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This transcript appears in the January 18, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The Underlying Positive World Dynamic
the British Empire Tries To Hide from You

This is the edited transcript of the Schiller Institute’s New Paradigm Webcast of January 11, 2019. A video of this webcast is available.

Harley Schlanger: Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger with the Schiller Institute. Welcome to our weekly webcast with our founder and President, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. This is our first webcast of 2019, and this will be the year in which geopolitics will be eliminated as a strategy for controlling world politics and economics.

I think that’s clear in the political strategic situation, where we’re seeing very significant developments in the last days. I’d like to start with a couple of them, Helga. The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping is especially important because of all the nonsense that’s been hurled against Trump, against the Chinese, against the North Koreans, but it does appear as though this meeting has put the “Singapore Model” back into play. Is that your assessment?

Two Paradigms in a Time of Turmoil

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: If you only listen to or read the mainstream media, you would think the whole world is just a complete mess, that there is no ordering principle, that there’s a crazy man in the White House, that the financial system is going haywire, and the European Union is in complete collapse.

In reality, while all of these destabilizations are going on, there is actually an underlying positive dynamic. I have pointed this out in my short remarks for the New Year, that people should not lose the long arc of historical developments if they want to get a correct assessment. Because if you only go by the daily so-called “news” and we will come to the problem of that a little bit later—then you will actually fall for what in large part has become psychological warfare operations against you.

We will discuss this in the context of the role of the British trying to destabilize the emergence of the new paradigm, which is developing.

I think it is really important that people see that, when, last year, I called for the end of geopolitics, and people thought to themselves, “What does geopolitics have to do with me?” But look now at how the Trump Presidency, despite all of its problems and difficulties, has managed to work in a certain sense in parallel, and in some points in tangent, with the Belt and Road Initiative, changing the international environment for the better. One of the clear points is the situation in North Korea; another one is the China-Japan rapprochement; the relationship between China and India; India and Pakistan, new developments in the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa—all of these areas are positive developments underway which you would never get if you just listen to or read the mainstream media.

Now, to mention what you just raised: Kim Jong-un’s visit to China, his fourth in 12 months, saw lengthy discussions with Xi Jinping. The general assessment, even though not totally confirmed and explicitly stated, is that this is all a prelude to a second Trump-Kim meeting to occur fairly soon.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un (center) visiting a unit of the North Korean Army.

Also, we know the situation between North and South Korea is actually on a good way. I think that the New Silk Road Spirit and the Belt and Road economic dimension involving North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and China, in particular, and with the role of President Trump working to get that settled and allow forward motion toward unification of the two Koreas and a peace treaty is definitely one of the bright developments that people should be really happy about. One of the potential trigger points for a catastrophe of humanity is in the process of being eliminated and replaced by a positive concept of cooperation. So, this is quite good.

Schlanger: And we’ve also been getting relatively positive reports on the three-day meeting that took place in Beijing between U.S. trade representatives and Chinese trade representatives. This could be the start putting U.S.-China relationship back on a much better footing.

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes, especially if you keep in mind, the geopolitical forces on both sides of the Atlantic who do not want China to be prosperous. That is a futile effort, of course, because the idea that you can suppress the rise of a country of 1.4 billion people which is more or less doing the right economic policy, is just completely ludicrous. And the real target remains the intention of China to become a world leader in several categories of science and technology, the famous Made in China 2025 plan. In light of that, it’s very good that the Strait relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China seems to be back on track. Again, I think that was the result of the personal relationship between Trump and Xi, and their personal meeting on the sidelines of the G20 in Argentina.

I’m not yet saying this is all resolved, because there are many Damocles Swords hanging all over the situation, but one also has to note that a big catastrophe, namely a real clash between the two largest economies in the world, seems to be at least on a course to be avoided. So that’s a second positive sign.

U.S. Army
U.S. troops assigned to the 3rd Cavalry Regiment operate the DroneDefender, a directed-energy device, in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Syria.

Schlanger: And another situation which may not be fully resolved either, but which is moving in the right direction, is Syria. It was reported that the United States is beginning to move some military equipment out of Syria. National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have both been in the region, seemingly putting out conflicting statements about the President’s intentions—but Trump came out, however, and told everyone who would pay attention, that U.S. policy is to get out. Meanwhile, Trump’s talking about working with the Russians and Turkey—even Iran. So, this looks like the Astana process is moving in the right direction, and it looks as though Trump really does intend to pull the troops out!

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes. The Astana process is the only road to resolve the situation, because the conflict between Turkey and the United States concerning the Kurds remains. The Kurds seem to have now asked the Assad government for resolving this problem, which would be the best thing, because if you have a unified Syria, and a unified government with a Constitutional process under way, and elections coming up, and the Syrian people taking care of their own destiny, the large neighbors, especially Russia, Turkey, Iran, being the guarantors of the whole process as it was defined in the Astana process, is the really good way to resolve this terrible, horrible situation in Southwest Asia.

The same people who were yelling “Ami [Americans] go home!” just a couple of years ago, have been the first ones to demand that the United States should remain the world’s policeman. The howling irony here is that with all the difficulties Trump has, in terms of the opponents of his policies in his own administration—the Democrats—he is indeed making good on his election campaign promises, that he will end these permanent wars of his predecessors. This very, very good and everyone should be happy about it. I think people really have to constantly think: “Why do I now believe things and say things which in a certain sense go completely against what I believed only a couple of years ago?”

I think the United States is indeed moving to pull out of Syria. There are also signs that President Trump intends to move out of Afghanistan and go for a diplomatic solution. I think these are very good developments and anybody who is not a complete moron should be happy about them.

Schlanger: Well, apparently, there are lot of morons in both parties in the United States!

The other really positive development comes out of China’s space program: Chang’e-4 has landed. It released a rover. And this is generating optimism not just in China, but around the world.

Two video clips from China’s Chang’e-4 lander during descent, showing (below) the moment it landed on the Moon’s far side on Jan. 3, 2019.

China Leaps to the Far Side of the Moon

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes, optimism, but also an amount of shock. As a matter of fact, one could almost speak about a similar effect as the “Sputnik shock,” when in 1957 the Soviets put the first artificial satellite Sputnik-1 into a low elliptical Earth orbit. Today, given the effectiveness of media control in suppressing any such positive scientific developments, the world was relatively surprised by the fact that the Chinese did indeed manage to land both a lander and a rover on the far side of the Moon, very smoothly without any problem, and are now in the process of investigating the environment around these vehicles.

This has never happened. This is a first, and the Chinese just wrote space history. We know that the aim of China’s mission, is not only to get a much better insight into the far distances of our galaxy, because the far side of the Moon has many advantages, including the fact that it’s protected from a lot of Earth’s noise and radiation, so that all the instruments work much better; but China’s aim also is to eventually mine helium-3 on the far side of the Moon as a fuel for a future thermonuclear fusion economy here on Earth.

This is the most advanced achievement any nation has done in terms of space research and spacefaring. Naturally, some people tried to dampen it and say the Chinese are still years behind in terms of manned space travel—well, the only problem is, the last manned lunar travel was something like 40 years ago! So many people think that unless the West makes a super effort, they wouldn’t be even able to replicate the Apollo Moon landing 40 years ago.

So, I think this is really good: As the Chinese have said, this is a step for all of mankind. It shows you what mankind can do, what human creativity is able to do, once ‘able to focus on what Xi always calls the “shared community for the future of mankind.” The best option is for all the major spacefaring nations, and those they invite to participate, namely, countries from the developing sector, to put their efforts together to explore this future of the human species being a spacefaring species and not just bound to the planet Earth.

Unfortunately, the forces trying to sabotage all this are still at work: There is this infamous 2011 federal budget clause introduced by Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, which bans NASA and the Office of Science and Technology Policy from bilateral cooperation with China. One of the really stupid, and dangerous developments, was the pressure placed on NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, causing him not only to postpone the visit of Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin to the Johnson Space Center, but to cancel it altogether. This is just one of the elements, where you really see that this is not yet a fought-out battle at all.

Sir Richard Billing Dearlove, OBE.

The British Come Out of the Shadows

Schlanger: You mentioned earlier that we’ll be talking about the special role of the British in poisoning relations with China, with Russia, and also in targetting Trump. There’s been a very significant breakthrough in the recent weeks, which is still not getting much coverage in the West, but it’s going to have to, which goes to the point that we have been identifying from the beginning—that unless you look at the role of the British, British intelligence, the British ruling class, the British Empire, its spawning of neo-liberalism and neo-conservativism—unless you identify that, you’re not going to solve this problem of geopolitics.

Some interesting comments have recently come out of the House of Lords. And British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is now talking about the British “going back to East of Suez.” This is just classic imperial policy, but it comes out in the form of manipulation, especially against Russia, with the exposé of the Institute for Statecraft and its spawn the Integrity Initiative.

Helga, what’s your understanding of this? I think that in order to win this fight, it is to crucial to expose where this is coming from.

Zepp-LaRouche: I would actually advise you, our audience, to really make an effort to read the transcript of Barbara Boyd’s January 10 Fireside Chat discussion, “The British Come out of the Shadows,” available as a three-part series at The true story of how far these bad actors have gone to subvert hearts and minds all around the world is mind-boggling.

What Boyd documents, without any question of doubt, is that the whole Russiagate coup against Trump was not primarily an operation involving the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, and the heads of intelligence of the United States—they were a happy part of it. But that the whole operation was designed by British intelligence, years ago! As a matter of fact, the first traces of this go back even before Trump was anywhere in the vicinity of the White House.

Boyd takes off on two points in particular, which I think the educated time witness—namely you—should not miss in order to form your own judgment.

On Dec. 18, the British House of Lords published a report, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,”which I think is really, absolute “must” reading for anybody who wants to understand this strategic situation. In that report, the Lords blatantly say that maybe the U.S.-British “special relationship” is barely surviving the first Trump administration, that it will not survive a second Trump administration, and that Britain will not survive if the trend in the United States remains in the same direction as what Trump stands for.

One of the key figures in this plot, former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove, goes around everywhere saying not to worry, because Trump will only be a one-term President. Now, how he knows that is another question. This House of Lords report makes clear that the key objective for the British Empire is to prevent what my husband Lyndon LaRouche has defined as being the only solution to the world crisis, namely, an agreement among the four superpowers, United States, Russia, China, and India.

Concerning Russia, they say, it’s important that it be contained, with the implication that eventually Russia will be managed through regime change. With China, the idea is “if you can’t beat them, then join them.” To that end the British have quite successfully managed to pretend that they want to be part of the Belt and Road Initiative, they joined the AIIB. So there, the concept is to manipulate the whole thing from inside these institutions.

Concerning India, which the British Empire still regards as its “crown jewel” colony, the idea is to make sure that tensions between China and India remain. They use diplomatic language for all of this, but if you know how to read between the lines, that’s what comes out.

They say, the danger to the future of the British Empire is exactly this Four Power agreement.

The Integrity Initiative

Boyd points out that when the House of Lords defined this policy for the British Empire, the way it’s being implemented is through this thing which has recently appeared courtesy of various leaks, namely, an outfit called “Integrity Initiative,” which is really a top-down operation of the British Foreign Office, British military intelligence, and MI6.

The way it works is that in every country, in Europe, Canada, European countries—they’re now moving to the Middle East—is via so-called “clusters of influence.” In these “clusters,” they have politicians, journalists, scientists, moderators, and such people, who are responsible for putting out propaganda lines, with which they try to manipulate both governments, and also shape public opinion by driving an anti-Russia hysteria, by appealing to the instincts of the population to demonize everything which has to do with Russia. Boyd documents that these are the same people, name by name, who are the ones behind the coup against Trump, and also the ones who are behind the anti-Russia campaigns.

Left: Dept. of State; right: CC/Matthew W. Hutchins
Left: Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. Right: Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

In Germany they have identified 21 assumptions they want to eliminate. They say that as long as the population believes in these 21 points, this is terrible and it has to be changed: For example, the belief that Russia has legitimate interests—that is a belief which must be eradicated; or the belief that the West was involved in the coup in Ukraine. There are 21 such beliefs. They then they describe how, through “nudging,” which is a notion developed by Cass Sunstein at the time, or what Ben Rhodes called a “public information echo chamber,” that you use propaganda to manipulate the situation until everybody believes Russia is a monster, Putin is a dictator, Xi is a dictator, and the world is run by an alliance of dictators.

I would like everyone to read the report by Barbara Boyd, because once you read it, you will then realize that what most people—perhaps even you—think is “ordinary” news coming through the “mainstream” channels, is all part of a gigantic manipulation scheme.

Now, with my remarks here, I have, by their logic, proven that I’m a Putin follower. Well, I can assure you, I am not. I am quite an independent thinker. However, according to this psychological warfare, if you use certain terms, that proves you are in the camp of the Russians.

I think it’s really important for mental hygiene that everyone listening to my voice or reading this transcript carefully read Boyd’s report and look at how it all works, because there is only one medicine to neutralize this, and that is that you have a clear understanding that by the end of World War II, British intelligence studied Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, with an intention to, as they called it at the time, to “out-Goebbels Goebbels.” And indeed, this is exactly what they are doing today. Once again, I really encourage you read Boyd’s report and spread it as far as possible.

Schlanger: Helga, it’s so bizarre. There’s an operation called “PropOrNot,” one of the agencies that’s supposed to police Twitter. They put out a list of words that purport to show that the people who use them are probably Russian agents: words such as “neoconservative,” “corporatist,” “imperialist,” “establishment.” Someone responded to this, saying that that must mean that Irving Kristol and William Kristol, the two most prominent neo-conservatives, are Russian agents, because they coined the term “neo-conservative.” That’s how bizarre it is.

Meanwhile, In Europe

We have a couple more things I want to get to that are crucial in this context. In Germany, which you mentioned, there are two new reports out from the BDI industry association and from Handelsblatt, which essentially are new attacks on China, at a point at which there have been a series of conferences in Germany, in which sections of German industry, and some smaller businesses seem to be welcoming China. Aren’t these reports part of the same fabric of disinformation and lies?

Zepp-LaRouche: And it’s also very stupid. If you cut off the branch of the tree on which you are sitting, it’s won’t be very good for either your limbs or your rear end, as you’ll yourself the victim on your clever cut. I think this is really idiotic, because European situation could not be more chaotic—it probably will be more chaotic, but it is already in complete flux. You have the tensions between Italy and France escalating; the Italian government is doing a lot of correct things; they just took over the Genoa-based Banca Carige bank which was in jeopardy, in order to prevent a European Union bail-out/bail-in operation, and in that way asserting a certain degree of national sovereignty.

The fight between the French and the Italian government is really escalating. A couple of months ago, French President Emmanuel Macron had called the Italians the “leprosy of Europe” because of the refugee situation, and now the Italians have said they don’t want to be lectured by France, because the only reason why Italy has a migrant problem is because of the French colonialist policies in Africa. That tone is not exactly one of friendship.

The situation in France is much more interesting than most people think, because the Yellow Vests is a very interesting and serious development: These are people who are not so far linked with any political party, but who respond to the fact that the injustice of the present economic system is just not bearable by them anymore. And this is not going to go away. Similar feelings exist in the people who voted for Trump, the people who voted the Brexit vote, and also the people who voted this present Italian government in. It’s generally part of an ongoing global revolt against the neo-liberal policies, the same policies that British intelligence, which we just mentioned before, tries to say do not exist, but rather, they say, it’s the “economic anxieties” of the common people. But, in fact, it is the result of the neo-liberal policies.

Not very far away is the European Parliament elections in May. We have indications that, for example, in Austria, there may even be a referendum on Austria’s membership in the EU, because many people say that in the 20 years that Austria has been a member, it has not benefitted; it just prevents an independent policy of Austria.

So rather than recognizing the advantage of cooperating with the Belt and Road Initiative, especially in such projects as the reconstruction of Syria, and the development of Africa, you have these really backward tendencies which have captured the leadership of the German Industrial Association (BDI) as well, and unfortunately also parts of the Christian Democratic Union’s Economic Council, which is putting out anti-China propaganda pieces.

But there are also many people who also listen to the Schiller Institute and understand that the future of German industry is to work with Russia, and with China, and we will escalate our campaign in this coming year to make sure that everybody can see what is at stake—a New Paradigm or the collapse of civilization. Shaping a positive future for humanity is at stake, not just some economic business interests.
To heal Mexico’s youth from a life of crime, illiteracy and unemployment, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has initiated a full employment program called Youth Building the Future.
LaRouche’s 1982 Operation Juárez—a proposal for collaboration, expecially in long-term investment in infrastructure among the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

LaRouche’s Operation Juárez & Dope, Inc.

Schlanger: Helga, we’re a little short on time, but I do want to get your thoughts on what’s happening with this hypocritical opportunism of the Democrats in the United States, drawing a line on the border wall and border security. What people are missing is that there’s a bigger question here, which is that it does appear that Mexico’s new President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is working with the Trump administration on some economic development prospects. There’s a new fund that’s been established, and things are moving forward. In fact, it looks like there is the potential to revive one of the great proposals of your husband, Operation Juárez.

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes. AMLO, as the new Mexican President is sometimes called, is pursuing something which one could call an FDR reflex, by saying that the only way the migrant issue can be solved is through economic development, investment in infrastructure and other projects in Mexico, but also similar investments in the other Central American countries. There is actually a cooperation between Trump and López Obrador along these lines.

Now, it’s not just migrants, but associated with that, is the drug epidemic in the U.S., which is completely out of control, which Trump is also extremely concerned with.

Many decades ago, my husband designed a policy that I would really like to put on the table again. In 1878, he commissioned a study called Dope, Inc., a proposal that with modern technology, utilizing the resources of NASA and by other means, every single square centimeter of drug production in the appropriate countries could be spotted along with the trade routes involved. The laundering of drug money through the banks could be dried out, and in that way, we would be able to completely destroy the drug traffic, especially when you combine such a program with Glass-Steagall.

As many UN officials have pointed out, the entire Western financial system would have collapsed a long time ago, but for the laundering of the drug money. So, the best approach to deal with this, is to go with the Dope, Inc. NASA, high-technology approach, stop the money-laundering, through Glass-Steagall, shut the whole casino aspect down; and then go for an FDR economic reconstruction policy, not only for Central America, Latin America, but also for the United States, itself.

It’s an ongoing battle and given the fact that the partial U.S. federal government shutdown is still going on and the conflict still exists, I think it’s time to discuss such proposals, because they actually would solve the problem on a much, much higher level.

Schlanger: From our discussion today, it’s evident that it’s an extremely complex situation, a fascinating one, but one for which there are solutions. I encourage all of our viewers to start organizing your friends to tune in each week to this webcast, and to go to our website,, because we’re the one voice out there that has historically and consistently fought for the principles of the American System, of the Classical Renaissance, and to put an end to the dirty operations run by the British Empire.

Helga, thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see you next week.

Zepp-LaRouche: I hope so.

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