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This editorial appears in the January 15, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


The ‘Invasion’ of the U.S. Capitol:
Color Revolution or September 11th?

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This editorial was translated from the German by EIR.

Jan. 9—The video reportage on the intrusion of a few hundred demonstrators into the Capitol in Washington on January 6 shows disturbing scenes. During the live broadcast of the session of Congress, which was about the confirmation of the Electoral College’s decision in the election of the next President, one could see the camera view shift from the meeting to the entrance of the building, to a group of intruders entering the building—intruders who came in relatively relaxed and without being hindered by the police officers present. They had an incredible two hours to rummage through elected officials’ offices without security forces intervening.

The new Senate Majority Leader, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, whose closeness to the secret services is legend (and who famously warned Trump on MSNBC that the secret services would have “six ways from Sunday of getting back at you” if defied), spoke immediately of a “desecration” of “this temple to democracy” and characterized the events as an uprising against the United States, incited by the President. The President must not hold office for another day, he demanded, and must be removed immediately by the Vice-President and cabinet on the basis of the 25th Amendment; and if they refuse, Congress must meet to initiate impeachment.

A chorus of Atlanticist politicians and media representatives unhesitatingly agreed to this reading of things, reinforced by another chorus of Democrats such as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Rhodes (former advisor to Obama), and Michael McFaul (ex-U.S. Ambassador to Moscow), who promptly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being responsible for the events. The course of events is absolutely monstrous; the potential consequences can become existential for the question of war or peace.

With all the hysteria and excitement, it is urgent to ask the question, cui bono: what did the riots in the U.S. Capitol achieve?

‘Narrative’ vs. Reality

First of all, the first and only chance that the two chambers of Congress, the American people, and the world public could get comprehensive information about the various irregularities and manipulations in the Presidential election which occurred on November 3 in at least six “swing states,” was destroyed. There are over a thousand eyewitnesses to this electoral fraud and it has been the subject of hearings in the respective state legislatures, but this does not prevent the political establishment and the international media from repeating ad nauseam that, contrary to Trump’s claims, there is not the slightest evidence for this election fraud.

Relatively soon after the debate in the two chambers of Congress began on January 6, in which the results and controversies regarding the six contested states were to be debated in alphabetical order—namely, discussion of the results of Arizona first—the rioters broke through the barriers and began their expedition through the offices and halls of Congress. The meeting was broken off, government officials and representatives of the people were brought to safety, and when the meeting resumed a few hours later, there was no resumption of the intended debate on the electoral irregularities.

Instead, the official narrative was spread on both sides of the Atlantic that Trump was responsible for the attack on Congress because of his insistence on the existence of massive electoral fraud. And this is exactly where the deception lies. It is true that Trump has made countless declarations since November 3, alleging election fraud. It is also true that he tried to mobilize his supporters, asserting that January 6 would be the big day when this fraud would have to be corrected with the help of representatives of the House and Senate. And it is also true that in his speech to the crowd, he listed the various election frauds and then asked the demonstrators at the end of his speech: “Let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue!” But to derive from this remark that he was responsible for the attack on the Capitol, is absolutely wrong—it indicates an entirely different authorship.

Even if the investigation can by no means be complete, an investigation of video recordings and eyewitness reports from participants in the rally, as well as a consideration of the absolutely astonishing lack of security measures, gives a completely different picture:

Some probably authentic video recordings clearly show that people dressed in black tried forcibly to gain entry into the outer area of the Capitol and that another group of people shielded these rioters so that “normal” demonstrators could not get to them.

Numerous eyewitnesses report that strange minibuses with people dressed in black, but also people with Trump-MAGA hats (“Make America Great Again”), suddenly joined the rally, who clearly stood out from the peaceful demonstrators.

Other participants in the demonstration report that at one point a group of 12-15 men made their way through the crowd shouting: “Let’s burn the place down”; but only a few demonstrators allowed themselves to be caught up in this, while those who distanced themselves from it were in turn molested.

Everything indicates that these professional-acting provocateurs are the same phenomenon that Nelson Mandela described in South Africa as the “third force” that induced tribal clashes aimed at discrediting the ANC. This is the same modus operandi according to which the snipers in the coup in Kiev in February 2014 fired on both sides from occupied buildings, i.e., at both the demonstrators and the police.

Various comments in the Chinese and Russian media, among others, have indicated that the U.S.A. has now received a mild form of the same medicine that it had previously orchestrated and celebrated during similar uprisings in Serbia in 2000, in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014, as well as in Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, or in 2011 with the Arab Spring. The Chinese press has underscored Speaker Pelosi’s double standard of describing the Hong Kong uprising as “a beautiful sight to behold.”

Such assessments miss the point, the real character of this drama. Perhaps former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev had a better idea when he told Interfax that these riots were “apparently planned in advance” and that the masterminds were “obvious.” The official bodies, who were responsible for ensuring that the security precautions were invitingly lax in view of the expected large-scale demonstration, belong in any case to the first line of suspects.

Fighting the Real Dangers

There is every reason to believe that the assault on the Capitol is a direct continuation of the 9/11 attacks, the real masterminds of which have never really been named. Lyndon LaRouche had presciently predicted this terrorist act nine months earlier, on January 3, 2001, by predicting that the Bush Administration, which would take office three weeks later, would stage a “Reichstag fire” incident due to its inability to deal with the coming financial meltdown, as a pretext to implement dictatorial measures. This is exactly what happened with the introduction of the “Patriot Act,” which largely curtailed civil rights, not only for Americans, and which set in motion worldwide mass surveillance by the NSA, GCHQ, etc.

In the same fashion, the riot at the Capitol is intended to provide the pretext to eliminate any dissent towards the policies of the neoliberal establishment. Significantly, Michele Obama immediately afterwards urged Silicon Valley IT giants, who are an integral part of the military-industrial complex, to ban Trump and all supporters of the January 6 events from social media.

The alarm bells must ring for all people who hold dear the constitutional state, freedom of expression, and civil rights. What this is about is a total dictatorship over opinion and the elimination of any political opposition to the policies of the transatlantic financial elite.

The financial system, dominated by Wall Street and the City of London, has been hopelessly bankrupt since 2008, and ever since then has only been maintained by a massive increase in liquidity and a gigantic redistribution of wealth in favor of speculators. The last phase of this mega-fraud at the expense of the common good is now to be set in motion with the so-called “Great Reset,” in which, under the pretext of realigning the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic, all financial flows are to be directed exclusively into the Green New Deal, which will lead to unprecedented de-industrialization and an associated population reduction.

The enforced conformity of the media, and censorship of social media, is meant to eliminate any opposition to this intended dictatorship in the tradition of Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s Minister of Economics. The world knows better: We are in acute danger of a new fascism!

The only alternative to this dictatorship, which would lead to the economic destruction of the West and thus the danger of war against Russia and China, is a comprehensive reorganization of the financial system through the establishment of a New Bretton Woods system, the implementation of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” as well as cooperation with Russia and China in the expansion of the New Silk Road in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Citizens of all nations who understand the gravity of the situation are called upon to implement this solution.


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