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This transcript appears in the December 18, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Only a New Paradigm
Can Prevent Fascism!

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by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Chair of the German political party Civil Rights Movement Solidarity

Dec. 12—With the world more and more out of joint, it is becoming increasingly obvious that not only is sticking with the old paradigm of Anglo-American-dominated globalization increasing the acute risk of world war with every passing day, but that fascist ‘solutions’ are being prepared, or already being implemented, on both sides of the Atlantic.

But neither the extinction of mankind in a thermonuclear Armageddon, nor the sacrifice of human life for the benefit of the financial oligarchy are inevitable. Preventing this, however, will require overcoming partisanship and geopolitics, and replacing them with nonpartisan cooperation at all levels, for the common aims of mankind.

It is no surprise that the European Union (EU), which, since its founding by the Maastricht Treaty, has turned into a monster, and is now, in the face of the refugee crisis and the impending financial crash, not only exposed as a failed model, but is implementing an openly fascist policy. The most recent thrust in this direction is the Brussels announcement of a plan to replace the already abominable EU border control organization Frontex with a new organization controlled by Brussels, which will use its own border guards to deport refugees.

The European agency for controlling the EU’s borders, commonly known as Frontex, interrogates a would-be immigrant.

Reports are that the organization would even be able to operate in states that are not members of the EU, and that the EU could disregard objections by member states. Thus the refugee issue would lead to the largest transfer of sovereignty to Brussels since the introduction of the euro.

The very idea that Europe could be shielded by new ‘Limes’ fortifications by force of arms, while Southwest Asia and Africa are sinking into war, chaos, and poverty, is just as moronic as it is inhumane.

Eating Its Own

But anyone who thinks the EU monster is using this policy to protect the people living within the Limes walls is very much mistaken.

For example, the EU Commission is now threatening Italy with legal action, because the Italian government only partially applied to four bankrupt banks the “bail-in law” already adopted by all EU members—the so-called Cyprus-model—in combination with a “bailout.” Despite this compromise, many of these banks’ customers lost all their deposits. In this context, a 68-year-old retiree from Civitavecchia, who lost his life savings in Banca Etruria, committed suicide. The State Prosecutor is now investigating whether there was incitement to suicide.

As is now known, the Italian central bank had opposed the European Central Bank’s demands for a full bail-in by the bank’s depositors, and instead used money from the Italian Deposits Guarantee Fund for a bailout. There is fierce opposition in Germany to extending this bailout mechanism to the European level (European Deposits Guarantee Fund), because of course, it is primarily German depositors and taxpayers who would have to pay. The Italian bail-in gives a foretaste of the expropriation of citizens’ savings which the EU has up its sleeve for the new, imminent financial crash.

The bottom line: The EU is neither a Union nor does it have a “European Idea” within it; it has neither a concept for solving the refugee crisis nor for defending the common good of the citizens of the EU. The only interests it protects are those of the financial oligarchy and the EU’s bloated bureaucracy. The faster this monster is dismantled, and the sovereign nation-states of Europe put a stop to the casino economy,—through reintroducing a Glass-Steagall-style banking separation law, reviving the real economy with a new credit system and working with Russia and China to solve existential problems,—the better it will be.

Two Factions in the United States

On the other side of the Atlantic, more and more influential figures are convinced that neither the United States nor the rest of the world will survive if Obama remains Commander-in-Chief for his remaining 13 months in office. It is an open secret in informed circles that Obama personally gave his backing—sometimes not even just implicitly—for the ongoing provocations against Russia and China: from Turkey’s shootdown of the Russian bomber over Syria, to the deployment of U.S. Special Forces and Turkish troops in Iraq, to the bombing of Syrian Army soldiers by the U.S. Air Force.

In the latest live fire intercept test of Aegis Ashore, the U.S. Navy and the Missile Defense Agency successfully destroyed a ballistic missile target at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii. The test also demonstrated the Aegis Ashore system’s capability to interact with other radar systems, which greatly extends the integrated shield of defense that the Aegis system provides both at sea and on land.

This system, like the entire U.S. missile defense system, the Prompt Global Strike doctrine, and the Air-Sea Battle doctrine, is geared toward being able to deliver a first strike against the nuclear second strike capabilities of both Russia and China. The Russian military has stated repeatedly in the clearest terms, that they cannot and will not allow these systems to be built up to the extent that Russia becomes defenseless. And that point is very close.

Concern that the point of no return in the confrontation with Russia may soon be reached, is the context for recent articles calling for activation of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,—namely, the clause that is invoked if the President is no longer able to perform the duties of his office for physical or mental reasons. (See, for example, the article by Charles Hurt, “The Nuclear Option: Is It Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment?

No less great is the dread within the Republican Party leadership at the seemingly unstoppable campaign success of Donald Trump, whose fascist-leaning demagogy has already dashed the prospects of Wall Street favorite Jeb Bush. The Republican so-called powerbrokers fear a sweeping election defeat if Trump wins the nomination.

In America there are currently two clearly distinct groups. On the one side there are the utopian hawks, who indulge the illusion that a combination of provocation and technological victory in the arms race will enable them to force Russia and China to their knees—risking the thermonuclear annihilation of the human species. On the other side are those who insist that the world’s existential problems can only be solved if the United States, Russia, and China work together. The latter position is supported by the former head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Flynn (ret.), as well as all rational people in Europe.

Former DIA chief Michael Flynn speaking to press in Moscow, where he attended a Russia Today conference on Dec. 10, 2015.
A Global Threat

The Islamic State terrorist organization operates worldwide; it threatens every country on Earth, but especially Europe, Russia, China, and the United States, from which it is continually recruiting jihadists. This will continue as long as it has a territorial base of operations, which is in reality made possible by Western “allies” Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Sharon Premoli, one of the few survivors of the attack of Sept. 11, 2001, issued a scathing attack on the Obama Administration in the Huffington Post on Dec. 8, saying that the Administration still calls Saudi Arabia an ally, even though it is the real power that finances the propaganda apparatus that disseminates Wahhabi-Salafist ideology through all the radical mosques worldwide. Those who allow themselves to be bought by Saudi money could only be described as the Nazi collaborators of the Twenty-first Century.

In Germany, the insanity of delivering heavy weapons to states such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which support ISIS, must stop. It is both cynical and criminal to offer Turkey billions of dollars to hold back the refugees who are the victims of this policy.

Lyndon LaRouche has called for a non-partisan coalition to come together to take all necessary measures to save the United States. These include strategic cooperation with Russia and China, the introduction of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the return of the United States to its identity as a Republic.

In Europe as well, and especially in Germany, overcoming hidebound party politics and forming a nonpartisan coalition for Reason is absolutely essential. The way out of the refugee crisis and the threat of a new financial meltdown lies in cooperation with the BRICS countries: building the New Silk Road, a global program of economic cooperation which would develop Southwest Asia and Africa economically so that people would no longer need to flee from war, famine, and chaos. Only if we quickly place this new paradigm on the agenda, and put the common aims of mankind ahead of narrow or presumed national interests, does mankind have a chance to survive.

The admonition expressed by the United States’ first president, George Washington, in his 1796 farewell speech, also applies to us today: Those who value party politics more than they do their loyalty to the principles of the Republic, embody the serious danger of “a frightful despotism.” It is the interest and duty of wise people to discourage and curb this partisan thinking.

Are there enough people in the United States, in Germany, France, and Italy, with the courage and foresight to conduct a public discourse about these issues, and turn things around in time?

This article was translated from German.

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