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This article appears in the August 2, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Defend Germany as an Industrial Nation!

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CC/Gastian Greshake
A “Fridays for the Future” demonstration in Hamburg, Germany on March 1, 2019.

This article was first published in the German-language newspaper Neue Solidarität as an “Appeal to Representatives of the German Middle Class, Trade Unions, Scientists, Parents, Teachers and All Thinking People.”

July 19—We are currently witnessing an unprecedented attack on Germany as an industrial nation which, if successful, will lead to eco-fascism, demographic collapse, impoverishment of large sections of the population, and possibly war. What is now being orchestrated at many levels—from the new president of the European Commission, to the mainstream media, to a movement of hysteria-driven children—and openly admitted, is a systemic change that is intended to reduce our lifestyle and living standards to a pre-industrial level, and adapt them to the “carrying capacity” of the Earth of allegedly only one billion people (per Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, CBE) or even only half a billion (per Kevin Anderson, top consultant to 16-year-old star activist Greta Thunberg).

The apocalyptic predictions are coming hot and heavy: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the prophets of a “Green New Deal” spurred an entire phalanx of child movements and potentially violent organizations into action last year, by claiming that the world has only twelve years to prevent a climate catastrophe which threatens the human species. But wait—Prince Charles just claimed at a meeting of the Commonwealth’s Foreign Ministers that it is now supposed to be only 18 months. Meanwhile, the Internet platform, “We Don’t Have Time,” ensures that new “climate leaders” are being trained at conferences and through actions. But behind that platform, one finds those interests of Wall Street and the City of London, which benefit from the “great transformation of the global economy,” i.e., investing in everything that supposedly contributes to climate protection.

The international apparatus that controls this mass manipulation has been the same for almost half a century, from Dennis Meadows with his bogus Club of Rome computer models, who proclaimed the “Limits to Growth” in 1972, to Jeffrey Sachs who, with his murderous “shock therapy,” caused a collapse of the demographic curve by one million people a year in Russia alone. What is new is the perfidious exploitation of children and adolescents, who are driven by the theories of an early end of the world into desperate activism and a highly dangerous antagonism toward the older generations.

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EIRNS/Rachel Douglas
Street vendors in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1999, driven into misery by economic shock therapy.

The climate establishment relies on the naiveté of the population to accept as gospel the apparently politically correct line, or at least not to dare to publicly articulate their private thoughts if they contradict the narrative. What most people do not even begin to consider, is the fact that there is such a thing as a “nudge theory” (after the book of the same name by Cass Sunstein), i.e., that about 70 percent of the media is no longer comprised of journalists who are there to inform and analyze, but instead is influenced by PR firms whose job it is to systematically manipulate the accepted axioms of the population on behalf of political and financial interests.

Russell inverts science: People will not know how their beliefs were created, he says.

Vile Manipulation

The vile idea that the manipulation of the paradigm of an entire society must begin with the indoctrination of children, was already articulated by Lord Bertrand Russell in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society:

I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. . . . Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part. . . . It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship. . . . The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

The method has not changed in principle; it is being applied practically today with the exploitation of Greta Thunberg, for whom a well-oiled management was able to arrange, within a few months, her appearances at the UN Climate Conference in Katowice, Poland; the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland; the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France; the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, Belgium; the House of Commons in London, England; and an audience with the Pope at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The accompanying media hype and encouraging words from German Chancellor Merkel and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier ensured that the “Fridays for Future” movement would be able to persuade children and teenagers to skip school.

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UN/Nikoleta Haffar
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres promotes climate activist Greta Thunberg in Vienna in May 2019.

In the various climate organizations, top experts in mass psychology work in many leading positions. Norwegian psychologist Per-Espen Stoknes, who is on the board of directors of the Internet platform, “We Don’t Have Time,” specializes in turning “apocalypse-fatigue” into action against global warming. Another example is Alex Evans, head of the Extinction Rebellion in Leeds, who has worked for about a dozen intelligence-based think tanks on both sides of the Atlantic, organizing a “Collective Psychology Project.”

‘Climate Investors’ Make Out Like Bandits

The lie that the thesis of anthropogenic climate change is generally accepted among scientists, does not become any truer simply because it is repeated over and over again. Tens of thousands of scientists in the United States have signed joint statements, e.g., in the Global Warming Project. In May, 90 leading Italian scientists published a Petition to their President, Government, and Parliament, asking them not to burden the population with the senseless and destructive costs of so-called protection of the climate, when climate changes are due to completely different causes.

As early as 1998, Nigel Calder, publisher of the journal, New Scientist, and author (together with the Danish physicists Hendrik Svensmark and Egil Friis-Christensen) of the book, The Manic Sun, which examines the influence of solar activity upon climate, predicted prophetically:

All parties of industrialized nations, whether right or left, are adopting the theory of carbon-induced global warming. It is the unique opportunity to tax the very air we breathe, as politicians are even being applauded for supposedly preventing the world from suffocating from excess heat. No party can possibly resist this temptation.

Meanwhile, hordes of clever investment advisers are trying to lure investors into investing in the climate industry, with the argument that while the risk is not smaller, at least you can do something moral for climate protection.

The rationale for such expropriations of the population is provided by, among others, Ottmar Edenhofer, Director at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and successor to CBE Schellnhuber: “A climate policy without CO2 pricing is like medicine without penicillin.” In other words, prices for energy and transport will be raised until people change their behaviors.

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Etienne Ansotte
Ursula von der Leyen, newly-elected President of the European Commission.

Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission, toed the line of the scare tactics of this entire lobby in her maiden speech to the European Parliament, in which she announced a radically green program for the EU: The current goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 40 percent by 2030, she said, is not enough; we must “go further,” to “50 percent, if not 55 percent.” She plans to present a law in her “first hundred days in office,” which will set the goal of achieving climate neutrality for Europe by the year 2050. After significant swipes against Russia and China, she defined the future role of Europe as “surpassing itself at home” and thus assuming a “leadership role in the world.”

However, how this is to jibe with the defense of the “European lifestyle” demanded by von der Leyen is a mystery. In addition, if you look at the package of climate taxes and regulations, which was announced by Germany’s “Climate Cabinet” of Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, it should be clear to everyone that nothing of our current lifestyle will be left. The prices for energy and transport and, as a result, for everything else, will be driven up so high that the less privileged will use bicycles instead of cars and airplanes, and will wear thicker pullovers in winter instead of turning on the heat.

Deindustrialization Is Social Destruction

In reality, this climate hysteria marks the final attempt to belatedly enforce the Morgenthau Plan, de-industrialize Germany, and maximize the profits of the climate speculators. As a result, young forward-thinking people will emigrate to Asia in large numbers, and the proportion of older people will increase dramatically, but it won’t be possible to finance the healthcare personnel or a nationwide healthcare system for them. In a recent study, the Bertelsmann Foundation, for example, has recommended closing more than half of all German hospitals. If this policy is not stopped, Germany is threatened by economic devastation which will make the consequences of the Thirty Years’ War look like a picnic.

It is high time that all thinking people in this country immediately begin to oppose this attack on the existence of Germany as an industrial nation. Germany is a highly developed economy, whose industry must be able to rely on high energy-flux densities in the production process, which are already in danger. If, in the near future, “climate laws” and even more investment restrictions stifle all credit flows to the productive real economy, then medium-sized companies, which produce about 85 percent of all social wealth, will be eliminated, and with them the basis for social contributions, education, and culture.

The fact that the industrialized country of Germany is the target of the attack is further underscored by the fact that the IMF, according to the Handelsblatt, blames family enterprises for the growing gap between rich and poor. It claims that their export successes in China since 2000 have enhanced that gap. In view of the preferential treatment that the banks and speculators have been given by politicians and the leading institutions, as opposed to the real economy, this is such an outrageous hoax that one must assume it is not a mistake, but rather a conscious attempt to change economic course.

The green and neo-liberal establishment may not yet have grasped the fact that not only China, but all of Asia is rising, and is tremendously optimistic about its more than 5,000-year-old cultures as well as its future. It must be clear to everyone that when Asia rises, while Europe and perhaps the whole West itself destroys itself in its green climate hysteria, that poses the danger of a new great war.

In contrast, the potential for the German Mittelstand (small and medium-sized businesses) lies precisely in its cooperation with China in the development of the New Silk Road throughout the world—but this has been blocked by Brussels and Berlin for geopolitical reasons. Cooperation with the 126 nations that have already joined this initiative, be it in the industrialization of Africa or of the Moon, means an optimistic outlook for the industrialized nation of Germany.

The backroom policy that we have just seen in the distribution of EU posts has always been the practice when it comes to choosing whether to set a course in favor of banks, or in favor of the real economy. That is why, after the 2007-08 crash, nothing was done to address the root causes that led to this systemic crisis, and why we are now on the verge of a much more dramatic collapse. The internationally staged hype surrounding investments in the “Green New Deal” is supposed to be just the last dance on the Titanic, to bring the “investors” one last big haul. But the result will be a collapse into a Dark Age. There is still time to resist this.


If you wish to support this Appeal, contact info@bueso.de or the nearest office of the Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität.

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