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This article appears in the November 8, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Germany Must Now Gain Its Sovereignty and Act in Its Own Interests!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

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Nov. 2—Edward Snowden's disclosure in early June of the surveillance of the entire German population created the first crack in the bell jar under which "reality" in Germany has existed. But it was not until Oct. 23, a good four months later, when it was revealed that even Chancellor Merkel's cell phone was being bugged, that the bell jar shattered, and the full stench of political reality that had accumulated there could escape into the fresh air: that Germany remains an occupied country, and that the vast majority of our politicians, and of course also our intelligence agencies, are nothing but the servants of the occupying powers. The fresh air may be pretty hard to face, but at least it has woken up some people.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Berlin John Kornblum was recently on a German talk show, where he was asked by Günther Jauch about what sort of friend the United States really is to the Germans if it was spying on the Chancellor. He replied in the best tradition of Lord Palmerston: The United States and Germany are not friends, but partners. States thus have no friends, but interests. Well then, the NSA/GCHQ surveillance affair offers an excellent opportunity to define Germany's real interests from a completely fresh point of view.

Wall Street Calls the Shots

For a start, there is the relationship with the United States. The U.S. media is still debating whether President Obama lied or just doesn't know what is going on in his administration, or whether the briefings given to him are so vague that, in case of doubt, he can always deny everything. This ambiguity concerns not only Chancellor Merkel's cell phone, but also "Obamacare" and the many other scandals that are currently being investigated in Congress, especially the circumstances of the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.

Is it credible, when Obama claims that he knew nothing about the eavesdropping on Merkel's cell phone? Or did he only order the end of the surveillance in Summer 2013 because it was assumed that Snowden would reveal it sooner or later?

Obama also promised that under Obamacare, all Americans could keep their current health insurance policies if they wanted to, but now it turns out that the Obama Administration had already written in 2010 that millions of Americans would lose their policies, and then could only replace them with policies that would be two or three times as expensive. Under Obamacare, entire categories of patients are losing access to essential treatments, and if they have the misfortune to be poor, then it means a rapid death sentence.

Following orders from the White House, the Democrats in Congress terminated the 2009 "stimulus package," which will mean $5 billion in cuts for food stamps, on which now 48 million (!) Americans rely, which will also have a life-shortening effect for many people.

And why are all these barbaric austerity measures needed? First, because of the dictates of the Wall Street banks—the "bailout" of which mainly caused the high federal debt in the first place. The banks, of course, want to keep up their high-risk gambling at federal expense, and also because of the utterly failed wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and the global U.S. military presence.

Is it really in the interest of Germany, under these circumstances—and one could make a much longer list—to seek membership in the so-called "Five-Eyes Agreement" to which the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are party, and which Mrs. Merkel brought up at the recent EU summit, according to Spiegel Online? This alliance is based on the notion that its members do not spy on each other, but share information and resources. Under these circumstances, is it really in German interests to serve as a junior partner of the Commonwealth/Empire?

'Useless Eaters'

True patriots in America on the other hand—and fortunately there are at least some of them—are extremely concerned that the United States is developing into a police state, in which the constitutional power of Congress is replaced by government by decree, and in which brutal cuts in social spending are expressing the spirit of the "useless eaters" policy which Germany inaugurated approximately 80 years ago.

Change of scene. Belgium is the first country in the world where euthanasia is not only administered legally to adults over the age of 18, for which a law already exists, but another law provides for euthanasia of children and people with early-stage dementia. In The Netherlands there are already laws that permit euthanasia of children over the age of 12 and adults over 70, without their consent. Did we not swear after 1945 that we would "never again" allow genocide and euthanasia? Is it really in German interests to be a member of the EU "community of values" in which there is a venue for such an enormous erosion of human rights and constitutionality?

The Greek daily Ethnos reported on Oct. 24 that the Greek government is preparing a law which, if passed, will permit the punishment of up to six months in prison for anyone who either criticizes EU policy or rejects decisions of the UN Security Council. Where are we, in Pol Pot's Cambodia? Is this the Europe which is supposed to guarantee peace? The peace of the cemetery, perhaps?

If we were to remove our bell jar and make use of the unaccustomed freedom to look at reality, what would we see? We would see a trans-Atlantic dictatorship based on monetarism and green ideology, which, as a consequence, is destroying the livelihoods of more and more people, and which, in practice, amounts to population reduction—the stated goal of Prince Philip. As a result of this policy, Europe is dying—in Southern Europe most obviously, where life expectancy is dropping dramatically, and in Great Britain, Belgium, and The Netherlands, where it hits the old and weak.

And Germany, an industrial nation that could afford a good social system, is heading for a predictable catastrophe, due first of all to the self-induced disease of green madness, and secondly to the imposed monetary union. It is high time to cut the leash imposed by such proconsuls of the empire as Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, CBE (Commander of the British Empire), who is largely responsible for the shift in energy policy from nuclear to wind and solar, or Jörg Asmussen, who is chomping at the bit to finalize the EU Banking Union and impose the Cyprus model on all of Europe.

Sovereignty Begins in the Mind

If Germany is to survive as a free republic, we must obtain and assert our sovereignty. And that sovereignty begins in the mind. It would begin with an increasing number of citizens rejecting the constantly repeated refrain, "There's nothing one can do anyway," because that sentence is the ID tag for subjects in an oligarchical system.

We must agree on a policy in which the general welfare and the pursuit of happiness are at the center of policy. And this goal can only be achieved if we purposefully apply scientific and technical progress to raise economic productivity, which requires an increase in energy-flux density in the production process. In practice, this means that Germany, together with other sovereign states, must launch a crash program for the fastest possible development of controlled thermonuclear fusion power.

Especially for Germany, which has no raw materials to speak of, but which was able, as a result of Otto von Bismarck's industrial and social reforms in the 19th Century, to achieve a relatively high standard of living and an exemplary social system, the security in energy and raw materials that the plasma torch process will be able to assure is absolutely key to a secure future.

One thing is certain, however. If Germany wants to achieve and assert its sovereignty, and thus the ability to act and control its own policy, then we need to find the best in our cultural roots, and this is the great wealth of Classical culture. In Germany, we have such so many Classical composers, Classical poets, and scientists who made breakthrough discoveries, that the vast majority of other nations can only envy us.

The problem today is that the two or three younger generations are disconnected from access to these treasures. And it was exactly these same post-war occupation forces that were responsible for keeping us under surveillance, the scope of which we now know fully, since Snowden's revelations. It was precisely these forces that bestowed upon us the Congress for Cultural Freedom, a huge CIA cultural warfare operation, and similar campaigns aimed at systematically eliminating Classical culture and replacing it with Anglo-American pop culture. The result is the youth culture we have today, and the fact that teachers with 40 years of experience are forced into early retirement.

If we revive Classical music, Classical poetry, and Classical education as a vibrant culture, and thus allow the creativity of our population to rise to a new level of high culture, then we will not only be sovereign by treaty, but also in our minds and our souls.

Translated from German by Susan Welsh

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