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This transcript appears in the April 1, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What Kind of Development Plan
Can Stop the Global Crisis?

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Claudio Celani, who moderated the March 23 seminar in Frankfurt, Germany, asked Helga Zepp-LaRouche the first question during the dialogue period.

Claudio Celani: What is the difference between your idea of the Marshall Plan—“Marshall Plan for the Middle East,” and what the German government is proposing, because the German government also came out talking about a Marshall Plan?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I think it is important to recognize that there is such a thing as the British Empire. Now people somehow have the illusion that the British Empire vanished with the end of the Second World War, but the reality is that the only reason why Africa, for example, is in the condition it is in right now, and why Southwest Asia is facing this refugee crisis, is because there are people who think there are too many people in the world, and who are creating conditions for depopulation. Look at Prince Philip: Prince Philip has said many times that he wants to be reincarnated as a virus, in order to contribute more to reducing the world population.

Look at the whole paradigm shift which occurred beginning approximately 50 years ago, when the Club of Rome started to come out with the propaganda about limited resources, the Limits to Growth book. This is a lie! There are no limits to growth! What a resource is, is entirely defined by the level of technology with which you look at this resource. Look at who blocked dams, projects, the Lake Chad project, and many other projects: the World Wildlife Fund and other green organizations.

I think in Ethiopia you have had the experience that very valid projects were blocked. Lake Chad: Why is the project blocked? Because there are some greenies who think that it’s important to save a little louse, or a fly, or a spider, more so than hundreds of millions of human beings!

Despite the problems with the German government—I’m known not to be a fan of Mrs. Merkel, which I have have made clear many times—but when she said, “OK, we can do it, we can take these refugees,” this was the first time, I said, “OK, she’s doing the right thing.”

UNHCR/I. Prickett
One of countless refugees from Syria. This woman had collapsed from seasickness and fatigue after the journey from Turkey to the island of Lesbos.

But what is happening now is really disgusting and has to be changed! Because as the gentleman before was saying, to bet on the Turkish government to solve the refugee crisis is disgusting, it is genocidal, it is absolutely something we have to change [applause], because the German government is pragmatic. And it’s very diplomatic of me to say that. But it is wavering between being a poodle for London and Washington, and for the first time taking baby steps in the right direction. But they did not have the clarity to think it through. Because if you think in small steps, and it is known that Mrs. Merkel thinks in small steps, forget it! We are in an epochal crisis! We are in a crisis of civilization! Everything is breaking down that people believed would be safe such as pensions and education.

Consider the United States, which is in a breakdown crisis beyond belief! Why do you think you have all these shootings in the schools? Why do you think there is a heroin epidemic in the United States, which has increased the suicide rate by four times since Bush Junior became President, continued by the Obama Administration? The United States is in a classical breakdown crisis, and Europe is in the same condition!

So, the situation really requires a paradigm shift. I mean, look, even Schäuble, who is responsible for the collapse of the Greek economy by one-third, who is responsible for the misery of the people of Southern Europe, is now talking about a “Marshall Plan.” Can we trust him?

No! Because the German government is completely green. It left nuclear energy for no good reason. I’m being asked all the time, in the U.S. Congress or in other countries where I talk to people, “The Germans must have some solution to fusion power. They cannot be so stupid as to exit nuclear energy without having an alternative.”

So, I think we have to recognize that we’re dealing with a Satanic force! A force which is right now dominating the world in the form of the British Empire, which is just another word for the central banks, the investment funds, the hedge funds, and the financial institutions, who are now at the end of their rope. If you go for hyperinflationary helicopter money, then that’s the end!

So we have to have a complete break in the situation and we have to change. Because if you continue on this road, civilization may not make it! Because with the collapse of the financial system, you have also the war danger: We haven’t talked about this very much today because we have to talk about the solution, but we are right now closer to World War III than we were at the height of the Cold War, and that is not just what we say. That has been said by Helmut Schmidt, by Gorbachov, by Ted Postol, by many other nuclear experts, who are closely studying the fact that the two nuclear powers are on launch-on-warning all the time.

Either side only has five minutes to make a decision to launch, once it is alerted that the other side has launched a missile. Five minutesfive minutes! We are sitting on a volcano of the financial collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic sector, we’re sitting on the volcano of a potential thermonuclear war, which if it happened, would lead to the annihilation of humankind: That’s where we are!

Therefore, what we are proposing is not anything like what the German government is proposing; or, the EU, even less so. The EU is a force for disaster and should be abandoned as quickly as possible.

Why do you think these development projects have not been realized? They have invented a terminology—“appropriate technology,” which means no technology; “sustainable development” which means starve to death, depopulate. All of these things must be debunked as frauds! They don’t want Africa to develop! They don’t want the Middle East to develop! They think population reduction is a good thing!

Schellnhuber, who is a charlatan, who is an advisor to Merkel, has said explicitly they want to have the world population at 1 billion people. And he has been unfortunately able to subvert the Vatican, to sneak the fraud that climate change is the result of CO2 into the new Encyclical of the Pope and have the Pope endorse this fraud, which is not true!

Climate change is taking place, but climate change has something to do with the position of the Solar system in the Galaxy, with eruptions on the Sun, with things which have been studied for a very long time. And if you believe the idea that CO2 emissions cause climate change, you can believe the Easter bunny lays eggs! You know, I discovered at the age of four that this was a lie. [laughter] I found my uncle hiding eggs so that I could find them later.

I just want to say this is a much more serious problem, and we have to start to understand that this is the fate of civilization which at stake.

So what we are proposing with the World Land-bridge—maybe you can see the back side of the program—we are talking about a rebuilding of the entire world economy. We want to have development of all the continents, and do it in the same way that all industrial revolutions always took place—in Germany, in Russia, in the United States: You start with infrastructure. Because without infrastructure you can’t even have agriculture. Look at India, for example: 38% of the food produced is rotting because of a lack of food processing and a lack of infrastructure. A country like South Sudan has about the richest soil in the world, and you could have three to four harvests a year, but you need infrastructure to transport it.

So either we become rational, and develop this planet of ours as one humanity, and replace geopolitics, and instead start with the common aims of mankind,— and that is what we have to do!

So it would be very easy: We started to evolve an African development plan in the 1970s! In 1980, we published the first book about African development. It could be done. We could eliminate hunger in Africa in half a year. We could have an end to poverty in five years. We could have a decent living standard in 10-20 years from now.

What is lacking is the political will. And I tell you this: This refugee crisis will become the game-changer, or we will not make it. Because the fact that this Turkey deal will not work, will become more apparent by the day. It’s already not working. And we have to create a mass movement for development in Europe, and we have to join hands with people in Africa, in Asia, and in other continents, to turn this situation around. And I’m very optimistic that it can be done, because if you only look at the situation from an internal German perspective, it looks horrible, because the Germans have become stupid, they have become arrogant, and they think they know everything, and in reality they know very little. And they have their nose stuck high in the air while they understand almost nothing.

But, fortunately, that is not the only perspective you can see the world from. China right now has put an alternative on the table in the form of the Silk Road and the “win-win” perspective. The efforts of the BRICS countries have not been eliminated, as some people would like, although the efforts to carry out regime change in South Africa and Brazil are very active. But right now, the winning model is the New Silk Road, and we have to just make sure that the people in Europe know about this alternative, and we have to start fighting for the realization of these issues because it is our own interest that this one planet which we have, survives!

And I can only propose that we really use this seminar, not just to listen to presentations, but to start to fight for implementation of these ideas, and to give hell to your parliamentarian, your mayor, and your city council! Call them up and say, “You are responsible for what happens.” You have to develop citizens’ fighting spirits. People are like lambs going to the slaughter. And I want to arouse your passion to save civilization, because that is what is as at stake!

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