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This transcript appears in the November 15, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

We Must Create a Miracle
To Save Mankind

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This is Zepp-LaRouche's keynote speech, delivered via Skype, to the Nov. 2, 2013 Los Angeles New Paradigm conference.

When we decided to have this conference in Los Angeles, the purpose was to focus on what has to be the way out of this quickly accelerating, global financial and strategic crisis, with the specific focus on the Pacific perspective. The reason why this is, is because the trans-Atlantic region of the world right now is in a terrible crisis, which I will go into in a moment, and as you will hear at later parts of this conference, we will discuss the World Land-Bridge, the new economic platform which would be created through a gigantic, qualitative increase in energy-flux density, which would be accomplished through the accomplishment of fusion power, but actually, something has happened this past week, which dramatically, dramatically emphasizes why we have to completely change the present paradigm.

On Monday this past week, something quite extraordinary occurred, namely, that in almost all leading Chinese media, there were articles and detailed maps with pictures, photographs and graphics, showing the ability of the Chinese Navy, especially their strategic submarine force, to attack the West Coast of the United States. And the message given in these articles and pictures is very clear: That China is ready, that if there would be an attack by the West, by the United States and NATO, on China, then this will happen: And then they show that the strategic submarines of China could reach, with nuclear missiles, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and they also have accompanying maps which show that the radioactive fallout would basically destroy the entire West Coast into the Midwest as far as Chicago.

And then they also say that they have about 7,500 ICBMs which could be sent via the North Pole, and reach most population centers on the East Coast.

Now, this is not a threat by China, but this is clearly a reaction to what is perceived as an absolute, immediate potential danger to the mainland of China, coming from the United States and Great Britain, but also NATO; and the whole global deployment, which right now targets Russia and China.

Now, this was published, I think, on Thursday [Oct. 31] in the Washington press, with the detailed map showing these deployments. I don't know if you can see this, but I want to give you a picture of how that looks: Here in the West, you have the fallout curve coming from such an attack on the West Coast of the United States. The message therefore, is quite clear that China is ready, that they have a strategic force, and a second-strike capability, in case of an attack on China itself.

Now, this does not come as a surprise to anybody who has been watching the developments, because earlier this year, there was a quite shocking article in the official journal of the U.S. Air Force, which said that because of the development of nuclear weapons, and targeting and acquisition capabilities, that it would be possible now, to attack the nuclear arsenal of any enemy, without causing nuclear fallout, and therefore, the old NATO strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction—whereby the word was that if any side uses nuclear weapons, it will lead to the total annihilation of the entire human population, and therefore the use of these weapons is impossible—that that doctrine no longer exists, because you have these technological advancements, and therefore, to take out the nuclear arsenal of your opponent is now feasible.

Now, a couple of months later, Professor [Amitai] Etzioni had an article in the official strategic review of Yale University, where he wrote under the headline, "Who Authorized Preparations for War with China?" where he says that presently the U.S. military is geared towards a coming war with China. And the facts in the article are all correct, except that he blames the leadership of the Pentagon for having designed such a strategy, and basically then he says, this needs now an urgent discussion, in the Congress, by the White House, and among thinking individuals about what are the consequences of such a policy.

Now, obviously, given the fact that the present Pentagon has been the key force trying to prevent an escalation, like in the recent example of Syria, the blame on the Pentagon is misleading, but obviously, that is presently the U.S. policy.

A Trajectory Toward Confrontation

Now, this trajectory of a confrontation, including that of nuclear weapons, has been going on for quite some time. My husband, Mr. LaRouche, who will speak to you shortly, points to the fact that this direction has been chosen since, and with the assassination of President Kennedy, and it was only very briefly interrupted, when in the beginning of the '80s, it was very clear that this already was bringing up the immediate danger of World War III, because the medium-range missiles of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact were a short distance from each other: The Pershing-2 and the SS-20 were facing each other in Central Europe with only a few minutes' warning time. And because of such a short warning time, these missiles at that time were on "launch on warning," which meant that if one superpower would launch a missile, or would have the perception that the other one would have launched it, they would have to basically send up the entire arsenal, because the warning time was too short.

So this was the hair-trigger annihilation danger, which was the context for Lyndon LaRouche to develop the SDI, or what became the SDI policy, which was then in March '83 adopted by President Reagan, and which was on the table for a couple of months as a real war-avoidance option. But then it was rejected, first by the Soviet government, but also by the Bush-Kissinger faction in the Reagan Administration, so that chance was thrown out the window.

And then, naturally, when the Soviet Union collapsed, between '89 and '91, there was the real possibility for a peace order. Because at that point, no enemy existed any longer. Communism was defeated. But at that point, unfortunately, the British, in the form of Margaret Thatcher, and the United States through the person of Bush, Sr., and the neo-cons, decided to use the collapse of the Soviet Union, to build a global empire, based on the Anglo-American special relationship, and that is when the present trajectory towards this war danger was accelerated.

What you saw in Europe was the NATO expansion eastward, together with the EU expansion, which Russia, correctly, judged as an encirclement of Russia. To this belongs, for example, the establishment of a U.S. missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, which Russia has warned against. They will not allow the completion in the last phase, because that would then take out the second-strike capability of Russia, in case of an attack, and they said they will not allow it.

But then, you have to see all the other steps of such a global policy. For example, you have the Air Sea Battle, or what Obama calls the Asia pivot policy, which is an encirclement of China, and if Australian politicians are quite openly saying that Australia, or certain people in the Australian government see a coming war with China as inevitable, and that others are criticizing that the entire continent of Australia has become nothing but an air base of the United States for such a war, then you see that the present reaction of China to all of these deployments, is just a reaction, because both Russia and China do feel encircled—and they are. I mean, even honest military professionals from Europe or the United States admit that.

So if you look at that immediate danger, and the fact that we are sitting on an absolute volcano in terms of the immediate danger of a blowout of the financial systems of the trans-Atlantic region, which naturally is not limited to Europe and the United States, given the role of the dollar in the world, so then, basically, you can see what is going on.

A Forecast Plays Out

Now, I should note that what we have right now is the point which Lyndon LaRouche predicted would happen after Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold on 15 August 1971, where the fixed exchange rates were abandoned, where the old Bretton Woods system was eliminated through Nixon. And Lyn at that time said, if we stay on this course, we inevitably will go to a new depression, and the danger of a new fascism.

And that is exactly where we are today. Because only the blind can deny the fact, that we are confronted with the danger of a fascist dictatorship in Europe and in the United States. In Europe, it is very clear that that process which started with the introduction of the euro, the Maastricht Treaty in '92, Maastricht which was the imposition of the European Currency Union—no people of Europe was asked if they liked that—was meant to transform the EU into the regional expression of this Anglo-American dominated empire. Basically, if you substitute the word "globalization" for the totality of the central banks, the investment banks, the hedge funds, the private equity funds, the insurance companies—that which you can call "the financial oligarchy" today—then you can actually see that that oligarchy is being confronted with its demise, because we are sitting on a volcano which could explode any moment, whereby the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 would just be the proverbial peanuts.

And right now, you have both the financial institutions of Europe and of the United States preparing to go into high gear, to somehow unload the costs of this present situation, on the population.

Now, the paradigm shift which was introduced in '71 by Nixon, to accelerate the shift away from production to speculation, was accelerated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, where globalization deregulated the markets completely by only having the idea of "money makes money," completely de-emphasizing production and the real economy. And now this situation has reached a point where this system is so indebted, that after the 2008 crisis, and the process of bail-ins, private gambling debt was completely transformed into public state debt.

Now, all the top bankers, the "too-big-to-fail," know that their system is set to blow, and they're preparing high gear, to have the following set of measures: They want to continue quantitative easing, printing money which is threatening in the short term, a hyperinflationary blowout of the system: which you already can see in the form of high prices in food, in energy, in gasoline, and the real inflation for the general population, which does not belong to the super-rich, is already between 20 and 30%.

That bailout continuation and quantitative easing, however, is intended to be combined with a bail-in: That is the Cyprus model, and if that is applied for all of Europe and the United States, which is what the law is written already, then you would have the "Cyprus model," or the "Detroit model," applied to all of Europe and all of the United States.

Now, this is shortly about to happen. For example, [Wolfgang] Münchau, a columnist for the Financial Times and Spiegel Online had an article last week, where he said the SPD in Germany, which is in coalition discussions with the CDU to form a new government, should not take the Finance Ministry, because they should be happy not to have to take the blame for the coming blowout which will occur either way: Either you will have a bail-in, a haircut, and then you at the Cyprus model applied on all of Europe; or, the Eurozone will collapse and you have a disintegration that way.

Now, the oligarchy is in personnel, in large part identical with the too-big-to-fail banks. For example, if you look at the CEOs of the hedge funds, 80% of which have their headquarters in London, and many of them are high nobility. So you cannot separate the British Empire monarchical system from the financial oligarchy, and that oligarchy is absolutely determined to turn the clock back: They want to go back to feudalism, they want to have an elimination of republicanism, they want to have no nation-state, they want to have cities and regions and backward populations, but, most of all, they want to reduce the present world population from 7 billion to somewhere around 1 billion, or less.

Now, this is well documented; this is absolutely not debatable. But when you look at the present medicines which are being applied to the crisis in the United States and in Europe, you see that the economic policies prescribed, are genocide: What the Troika has been doing in Greece is genocide. They have increased the death rate, they have increased the suicide rates, they have shortened the life-expectancy, and the same has been happening in Cyprus, in Italy, in Spain, in Portugal, and if the bail-in would be implemented, it would apply in all of Europe.

And that is what is happening in the United States: Obamacare is not what some foolish Western media in Europe are still peddling. It is not meant to provide every American with medical care, but it is eliminating entire categories of people to be treated, of patients to be treated, designating sicknesses which are no longer to be covered by the policies of the health insurance companies, and as it now turns out, that already in 2010, the administration knew that 93 million people would be thrown out of the health insurance through Obamacare (see Economics lead).

Now, if you combine that with increase of poverty in the United States, 48 million Americans are living on food stamps! I mean that is a large number of people! That is almost more than half the entire German population. And now, with the new cuts, $5 billion are supposed to be cut from food stamps for these 48 million people, which means that for all affected, the food stamps for one week per month will go! And many people will not make it.

So what we are looking at, is an unbelievable world crisis. Therefore, we need to absolutely accelerate our efforts to wake the population up about these this twofold dangers—the danger of an immediate thermonuclear war and the danger of a fascist dictatorship, implementing fascist economic policies—which will not work on top of it —and we have to fight to get the alternative on the table.

Start with Glass-Steagall

Now, the good thing is, there is an absolute alternative in place. The alternative would be, that we immediately implement Glass-Steagall. As you know, we have a growing movement for Glass-Steagall in the United States. We have a massive discussion in Europe about Glass-Steagall: in the Italian Parliament, we have five bills introduced. We have about 500 mayors in France; we have an increasing number of mayors and city councils in Germany who are fighting for Glass-Steagall.

Now, if the United States would implement Glass-Steagall, Europe would have no other chance than to follow immediately. But we need a global Glass-Steagall. Because Glass-Steagall is only the first step. The next thing is, we need to go to a credit system in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton's National Bank. That means in Europe, we need to go back to sovereign control of the national currencies, get rid of the euro, which is a failed experiment; and then have in each nation, in Asia, in Europe, in the United States and Africa, Latin America, national banks, which together agree on a whole set of international projects which would be around the World Land-Bridge, NAWAPA, the Bering Strait Tunnel, the Kra Canal, the Eurasian Land-Bridge, large water projects for Africa, water and desalination projects for the Middle East, and many other projects which we will talk about in the course of this conference; but it would immediately set up a network of long-term credit agreements, based on the national banking system of each sovereign country, to jointly finance these long-term projects, which would have a duration of 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and we could get out of this crisis immediately.

Now, we have been fighting for this since 1989. When the Wall came down, we proposed the Productive Triangle for Europe, first; then, when the Soviet Union collapsed, we expanded that to the Eurasian Land-Bridge. And in the meantime, with some ups and downs, now the new Chinese President Xi Jinping, has proposed the New Silk Road to be the Chinese policy for building the New Silk Road throughout Central Asia and beyond; he has called for the Maritime Silk Road together with Indonesia, and many, many other countries are ready to cooperate on such a proposal. But it needs to be boldly put on the table, and it can only succeed if we mobilize the population, at least the moral people, the 5% of the thinking people, the people who regard themselves as world historical individuals in this absolutely incredible moment of crisis of civilization.

But I'm absolutely certain that this effort will only succeed if we get rid of the culture of globalization. Because globalization is not only a system which throws people into slavery and kills people, but it is a system which goes along with a culture, or a counterculture, which is exactly in the footsteps of the Roman Empire, where the Caesars were using the bread and circuses, to dumb down the population, to turn them into bestial people participating in the crime committed in the Circus, and that is exactly what the global culture is.

If you look at the so-called pop culture, if you look at the Madonnas and the Lady Gagas of the world, you see that it is completely Satanic. It is pornographic, it is bestial, it has an image of man as an absolutely depraved creature, and if we do not reject that kind of image of man, which is also expressed in the video-games, in most of the popular entertainment, then I don't think you can mobilize the moral integrity to effect the necessary change to save civilization.

And therefore, we absolutely have to have a renaissance of Classical culture, of Classical music, and of Classical poetry in the best forms expressed by the Greek tragedians, by Shakespeare, by Schiller, by Shelley, Keats, and such people. Because we have to uplift ourselves and reject everything which has to do with pleasure in the here and now, based on these depraved cultural entertainments, and we have to make the next paradigm shift, into a new paradigm, a new Renaissance of civilization, whereby man is true to his identity as a creative human being. And the only way we can nourish that, is by studying and enjoying the great Classical compositions, especially in music, but also in poetry, drama, architecture, painting, but obviously, Classical music is the international language which goes directly to the soul of the people.

Now, I do not know if we can save civilization. I must say, having been in politics together with Lyn for the last 40 years, I must really say that the civilization hangs by a thread. The danger that we may not exist as a civilization, and that all the beautiful works of art, all the struggles of so many noble individuals, were all in vain, and that mankind will annihilate itself, because we were not capable of getting rid of this bestial oligarchy which has mankind in its grip right now—that chance is, unfortunately, extremely big.

So therefore, let's really go into this conference with the solemn commitment and beyond, that we will mobilize the American population to say no to these policies, to effect the kinds of changes in the Congress, because the Congress is the one place which could effect the necessary adjustments concerning the government, concerning defending the Constitution, of upholding the beautiful idea of the American Revolution and the paradigm which goes with that.

But at this point, it really requires a miracle. Since I believe in miracles, but only those which we make ourselves, let's become the kind of warrior angels which are needed to cause this change.

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