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This condolence message appears in the January 6, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Message of Condolence
to the Alexandrov Ensemble
and the People of Russia

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Dec. 30—In the name of the International Schiller Institute, I wish to express our deep condolences for the tragic loss of the 92 human beings who died in the plane crash on their way to Syria, most of whom were members of the Alexandrov Ensemble. This accident is all the more a cause for sadness, as the music and patriotic spirit characteristic of the members of the Alexandrov Ensemble would have brought a message of hope to the people of Syria. This is a people victimized by more than five years of the criminal policies of regime change and treated as the pawns in a geopolitical game in complete violation of their nation’s sovereignty.

The Alexandrov Ensemble has been an expression of the highest moral values of Russia and, like Classical choral singing in general, speaks to the soul and the creative potential of its audience. It is therefore extremely important that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has announced that he is initiating auditions to find the best talents to fully restore the ensemble.

The training of the singing voice is important for everyone, since a well-placed voice can express the creative intention of the composer and directly speak to the same creative faculty in the audience. It represents, therefore, an irreplaceable element of the harmonious development of the character.

I would therefore like to share with you the idea that, in addition to rebuilding the Alexandrov Ensemble, thousands of Alexandrov choruses could be established in schools all over Russia to honor the heroic contribution of Russia in the liberation of Syria and, at the same time, to broaden the uplifting effect of choral singing on the younger generation.

A New Paradigm is now coming into being, as exemplified by the integration of the Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road Initiative, establishing a completely new kind of relations among nations. We need a dialogue of the best traditions of each culture for this New Paradigm to grow into a new era of civilization: Knowledge of the best of another culture will lead to a love for it, and will thereby supersede xenophobia and hatred with more noble emotions. In this new era, geopolitics will be overcome forever, and dedication to the common aims of mankind will establish a higher level of reason. It is a consolation for all of us, that the tragic death of the victims of this plane crash will contribute with their immortality to the building of that better world.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Chairwoman, International Schiller Institute

This message was received at the Russian Consulate in New York on the afternoon of Dec. 30, and was also sent on request to the Russian news agency TASS.

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