Order of the British Empire,' " wrote Spiegel Online on April 27, in an article about the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Did Schellnhuber admit, by his acceptance of the Order—which he could certainly have refused out of republican principle—his status in the Empire? That is exactly what he did.

This conference, which was chaired by Klaus Toepfer, in his capacity as director of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), and attended by the environment ministers of Britain (Margaret Beckett) and Germany (Jürgen Trittin), decided that henceforth, the United Kingdom and Germany would take on a new partnership and leadership role on the climate issue.

The conference participants did not even try to hide the fact that the financial centers of London and Frankfurt were intended to play a key role, to engage European and global pension funds, insurance experts, and insurance companies in "the climate business." Tony Blair told the conference by video message that this new Anglo-German alliance had to convince the other nations about anthropogenic climate change. Following this conference, the British Embassy, the German Environment Ministry, and the UNEP gave a joint press conference to present the programmatic marching orders.

The chronology of events speaks volumes about the fact that the content and personnel combination of this conference constitute the intellectual roots of the WBGU's "great transformation." The so-called decarbonization of the German economy, which would, within the shortest possible period of time, displace Germany's energy-intensive industries, and therefore break the backbone of the German economy, is a policy which demonstrably comes directly from Queen Elizabeth II and her population-reduction-loving consort Prince Philip. And Schellnhuber, chief advisor on climate questions to Chancellor Merkel since her days as Environment Minister, has held, since 2004, the highest order of the British Empire. Therefore, this represents a geostrategic grip by the British Empire on Germany as an industrial nation. This is no conspiracy theory, but we see here the Emperor's new clothes. Oh pardon me, naturally, the Queen's new clothes!

Not surprisingly, the Queen's quaint son Prince Charles, whose tea cakes Green party parliamentarian Renate Kunast so admired, was just as intensely active as Shellnhuber in the preparations for the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit, and they worked together for the same goal in Potsdam and at St. James Palace.

Fortunately, right before the Copenhagen summit, the East Anglia University e-mail scandal exploded, through which it was exposed, without a doubt, how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) network of so-called climate scientists had systematically falsified the alleged documentation of anthropogenic climate change. This exposure of the greatest scientific scandal in history, and the fact that the members of the Group of 77 in Copenhagen had no desire to sign on to a "suicide pact," as their spokesman Lumumba Di-Aping put it, led to the total failure of the summit.

Lord Monckton, a former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, explained it this way:

"The Copenhagen Treaty says that it is going to establish a world government. This has been an ambition of certain bureaucrats, certain political groupings, fascists, freemasons, Marxists, for hundreds of years. All these different groups, all at once, or one after another, wanted to achieve world domination. Previously, it was thought it might happen by force, by military force. Now they found a way of doing it by what one might call a bureaucratic coup d'état in the name of saving the planet, which doesn't need to be saved. There is no threat to the climate. They have decided that they can persuade even the free nations of the West to give up their democracy, give up their freedom, and transfer all ultimate economic as well as environmental power to an unelected world government."

After the Copenhagen Summit, not only was the IPCC totally discredited, but China and India especially had made it clear that they would not subject themselves to the diktat of this world government. Actually, this whole business should have been put to rest, after this disgrace for the liars. But, betting on the short memory of the population and the functionaries of the media dictatorship, the European Climate Foundation (ECF), whose advisory board chairman, naturally, is our British Order winner, Professor CBE Shellnhuber, proceeded immediately to finance the activities of the so-called Climate Alliance (Klima-Allianz), to which, for example, belong such organizations as, Attac, BUND, and the German branch of Prince Philip's WWF. Whether the subject du jour was the shutdown of nuclear power plants or stopping new construction of coal-powered plants, the Stuttgart 21 project, or removing ballast from the railways to sabotage the transport of Castors [Casks for Storage and Transport of Radioactive Materials, heading for temporary storage], the money for the activists and their equipment flowed abundantly.

And how does the ECF finance itself?

The ECF's 'Financing Partners'

Among those participating in the founding of the European Climate Foundation was Jamie Cooper, whose husband, Chris Hohn, heads a hedge fund called The Children's Investment Fund (TCI). Another person with a significant role is George Polk, who became chairman of the ECF's board of directors. Polk received assistance in founding the ECF from EcoFin Ltd. in London, a worldwide investment finance advisor for "renewable investments." EcoFin furnished the ECF with £1 million of startup capital. Polk also heads an initiative "for Climate-Change Technologies and Business Models," into which George Soros promised to invest $1 billion.

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is based on the money amassed by the hedge fund TCI. In 2008, Hohn's CIFF—headed by wife Jamie—reported a £2.5 million contribution to the ECF. TCI's founder Chris Hohn was formerly a manager with Lord Jacob Rothschild's RIT investment fund. In 2005, Hohn and TCI made headlines for having blocked a takeover of the London Stock Exchange by the German Stock Exchange. TCI's legal counsel at the time was Friedrich Merz, who also represented the Appellas real estate fund (tied to Soros), along with other hedge funds which came to Germany in 2004-05 in order to create a speculative bubble similar to those which have meanwhile burst in Spain and Ireland.

According to the Arcadia Fund's website, in 2008, it gave $5 million to the ECF, which went toward financing campaigns against coal-fired power plants in Germany and Great Britain. "Our contribution to the European Climate Foundation will help strengthen these new organizations, and to positively influence environmental decision-making in the EU. Furthermore, Arcadia's contribution will support the organization's campaigns against coal as an energy source in the United Kingdom and in Germany." The foundation is based on funds provided by Lisbet Rausling, heiress of the Swedish firm Tetra Pak, who liquidated her share of the family fortune and transferred it to London, as a tax dodge. Sitting on the advisory board of Arcadia Fund is Lord Jacob Rothschild himself, who bears the "Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire."

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is not just a "funding partner" of the ECF, but also participated in founding the ClimateWorks organization, a funding vehicle for climate-change activism, as well as being another of the ECF's "funding partners." The Hewlett Foundation has committed itself to subsidizing ClimateWorks for the next five years, to the tune of $100 million annually. George Polk is a senior advisor to ClimateWorks.

Other ECF "funding partners" include the Oak Foundation of the Geneva-based Alan M. Parker, who made his billions with duty-free shops, and who was one of the early investment partners in Soros's Caribbean hedge funds; and the Geneva-based McCall McBain Foundation of Canadian billionaire John McCall McBain.

And here we come to the preparations for what we identified earlier as the British Empire's assault against Germany as an industrial nation. The European Climate Foundation played, and continues to play, a decisive role. It was founded in 2007-08 in connection with preparations for the Copenhagen Climate Summit, in order to raise funds from super-rich circles, bundle the proceeds, and then pass them on to selected climate propaganda groups.

Shortly after the ECF was founded, the Klima-Allianz, which was formed in 2007, and of which, as we have already stated, WWF-Deutschland, BUND, and, are members, received EU500,000 from the ECF. This startup capital equipped these groups' activists, enabling them to build up an organizational infrastructure. In 2008 and 2009, the ECF gave an unknown sum of money to, BUND, and WWF-Deutschland, to finance protest demonstrations and legal challenges against the building of new coal-fired power plants.

And thus, we have the following astounding picture:

  • Back in 2004, Queen Elizabeth II considered Professor Schellnhuber as the best man for a sensitive operation to pressure President George W. Bush into agreeing to the anthropogenic climate-change swindle.

  • Also in 2004, the Queen traveled to Berlin to open the German-British Climate Conference, on which occasion she dubbed Professor Schellnhuber a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

  • With Professor Schellnhuber as chairman of the advisory board, the ECF, from 2007 on, generously funded German "climate activists" from the above-named sources, while at the same time, Schellnhuber was working with the EU Commission on guidelines for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • As Angela Merkel's current energy advisor, Shellnhuber bears the main responsibility for inducing Merkel to make the climate-change question the top agenda item during Germany's presidency of the EU in 2007—something which not only wrecked Germany as an industrial nation, but also seriously compromised Merkel's personal integrity as a scientist.

  • In 2009, Schellnhuber, in close collaboration with Prince Charles, coordinated preparations for the Copenhagen Climate Conference; the conference failed, after representatives of developing and emerging countries realized that the intention behind the climate question was massive population reduction.

  • And in 2011, in his capacity as chairman of the WBGU, Shellnhuber presented a master plan for a "Social Contract for a Great Transformation," a proposal for establishing a worldwide eco-fascist order!

So, we can now justifiably ask: Could it possibly be, that Professor Schellnhuber is a British agent of influence? One could just as easily ask: If something digs like a mole, smells like a mole, makes noises like a mole, and looks like a mole, perhaps it might, in fact, be a mole?

Rational Debate, Not Media Hysteria

It has been no easy matter for the population to judge the current situation rationally, given the hysteria created Germany's lock-stepped media. Television shows have almost exclusively featured "experts" from Greenpeace and aging '68ers from sundry eco-institutions. And if one were to believe the shrill cries of anchorwomen scarcely encumbered with scientific knowledge, one might believe that there had been at least a dozen super-disasters in Japan.

No, what we need is a rational discussion about the actual situation of Germany, and of our planet. Claude Allègre, a geophysicist and France's former Minister of Education and Research, recently remarked that it would take 30 million windmills in France to replace the country's nuclear energy grid. The planned "decarbonization" of Germany would assume similar proportions, covering the country with ugly transmission lines and "asparagusizing"[9] whatever landscape has been spared up to now. As the German Federation of Industry's Hans-Peter Keitel has just warned in the daily Handelsblatt, Germany's renunciation of nuclear power would mean a 222% rise in energy prices for the economy's energy-intensive sectors by the year 2017, putting these branches' very existence into question.

The sheer shortsightedness and destructiveness of the current energy debate have been clearly demonstrated once again by the decision of the Bundesrat, Germany's upper house of parliament, to cease all funding for fusion energy research at the Greifswald facility, under the pretext that there is to be "no continuing research on new types of reactors." No less insane, is the sabotage of financing for the ITER international nuclear fusion research program, under the excuse that it would be taking funds away from research into renewable energy sources. Thomas Klinger, head of the Greifswald stellerator project, has warned that the shortfalls will soon make the gap between living standards, energy requirements, and dwindling raw materials unbridgeable.

The Actual Threat

But in a much more profound sense, the "Great Transformation" of decarbonizing the global energy sector, along with the rejection of nuclear fission and fusion, would be tantamount to sacrificing the future of the entire human species. The reason Japan suffered a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a series of violent aftershocks, and the reason the entire so-called Pacific Ring of Fire region will continue to be ravaged, has to do with the cyclical processes of our Solar System and our galaxy, and their effects on the electromagnetic spectrum and complex physical-chemical processes.

Fossil evidence provides us with evidence of the correlation between the approximately 62-million-year galactic cycle,[10] whose phase-changes have led to increased volcanic eruptions and seismic activity, along with significant increases and decreases in biodiversity. During the last change approximately 65 million years ago, the Cretaceous-Tertiary event, the dinosaurs, along with the majority of all other species, became extinct. If man is to avoid a similar fate, we must strengthen in ourselves, the quality which distinguishes us from other living organisms: our creative reason, and thus our power to understand and master the laws of the universe.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's legendary first space flight, which opened a new chapter in the history of mankind, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also spoke about the significance of space flight for our ability to forecast earthquake events. "Our colleagues have told us that we detected certain precursors of the earthquake which shook Japan," he said. "And we know all too well the consequences of that catastrophe. In this context, of course we also need serious programs for space exploration. There is still much that we must learn about the way Nature functions. And without space research programs, and without space industry, that will be impossible." Putin also mentioned the ongoing program for new research into nuclear propulsion systems, which "are based on very promising projects." For example, this program will "make interplanetary flights possible, as well as more far-reaching lunar research, and will serve for research of the primary planets."

The "master plan," on the other hand, repeatedly harps on our "finite planet," on "complex interdependencies of global society in the framework of our planetary limits," and on the "limits of our natural environmental space." The idea of a finite planet dovetails perfectly with the desires of an oligarchical elite whose obvious goal is to maintain their privileges of perverse luxury, in the face of a strictly limited number of backward, subservient subjects. It should therefore be no surprise that the Greens have now supplanted the Free Democratic Party (FDP) as the party of the highest income brackets.

Our planet is an integral part of a world in which mankind's potentially infinitely perfectible creative reason, corresponds to an unlimited, anti-entropically developing universe. The reason that an immaterial idea can effect a change in the physical universe, is related to the fact that what Nicolaus of Cusa identified as the coherence between the microcosm and the macrocosm, what Leibniz conceived as the monad, and Vernadsky, the significance of the Noösphere, corresponds to reality, whereas history is otherwise rife with court scribblers and singers who merely sang their masters' song for their supper.

The great German scientist Krafft Ehricke was therefore right when he characterized manned space flight as man's natural next evolutionary step. Just as life developed from the oceans to the land, our research and future settlement of nearby space, such as the Moon, Mars, and the asteroids, is a necessary next step. All astronauts and cosmonauts who have already been in space, unanimously agree with other great scientists around the globe, that this is the only way we shall be able to realize the common aims of mankind.

China, which, like Russia and India, has its own ambitious space program, reacted to the events in Japan by intensifying its research into early earthquake warning systems, stepping up progress on inherently safe reactor types, such as the high-temperature reactor, and declaring programs for achieving fusion power as their top priority. China has also made it clear that it aims at becoming one of the leading scientific powers, or even the top scientific power, by 2050. By the time the Copenhagen Climate Conference was held, it should really have been clear to even the worst ignoramus, that China is going to do everything to ensure that it does not become subservient to a new British imperial Leviathan.

In view of the considerations we have sketched out here, there can be no doubt that powerful interests will attempt every means to stop not only nuclear power, but also all future-directed research—and that scientifically oriented people will have to try to save both of these. That also means that Germany is going to remain an industrial country, and will remain in the forefront of mankind in basic research, and that we are not going to rely on the all-too-predictable results of a so-called Ethical Council consisting exclusively of Green scientifically under-qualified persons (with perhaps a few exceptions).

Chancellor Merkel has set June 17 as the day when the moratorium on nuclear power expires. That day must become a day of resistance for all human beings who want to defend the Germany of Nicolaus of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, and Krafft Ehricke, to name only a few.

[1] The Christian Democratic parties and the Free Democratic Party.

[2] In 2000, Germany's Grand Coalition government voted to phase out all nuclear power plants by 2021. In 2010, Angela Merkel, now Chancellor, decided to prolong the life of the plants for 17 years, until "renewable" technologies could fill the gap. About one-quarter of Germany's electricity comes from nuclear plants.

[3] Mappus (CDU) was the governor of the state of Baden-Württemberg, who was defeated in the March 27 elections there; Lindner is the general secretary of Merkel's coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party (FDP).

[4] The term Gleichschaltung refers to the Nazi obliteration, or "leveling," of political resistance, by mass brainwashing and more ghastly means.

[5] Hitler's Mein Kampf.

[6] Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, or Principles of Political Right, G.D.H. Cole, trans. (London and Toronto: J.M. Dent and Sons, 1923).

[7] In 2005, Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann said his goal was a 25% profit.

[8] E-mails and documents hacked from the University of East Anglia in November 2008 revealed that scientists at this leading center of global warming propaganda were tampering with historical data to make the case for man-made global warming, and suppressing opposition views. Dr. Phil Jones, the head of the Unit, was forced to resign pending an investigation into his manipulation of temperature data to turn cooling into warming.

[9] Verspargeln is a newly coined German term indicating the similarity of windmill farms to groves of monstrous asparagus stalks.

[10] "The Extraterrestrial Imperative Part 2: Cosmic Rays," EIR, Oct. 22, 2010.

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