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This article appears in the March 8, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Closing Remarks

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Mrs. LaRouche is the founding President of the Schiller Institute. She convened the Feb. 16, 2019 Schiller Institute conference, in Morristown, N.J. These are her closing comments to the conference.

I want to thank all of you, especially for the extreme expression of love which I have felt over the day and also the last couple of days. That’s the one thing which was not mentioned today about Lyn: That he was—in one sense, is—the most loving person I have ever met. Love, in the true sense, is love for mankind, passion to improve mankind. And I was so struck, not the first time, because it’s one of my absolute favorite pieces of music, by the Choral Fantasy, and for those who understand the German, it says,

Nehmt denn hin, ihr schönen Seelen,

froh die Gaben schöner Kunst:

“Thank you, beautiful souls, these donations of great art,” as a celebration of creativity. And this was actually leading to the Ninth Symphony—Beethoven’s composition, which is a composition of the Ode to Joy. If you know the text there, it says, “All men will become brethren. Above in the skies, there must live a loving Father.” It is that celebration of the beauty of the universe, and the beauty of mankind which we have been celebrating today.

Having listened to the many comments from Lyn, here and there on all these different subjects, I think we should go out of this conference, with an absolute solemn commitment, that each and all of us become better people. Because this is the precondition for making the new epoch of mankind—it will start with us. We must take up the torch, we must be the example of what the New Renaissance means. If we improve our relations among each other and celebrate each other’s creativity, then, we will be the shining example of what the new world, the new epoch, the new paradigm can be.

So with that, I want to thank all of you. And, go out and multiply.

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