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This transcript appears in the October 4, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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This is an Unbelievable Historic Moment:
We Must Change the Agenda Completely!

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Presidential Office of Ukraine
President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25, 2019.

This is the edited transcript of the Schiller Institute’s September 25, 2019 New Paradigm interview with the founder of the Schiller Institutes, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, by Harley Schlanger. A video of the webcast is available.

Harley Schlanger: Hello. I’m Harley Schlanger from the Schiller Institute. Welcome to our weekly webcast with our founder and President, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Today is Sept. 25, 2019, and we’re in the midst of a phenomenal confluence of events: The system’s blowing up. We will look at several aspects of this in the course of the discussion.

I think we should probably start with the efforts of the Democrats, with the announcement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that they’re going to begin an impeachment inquiry on President Trump. Helga, this is a dramatic leap into the unknown for them, isn’t it?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I think you have to see all of the elements together: The unbelievable intervention by Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Action Summit, which we should really talk about, because this is the unbelievable manipulation by the banks—it has very little to do with this poor little girl. The financial system is about to blow, and the Democrats clearly are being told by their financial backers that they have to get rid of Trump by all means, because they don’t want Trump in a position to act when the system is about to disintegrate.

What is happening right now is an unbelievable historical moment, and it really requires an intervention to change the agenda completely.

Democrats Take Steps to Impeach

The Democrats are trying to impeach Trump on a very flimsy pretext, namely, that the President leaned on the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate the activities of Hunter Biden, in order to knock out the rival presidential campaign of Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, in the 2020 election. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, has already demanded from the present Ukrainian government that it turn over all of its information concerning the intervention of the previous U.S. government on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in the 2016 election. And we know that this is all closely related to the regime-change events of 2014 in Ukraine.

So, the Democrats are clearly on a suicide mission: They have no case. Pelosi clearly resisted this for a very long time, but they’re completely desperate now. Renowned constitutional and criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz has said, if you go for impeachment, you must at least have the crime defined, but there is no crime.

This is causing complete chaos. Some reasonable Democrats, like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, aren’t going along. In a CNN interview on September 24, Gabbard said she will not support this, because “impeachment would be terribly divisive for our very divided country. . . . Impeachment would further tear apart an already divided country.”

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Republican William Weld, the U.S. Attorney who oversaw the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche and his associates, has accused Trump of treason.

Even some Republicans are also out to get Trump. For example, William Weld—of all people—who wants to challenge Trump’s nomination in the upcoming Republican primaries. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Weld accused Trump of treason. Weld alleged that Trump’s pressuring of President Zelensky to investigate the business dealings of Biden’s son Hunter in Ukraine, while his father, Joe Biden (now a Democratic Party presidential contender), as Vice President, was overseeing the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, was “treason, pure and simple, and the penalty for treason under the U.S. code is death. That’s the only penalty.” This is unbelievable! Now, he says that Trump should rather accept removal from office than face the death penalty.

This is just beyond the beyond. People should just understand who William Weld is: He was the U.S. Attorney in Boston who was one of the key instigators in the entire case against my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche. He was the perpetrator of what former U.S. Attorney General and LaRouche attorney on appeal, Ramsey Clark, said involved “a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge.” And now William Weld is behind the attempt to oust Trump from office, one way or another.

I think all this can backfire, and it just brings up the necessity to really exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, because this thing will backfire. This can potentially bring the entire truth out of what has been going on in American politics for the last several decades. You should be tuned into it and help us to get this truth out.

Schlanger: I think one of the important things with the potential to backfire is Biden’s role in the Obama Administration, in running the coup in Ukraine in 2014. The Biden role in 2014 to run this neo-con, neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine is part of the whole picture that later evolved into Russiagate, isn’t it?

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DoS/Public Domain
Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt greet Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President they helped to elect. Warsaw, Poland, June 4, 2014.

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes. Biden was Obama’s point man, he worked with Victoria Nuland, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. And this can completely backfire. The Democrats must know that now the whole story about Biden’s son will come out. Giuliani has already said that Hunter Biden pocketed $3 million for joining the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, and it probably means the Democrats know that Biden’s Democratic presidential race is finished.

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DoS/Public Domain
Secretary of State John Kerry (left) with Jonathan Winer, Special Envoy for Libya and Senior Advisor for MEK Resettlement, in Rome on February 1, 2016.

Schlanger: And it also intersects Russiagate, in that Christopher Steele was very much involved in the Ukraine operation, working through Secretary of State John Kerry’s assistant Jonathan Winer. So the potential for backfire is great.

Why the Banks Are Desperate

Also having backfire potential is the role of the banks in pushing the UN’s climate change agenda—the Paris Climate Accord, and so on. Let’s talk for a minute about the banking crisis: You’ve been talking about the importance of this “repo crisis” as a return to 2008, and worse. What’s going on with this?

Zepp-LaRouche: Right now there is a tremendous liquidity crisis. Last week, the U.S. Federal Reserve injected more than $300 billion into the banking system; this week, the Fed started by providing an additional $75 billion in overnight lending, which did not meet the demand. So we are clearly sitting on a powder keg, where all the parameters of 2008 are there, again.

Thomas Cook, the global travel firm in Great Britain, went belly up, shutting down 21,000 jobs overnight, and stranding 650,000 tourists. This is just a reflection of this crisis, because it’s now hitting firms having large debts, and while they have been used to rolling over this debt by going to the banks, now the banks are not taking the risk any more. Expect many more such bankruptcies like Thomas Cook. Another one is a large bus company, which means 1,300 jobs lost in Great Britain, and a small bank, called Metro Bank. And I think we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. This may very well be the beginning of the disintegration of the financial system.

And this is why the banks are so absolutely desperate to impose this green financing, which obviously cannot function, but it’s a very serious effort to bamboozle the whole world into accepting a scheme which would have tremendous population reduction consequences. And this is what was just attempted at this UN Climate Action Summit in New York City.

Bankers Run Green Depopulation Agenda

Schlanger: One of the people who spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit was Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, who last month at the Jackson Hole summit called for a “regime change” in financing. Isn’t that pretty transparent that you have the bankers now out in front of the so-called green movement?

Zepp-LaRouche: Well, it was that all along. Because the Greta Thunberg phenomenon is relatively recent, as are FridaysForFuture, and Extinction Rebellion—these are all creations of the last year. But this all comes out of the Climate Agreement signed by 175 country parties at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 in Paris.

Article 2, Section 1(c) of that Agreement, for the first time, states that in order to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, it is agreed to “make finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.” The only way to implement climate protection is by channeling the entire financial investment into “green” financing, by going out of all coal-fired power plants by 2030, or at least three-quarters of them.

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WEF/Moritz Hager
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, speaking at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 24, 2015.

Immediately after the COP21, the Green Finance Initiative was formed in Great Britain, with Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney playing a prominent role. The intention was clearly stated to make the City of London the financial hub for all future green financing. In the meantime, attempts to impose legislation to enforce Article 2.1(c) are being made—this will happen in the EU, it’s already happening with the Climate Cabinet in Germany, and they’re clearly trying to now use this 2019 UN Climate Action Summit to impose 2.1(c) on a global scale.

Now, this is completely unworkable. On the eve of the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, 130 banks, supposedly representing $47 trillion in assets, agreed to a set of six UN Environment Programme–Finance Initiative-sponsored Principles for Responsible Banking, in effect a compact for green financing. Were the world’s financial flows significantly shaped by the principles of this compact, the world economy would collapse.

There’s no way the world could function under such an arrangement. There might be short-term financial profits, but, by converting to power sources of relatively low energy-flux density, today’s population densities and absolute numbers cannot be sustained.

So, this green program is, in fact, a mass-depopulation program, and I think we are seeing the last gasps of it, because you cannot reduce the living standards, the life expectancy of hundreds of millions, and maybe billions of people around the globe, because that would be the effect of these policies.

This is a terrible crisis. And I think this UN show, this Climate Action Summit, was a gigantic effort to brainwash the population into accepting the Green agenda. And poor Greta Thunberg, who obviously went completely hysterical—people who watched her short clip saw that this young girl is really very close to a breakdown; she can’t take it.

Many young people are completely desperate. You have now psychological treatment for young people who are having traumatic breakdowns because they think the world is coming to an end in 18 months—that they’re all going to die. What’s happening here? With the support of the media, some of the world’s renowned political leaders are behaving so absolutely irresponsibly, that they’re driving a whole segment of the youth population into despair.

And it’s all based on a fraud! Changes in Earth’s climate are not caused primarily by human activities, but by processes which have to do with the Sun, the Solar System. What is happening right now is a complete fraud, it’s absolutely irresponsible, it’s almost criminal—it’s an effort to bamboozle the world into accepting a scheme actually designed to save the banking system when it is collapsing bigtime, more than 2008. This can only lead to a total catastrophe if we don’t intervene and change the agenda, dramatically. And the needed answer must be Glass-Steagall, and the Four Laws which were designed by my husband.

EIR: ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is Mass Murder

Schlanger: Into this environment, we are intervening with a newly released pamphlet, “ ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy—Designed by Wall Street and the City of London.” That’s a pamphlet that we’re getting out, and that our viewers should download, should get copies, should purchase copies, and should circulate.

Now, Helga, you mentioned something about the ultimate goal of this policy—depopulation, deindustrialization, by destroying the energy sector—this is what your husband wrote about prior to the 1971 decision by President Richard Nixon, to dismantle the Bretton Woods system. Can you give our audience a picture of what Lyn warned about at that time, and how accurate his forecasting was?

Zepp-LaRouche: My husband had developed his own economic-scientific method, based on the principles of physical economy of Gottfried Leibniz, of Bernhard Riemann, and from that standpoint, he criticized, as early as the beginning of the 1950s, the absolute idiocy of mathematics, of algorithms, of the information theory of John von Neumann, of Norbert Wiener, all of these theories, as being completely inadequate to describe processes in the real physical economy.

From that point of view, he recognized—the only person at the time to do so—the significance of the Nixon measures, the Aug. 15, 1971, decoupling of the dollar from gold as a reserve standard; ending the fixed exchange-rate system and replacing it with a floating exchange-rate system. At that point my husband said that this dismantling of the Bretton Woods system and the implementation of monetarist policies, would lead necessarily to a new depression and the danger of a new fascism, unless replaced with a new world economic order.

Now, I think this was absolutely prophetic. What we are seeing right now, is exactly that: The whole financial system of the trans-Atlantic sector is based entirely on algorithms, on mathematics; it has absolutely nothing to do any more with the real economy. The entire financial sector is completely separated from any relation to the real economy, and this system is now breaking down, into a modern version of what Germany’s Hjalmar Schacht and Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman did in the 1930s, in reaction to the financial crisis then.

What today’s bankers are trying to do right now, is to again implement fascist policies which would mean brutal austerity: Cutting down the living standard, which leads to cutting down the life expectancy in the so-called advanced sector, because it would make health services more expensive and so forth, but it would mean mass genocide in the developing countries, because if you deny these countries access to affordable energy, you just say “no development at all.”

What we see right now, is a gigantic effort to basically repeat fascist economics with modern characteristics. And the only remedy for that is exactly, in a certain sense what President Franklin Roosevelt did in 1933, because fascism at that time was only implemented in Europe, with Hitler, with Mussolini, with Franco, but Roosevelt went for a New Deal: He went for Glass-Steagall; he implemented the recommendations of the Pecora Commission—I think that’s something we should urgently revive right now, with respect to these bankers, because these 130 banks announced “Principles for Responsible Banking” at this summit. I mean, these banks—Deutsche Bank, Barclays—all of these banks have a long record of being involved in the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandal, in their various manipulations; they have a long record of criminal activity, which we should have a Pecora Commission investigate today.

LaRouche’s Solution

But unlike Roosevelt, these banksters are talking about a Green New Deal, which is the opposite of what Roosevelt did, and what we need is exactly the entire package: Glass-Steagall, separate the banks; if they can’t get their books in order they should declare insolvency. We need to go to a system of National Banking; of a new international credit system, a New Bretton Woods system; and we have to increase the productivity of the failing economy, through a crash program for fusion and international space cooperation.

We are circulating right now a short petition to the effect that we have to answer this “coincidence” of the financial collapse and the attempt to impose green financing, which cannot function, with the Four Laws package of Lyndon LaRouche. I ask all of you, our viewers, to help us to circulate this petition, to change the agenda, because it’s a crisis—but it’s not a climate crisis, it’s a crisis that the financial system is coming down.

Schlanger: As your husband described it many, many years ago, what we’re talking about here is ecological fascism, or eco-fascism: it’s the absolutely appropriate term. Our viewers should note that our organizers are going to campuses all over the world, including all over the United States, and they should join us. You wrote a beautiful leaflet with the headline that the “Age of Reason Is in the Stars!” to inspire young people to look to the heavens, instead of walking around thinking that Armageddon is right around the corner.

Helga, one other thing I would like you to comment on, is the line that’s coming out from this climate summit, that almost all leaders of the world support the green agenda, and there are only a handful of “climate-deniers.” And that young people all over the world want this green agenda. We know that neither is the case. This is part of the insanity that’s being pushed. Why don’t you say something about that?

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi with President Donald Trump at the “Howdy Modi” event in Houston, Texas on September 22, 2019.

‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

Zepp-LaRouche: There was just published a letter to António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, signed by 500 scientists and professionals from many countries, headlined, “There is no climate emergency.” There is no connection between anthropogenic CO2 emissions and climate change. They appeal to the governments of the world not to implement measures which are extremely expensive, which will have dramatic effects on the life and even the existence of millions of people. And they appeal that these measures should not be implemented, but that there must be an honest, scientific debate about what is going on with the climate, which is a very complex question.

So, it is not true that there is a “consensus.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on September 27, John Kerry declared “World War Zero” on those who oppose the climate change agenda and, extending the metaphor, called climate-deniers and skeptics the “Axis.” He actually uses the word “Axis.” I mean, this has gone completely haywire.

We have to go back to reason and a discussion of the laws of the physical universe. This will lead us to discussing why we need, for example, international space cooperation to find out more about the real causes of climate change.

I think there is good hope, because, apart from many things we just don’t have time now to comment on, two of the better things Trump did recently are noteworthy. One was on the occasion of the visit of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Washington. Trump spoke about international space cooperation, that the United States wants cooperation to go to the Moon as the launching pad to go to Mars.

And when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Houston to address the large number of his supporters in Texas, which Trump also attended, they both talked about international space cooperation between the two countries.

The reason we counter this green insanity with the space orientation, is that once people start to look at the real universe, and start to look at science—because in space you can only exist if you follow the physical laws of the universe and not some ideology—you get out of this complete ideological brainwashing which is happening right now.

So, I would invite everyone to join our campaign, and have a real scientific discussion about all of these questions and not go for these hysterical outbursts.

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EIRNS/Pat Holzer
Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivers the keynote address to the 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum Think-Tank Meeting in Xi’an, China on September 11, 2019.

Zepp-LaRouche at China Economic Forum

Schlanger: I think there’s one other counterpoint—and you’re especially authoritative as a commentator on it—which is the difference between the view in China, and the apocalyptic view of limited resources and Thunberg’s attack on “endless growth.” You were just at a conference in China. The Chinese don’t buy this green stuff: They’re continuing to pursue legitimate goals, whether it’s in space or otherwise, relevant to the physical economy. Give us a little bit of a sense of what happened at this conference in Xi’an that you attended.

Zepp-LaRouche: This was a very interesting conference, the 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum, which has taken place every two years since 2005. I spoke there about the need for the West to better understand the motives of the Chinese. There is right now this absolutely anti-Chinese hysteria. For example, the Hong Kong color revolution attempt to destabilize China. The Chinese really don’t understand why all of this is happening, because, as I said in my presentation there, from the Chinese standpoint, the last 40 years of reform and opening-up has just transformed life for the majority of Chinese, from being a very poor, underdeveloped country, to now, when China is the second largest economy in the world—and in some categories I think they’re already taking the first place. They must be doing something right.

Rather than being so hysterical, and trying to contain the rise of China—and of all of Asia for that matter—which I don’t think is possible unless you go to World War III—people should rather ask themselves: What are the principles of the Chinese economic miracle? What are the Chinese doing right, and what is the West doing not right anymore?

One very interesting example I think illustrates the case, and that is that China has just announced that it has finished its second international airport in Beijing. China started the planning only four years ago, and completing it in less than four years at a cost of $11 billion. This new Beijing Daxing International Airport will soon transport 100 million passengers per year, and will probably be the largest, most modern airport in the world.

Compare that to the pitiful misery of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), which, after almost 15 years of planning, with a projected annual passenger traffic of only 34 million, and construction beginning in 2006, has yet to be completed. It is becoming the laughingstock of the whole world.

People should ask themselves: What is Germany doing wrong, and what is China doing right, that it is able to do what the Germans were perfectly capable of doing only a couple of decades ago? Since we can’t discuss this now in depth, I want to leave it as food for thought. We need more rationality in the discussion and less ideology: And that is what the Schiller Institute is for.

So get the pamphlet on what’s behind the green financing assault on the economy, join us in the campaign for Glass-Steagall and the implementation of the Four Laws, and otherwise be reasonable and don’t fall for hysteria.

Schlanger: And be happy, don’t be influenced by the sad-sack appearance of the young lady from Sweden.

Helga, that’s all we have time for today, so I’d like to thank you, and see you next week!

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes. Till next week.

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