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This transcript appears in the November 13, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Trump Can Prove There Is an Attempt To Steal the Election

This is the edited transcript of the Schiller Institute’s November 5, 2020 interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche by Harley Schlanger. Subheads and embedded links have been added. The video of the webcast is available.

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Ballot-counting in Georgia, November 6, 2020.
Left: LaRouchePAC-TV; right: Karl-Theodor-Molinari-Stiftung
Left: Roger Stone; right: Willy Wimmer
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EIRNS/Don Clark
Pro-Trump rally in Trenton, New Jersey, November 8, 2020.

Harley Schlanger: It’s now two days after the U.S. election. Things are still very unsettled in the United States. The line is coming out that Joe Biden is on the verge of getting the electoral votes needed to win the Presidency. However there have been a lot of irregularities. President Trump is filing some lawsuits. I know you have the latest picture. What’s the latest that you can tell us?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: If everything goes right, President Trump should be able to prove that there was an unbelievable attempt to steal the election from him. Many people have come out, Paul Craig Roberts, Willy Wimmer, Roger Stone, and several others, all pointing to the incredible event in Wisconsin and Michigan, where Trump had a lead, and then, all of a sudden, the Biden vote jumped, in one case by 130,000 votes, and 0 in the Trump column!

Then there was a phenomenon that was quite unusual for a U.S. national election. The rural results usually come in late because it’s more tedious to collect. In this election, the rural election result in the swing states, the crucial states in deciding the vote, came in first. In many larger cities, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta, and in Pennsylvania, the urban vote came in late, after a certain delay factor. So, it was as if whoever was rigging the vote had to see by how much of a margin Trump was ahead, so they could decide how many additional votes were needed to tip it for Biden.

These things are blatant. They’re obvious. And one can only characterize it in one way: That the coup attempt that has been going on against first, candidate Trump in 2016, and then throughout the entire four years of his Presidency, this attempt to steal the election from him is just the latest phase of this coup.

When you listen to the mainstream media, the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, all of these media show an amazing degree of Gleichschaltung [lock-step]. The international media is portraying Trump as an out-of-control populist making things up. When you look at the details, there is no question that this is what’s going on. I really urge our international audience to not fall for this gleichgeschaltet, the imposition of conformity from above. This is what the media were like under Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels’ rule.

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White House/Tia Dufour
Neither President Trump nor those who voted for him are giving in to the vote fraud against him, as demonstrated in the continuing “Stop the Steal” mass rallies and car caravans in state capitals across the country, including this one in Trenton, New Jersey on November 8, 2020.
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EIRNS/Don Clark

The polls that predicted, especially in the last period, a major victory for Biden, were, to say the least, caught off guard, again—like they were in 2016. One can read this in several ways. Was it that the pollsters were, again, so arrogant and did not think, or that because of the hysterical anti-Trump mood being whipped up, that people would not openly express their actual vote preference? Or was it part of an effort to demoralize the potential Trump voters by getting across to them that “it’s not worth your effort, Trump is going to lose anyway.” In any case, the polls were utterly wrong—again—like they were in 2016.

This is a fierce battle. We know that this was planned way back. The Project Integrity crowd predicted this. I think that you have a 50/50 split in the American population. You cannot eradicate the people who voted for Trump! So there is actually a very good chance that this battle can be won, and I think you should all be part of helping to accomplish exactly that.

Harley Schlanger: There are already legal challenges that have been filed in a couple of states. And I think the point you just made about this being pre-planned is really worth emphasizing: That we were told, weeks before the election, that the mail-in voting would create a change, that Trump would be ahead on election eve, which is exactly what happened; but then, as the mail-in ballots were counted, it would turn it around so that Biden would be on top, and that Trump would then claim fraud. So they all had this pre-planned. But they also were preparing for the possibility that they would have to put “boots on the street,” whether it’s Antifa or Black Lives Matter, to create chaos.

Rigging of Media Coverage for War

Now, Helga, I think one of the things that’s really interesting is the contrast between what Trump did, with a whole series of rallies, of very large crowds, versus Biden, who was basically talking to his staff members, and barely came out of his basement. I don’t think this has been covered in Europe at all, has it?

Zepp-LaRouche: No. There was no reporting about the caravans, the mobilization of the Trump base. And just today, after the election, the Münchner Merkur, the newspaper in Munich, had for the first time the story that Biden obviously has lost it, because he mixed up his granddaughter and his son, he couldn’t remember Trump’s name, he mentioned “George, George something”—so there is a clear awareness, and all the politically interested people, who did watch the videos of the campaign, naturally, knew about it. But there is very clearly the game-plan that Biden is not supposed to be President—except maybe for a couple of weeks—then Kamala Harris is supposed to become the President, and with her, naturally, the entire apparatus of the Obama/Hillary Clinton crowd. And that would mean clearly an escalation toward war against Russia and China.

Both photos: Gage Skidmore
Even if the election fraud is successful, Joe Biden will still not function as the President. Instead, Kamala Harris will take over, bringing back the Obama-era apparatus to destroy the Republic and prosecute war with Russia and China.

You should remember—and this is also something which is lost on the international audience, because of this incredible rigging of the media—that the most important strategic issue is the question of war and peace. Anybody who is facing reality, must understand that in the age of thermonuclear weapons, if you have any kind of superpower confrontation, that means the extinction of civilization.

I think many people, also on the left of the spectrum, like former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, understand that. I was just listening to a program with him on Consortium News, and he made the absolutely correct point that if you were to have a Biden Presidency, a war with China is almost certain. Look at the war deployment encircling Russia, encircling China, the effort to expand NATO into the Indo-Pacific, the confrontation around Taiwan, the South China Sea—a Biden Presidency would go to strategic confrontation very rapidly.

CC/Brookings Institution
Norman Eisen, a Brookings Senior Fellow, served on the legal staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment of President Trump. Here he chats with the World Bank’s Sheila Khama.

It’s important that people really re-study, and think, and not be ideologically opposed to Trump, because that’s what the media are telling you to do. The real issue is: With what President of the United States do you have a chance to have a peaceful relationship with Russia? Hopefully, Trump would also be able to walk back on his accusations against China, which have been completely unfounded. That that has to be remedied. But with the Biden-Harris crowd, there is absolutely no way to have peaceful relationships with the other major nuclear powers.

People have to really re-think this whole thing, and not be manipulated by the biggest media manipulation I have seen in my life.

Harley Schlanger: Helga, one of the interesting points that we’ve raised, was also raised by Roger Stone—the fact that the people running the Transition Integrity Project and the Voter Integrity Project are the same people who were involved in regime change and color revolutions. One person in particular, Norman Eisen, wrote a book called, The Democracy Playbook: Preventing and Reversing Democratic Backsliding which reads like exactly what they’re doing with the Trump-Biden election, but they already ran this in Ukraine. Do you have any thoughts about that?

Embassy of Ukraine in Washington
Victoria Nuland, former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, shown with Andriy Parubiy in Washington on February 26, 2015. Parubiy was rewarded with the chairmanship of the Ukrainian parliament for leading actions against the legitimate government in the 2014 coup.

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes! I think that the Maidan scenario, which was applied against the legitimate government in Ukraine, with the attempt to put in a neo-Nazi government, with the help of Victoria Nuland, and Biden, who at that time was the point man. Biden was then also in cahoots with the Obama interventionist wars in the Middle East. That was the model of the color revolution, which was attempted in many countries around the world. In Eastern Europe, it was attempted against Russia and failed; it was attempted against China, first with the Yellow Umbrellas and then later with Hong Kong. It’s now being done in Belarus and was attempted with the Arab Spring—that same method, according to the playbook of Gene Sharp, which is now being played out inside the United States.

Anybody who studies the method of destabilization, of financing the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), of having endless resources to give people funds for posters, travel, whatever they need, can see that that’s the method being deployed right now.

Maybe it’s not exactly related, but the George Soros machine has now also been successful in decriminalizing drugs in Oregon completely, so that you have now heroin, opium, it’s all legal, or it’s not criminal any more, to use. That is a method of empire, of trying to control the population, and the apparatus which is behind it is really that of world government. It’s not something limited to one country, but it is the effort to impose a global dictatorship, where the populations are being manipulated, the populations are supposed to be docile, through drug use and entertainment, and so forth—it’s a method behind that, and I think people have to really study that in great detail.

A Global Digital Currency: the ‘Great Reset’

Harley Schlanger: What you just mentioned in terms of world government becomes very interesting, because there’s been little or no discussion in the campaign, especially from the Biden side, of economic policy—what would they do—other than the Green New Deal. And yet, in the background, there’s a very distinct and serious move toward this global digital currency policy, which is precisely a “regime-change in finance,” as they call it themselves: How dangerous is this, this move toward a global digital currency?

Zepp-LaRouche: I think it’s fully operational, and it’s something which people really should oppose. Because it is the instrument of,— it goes along with the NSA/GCHQ total surveillance state.

Right now, they are talking openly about how to maximize the profits of the speculators. The show was given away by JPMorgan Chase, which put out in a newsletter to their clients that more lockdowns because of COVID-19 are very welcomed—it’s not so bad if the industries collapse, because then the governments will have to give more stimulus packages. And these stimulus packages, naturally, will go to the big banks, and therefore, they make the stock market and securities market go up, and therefore, people can make more profit. That’s the basic message which they have put out.

That just shows you that they have zero concern about real production. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why they don’t like Trump, is that Trump represents the potential that he would go back to a real industrialization program for the United States, and eventually work with other countries doing the same thing.

ECB/Alessia Di Padova
Christine Lagarde, formerly Chair and Managing Director of the IMF and now President of the European Central Bank (ECB), has just announced that the ECB is fully prepared to create a digitized euro.

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) and former head of the IMF, has just said that the ECB is fully preparing to create a digitized euro, and that all the other major central banks, the seven largest central banks in the world, are moving at high speed to prepare digital currencies to go on the market by spring of 2021, and that is then supposed to be the “Great Reset.” And naturally, they say, this will not immediately mean the elimination of cash, but that is just a temporary means of putting people at ease.

China has already very much digitized payment via smart phone, to pay all your bills, order taxis, all of this in China is already much, much further developed than in the West.

But the difference is that China has an economy which is geared toward the common good, to increase the average income, without anybody being able to debate that they have pulled 850 million people out of poverty. They are right now—and Xi Jinping has taken personal charge of this—trying to alleviate all the rest of severe poverty in the farthest corners in China. And China is the only growing economy under COVID-19 conditions. While all the other major economies are collapsing this year, China has managed to get its economy back on a growth path. It’s moving to increase the middle class, to increase the buying power of its own population. If you have then such a thing like digitization of currency, it’s not detrimental, or it doesn’t have to be detrimental to the interests of the people.

But if you have a society where the speculators are supposed to get everything, and the middle class is being destroyed—just contrast this idea of digitizing all the currencies, for regime change to what the central bankers and main leading financial players discussed already last year at Jackson Hole, Wyoming—a regime change whereby the central banks would basically take over from the governments. They want to have not only monetary expansion—because it turns out that quantitative easing is not enough to keep this bubble going—now they want to have fiscal stimulus, meaning that the governments themselves have to put in money basically to keep the profits of the big banks and speculators going.

We have a pandemic, still going on, basically out of control. Infection rates have resulted in almost all European countries going into lockdown again, or at least a severe reduction in what people can do.

Then the hunger crisis: Seven million people have died already this year of hunger. David Beasley, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme, said that if there is not an immediate change, meaning providing at least $5 billion, which is the proverbial “peanuts,” 30 million more people will die in the next several months. Next year, if this is not reversed, there is the danger of 260 million people dying of hunger!

Right now, nothing of that is being addressed by these monetarist schemes. Digital currencies just mean a complete depopulation policy.

The Great Reset in this context means that all financing into anything but green technologies will be stopped: You will only have financing of solar, wind, biomass, and similar things, and it would be, basically, the implementation of world government through the control of all financing. And that is the Great Reset!

Now, just to mention that, there is a big debate right now among people who have conspiracy theories about COVID: The big mistake they make, is they somehow link these two things together as if the Great Reset would mean to basically impose “vaccination dictatorship” and all of these things. These are two completely separate things. We have discussed many times that the pandemic would not be a pandemic if the IMF, the World Bank, and the leading financial institutions would not have lowered the living standards of especially the developing countries, over decades in the last 50 years. If every country had a modern health system, like the Chinese demonstrated they have in Wuhan, it would not be a pandemic! Why otherwise is it that certain Asian countries have been able to control the situation so much better?

The LaRouchian Solution

It is really extremely important to not go in the direction of this digitization of the currencies, but there is only one remedy, and that is what my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche, has prescribed since many years: Namely, you need to end the casino economy. You need to impose Glass-Steagall, the separation of the banks; you need to, in the case of the Federal Reserve, nationalize the Federal Reserve, turn it into a National Bank, a kind of Reconstruction Finance Corporation, what Roosevelt did; and then start to issue long-term, low-interest credit for real investment in industrial production, but especially in high energy-flux density areas, such as a crash program for fusion power, space development, international space cooperation, to increase the productivity of the economy.

That obviously is absolutely the opposite of the Green New Deal, and that is being fought out right now. This is not something which can wait until next year. We have to start to educate the population right now. Because these central banks are not waiting for what comes out of this election dispute—war—in the United States; but I think this danger of a global dictatorship through the central banks is something people have to wake up about right away.

Harley Schlanger: I think one other point we can make is that the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, is now talking about a “New Bretton Woods,” taking the words from your husband, from Lyndon LaRouche, but meaning the “Green New Deal,” meaning the digitization. When was the International Monetary Fund concerned with actual development in these poorer countries? So I think people have to really take what you said seriously, and study this, and become part of the fight to get a real New Bretton Woods.

Now, as we have the election situation unfolding in the United States—this bankers’ dictatorship—there’s something else going on, which often is a distraction from taking on these other issues: And that’s terrorism, which we’ve seen now rising up again in Europe, the “strategy of tension.” What can you tell us about that? What’s going on now?

Zepp-LaRouche: We have clearly a pattern. You have the unbelievable event with the French teacher, Samuel Paty, who was decapitated in an unbelievable act of cruelty, because he discussed the anti-Mohammad caricatures. Then you had the incident in Nice, where three people were killed by somebody who had entered Italy as a migrant on September 20. He was clearly radicalized already then, and pretended to be a migrant. Then he went to France and three weeks later, he committed this atrocity in Nice. Now that should also cause people to think, because he entered Italy before this incident with the caricatures even occurred!

Then you had the next incident or attack, in Vienna, where somebody, a person of 20 years of age, who was already known to the authorities, had wanted to emigrate to Syria in a group of 90 people, which was stopped by the police. Then he went to Slovakia and tried to buy weapons; the Slovakian authorities informed the Austrians about this incident—it was ignored. And so now, several arrests have been made in Austria and Switzerland in the context of this, so it’s obviously a network of Islamists linked to networks in the Balkans and also in the North Caucasus.

A ‘Strategy of Tension’

We should remember, the strategy of tension always has been applied when there were major other events to be implemented. It has everything to do with what we discussed before—both, the aim of the British Empire, the oligarchy, to steal the election from Trump, which has to occur in an arena of complete distraction; but then, especially also, underlying all of these things is the fact that the financial system of the British Empire is bankrupt and can only be pumped up by these incredible liquidity injections, what we have seen over 10 years or so, actually 12 years, since the crash of 2008.

So the strategy of tension always has been used as a way to cause regime change, to cause changes in government by creating an atmosphere of panic, to get the population to accept things. And we should remember that the Gladio networks of NATO that were responsible for the terrorism wave in the 1970s and ’80s in Italy, the Baader-Meinhof Gang in Germany, was clearly aimed at making sure that the German unification did not result in realizing the incredible historical opportunity which that great moment of history meant, by having a “third generation” of the Baader-Meinhof Gang assassinate Deutsche Bank Chairman Alfred Herrhausen. There were documentaries, even on German TV, that this “third generation” never existed, no one was ever able to establish its existence. Then, Detlev Rohwedder was killed, the head of the Treuhand, which was then used to go for completely shutting down industries in East Germany after the unification.

Look at the string of assassinations, the JFK assassination, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, these were all part of the kind of strategy that always has to do with trying to cause paradigm shifts. The present terror wave that has hit France and Austria, the British have put the United Kingdom on high terror alert, not because they claim to have any concrete evidence, but they say a terrorist attack is very likely. And now, the former head of the FSB anti-terror unit of Russia, Vladimir Lutsenko, just wrote a very important article, saying that people should not just look at these incidents, but rather should look at the headquarters of these terrorist events, pointing to Saudi Arabia and the City of London.

This is something one should absolutely be aware of. When Trump won in 2016, Lyndon LaRouche was emphatic that it was not simply a national event, but an event of strategic importance, and in the context then of the Brexit, soon to be followed by the Yellow Vests in France, the revolt in Italy against a change of the Constitution. And then we had similar rebellions against this globalist order in Chile, in Lebanon, in many other countries in North Africa. It is still the battle. There is clear recognition by an increasing number of countries, or political groupings in these countries, that this globalist world order totally violates their interests. That’s why you have such movements as the Trump movement.

To Trump’s credit, he made a statement, saying, he did not ask Wall Street for money—he could easily have asked for $25 million from several large firms, which Biden apparently did, and outspent Trump by quite a margin. Also some Senate races were financed big time by Wall Street. So Trump said he didn’t do that, “because if you take their money, you can’t deal with them in a proper way.”

I think we should be aware of it, because the actions which need to be taken may come much earlier than people think. Trump will be President, for sure, until at least January 20. We may see financial developments that will require him to act much, much earlier, in concert with other countries. The summit should not wait—a summit with, at minimum, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. China is proposing a new world economic system, following the COVID crisis. There are urgent issues that need to be addressed, and the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche fortunately provide an absolute wealth of programs and concepts that address what needs to be done.

Harley Schlanger: Helga, this report you’ve just given, including the move toward a bankers’ dictatorship, the strategy of tension, and how it fits it into this picture is absolutely essential for anyone who’s going to participate in the fight to overturn the attempted coup via the vote fraud. People should be very thankful that you brought this forward.

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