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This article appears in the March 19, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Zepp-LaRouche: Defend General Welfare Against Green New Deal

This is excerpted from Harley Schlanger’s March 11 webcast interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and President of the Schiller Institute. Embedded links have been added.

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Missouri AG’s Office
Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General, has filed a suit on behalf of 12 states against President Biden’s Executive Order 13990.

Schlanger: In opposition to the Green New Deal, there is a legal suit filed by 12 states against the Executive Order by Joe Biden, declaring basically an emergency order on climate change and the Green New Deal….

Zepp-LaRouche: I think this is very promising, because the Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, is taking the lead on that on behalf of these 12 states, and the arguments they’re making are quite truthful, and they apply to Europe in the same way as they apply to the United States. They basically say that these policies—which really are the Great Reset and the Green Deal—they destroy the work of generations, they attack every household, every family; they destroy industry, agriculture; and they would drive up energy prices, they would destroy jobs. So, they are really on the march forward to defeat that.

Now, we have to see where this goes. But this legal action immediately had a very revitalizing effect on the farmers in those states and other states. And it would be extremely important for people in Europe who are affected by the same atrocity. But I have not seen anything like that—really speaking out that the Great Reset will only help the speculators, will only help the hedge funds and the very rich to become richer, and the poor to become poorer—I would wish that this is being taken up as well.

The Great Reset—described in the report we published some weeks ago and which is now coming out in the form of mass pamphlets in several countries—this is the biggest assault on the living standards and the character of the European nations and the United States as industrial nations, and it will cause complete chaos. I would encourage people to look at our report, which has all the background on where this comes from—because most people, even if they oppose it, are not quite clear about the oligarchical nature of this policy. But at the same time, I would encourage people to take the action of these 12 states in the United States as an example and formulate similar opposition. [The EIR Special Report is titled, The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal.]

Schlanger: Just so people know, they’re state [attorneys general], challenging the Executive Order 13990, which mandates green reset policies. What they’ve said is that this will damage manufacturing, decrease the electricity supply, suppress agriculture, and increase poverty, meaning increased expenses to the states; they’re saying this means hundreds of billions of dollars in damage, and they claim the White House does not have the power to make policy in these areas, that it should be in the Congress.

But meanwhile, we have U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry jetting over to Brussels to be welcomed back into the fold of the Paris Climate Agreement by von der Leyen and the European Commission.

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes, this is quite outrageous. What Kerry actually said is that even the Paris Agreement is not enough; that with the present policies, which are already completely insane, there still would be a warming up of the Earth of 3.6°F—which is not supported by fact at all, and even the CO2 connection is very dubious. If John Kerry was so much concerned about that, there would be one easy thing to reduce the CO2 emissions: He could shut down the military-industry complex. Because one Eurofighter in one hour emits 11 tons of CO2. So, if you really wanted to go after the climate problem, then we could reduce these incredibly dangerous and provocative military maneuvers which are taking place all the time. But that is obviously not the real issue.

And if you then look at another aspect, namely, the absolute hysteria by the German media in particular, around the 10th anniversary of the incident at Fukushima which, if you believe what some of these radio reports and media reports are saying, this was the ultimate proof that nuclear energy is dangerous. But the reality is, that while more than 20,000 people died in Fukushima and elsewhere [in Japan], none of them died as a result of nuclear radiation, but they all died as a result of the tsunami and the earthquake in Tohoku triggering that tsunami. So this is really incredible.

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Raimond Spekking
Norbert Röttgen, a leader of the CDU party in Germany: “There will be no renaissance of nuclear energy, only all renewables.”

In Germany we have a politician, Norbert Röttgen, who is the head of the CDU and foreign policy commission in the Bundestag, who went out of his way to say, “No renaissance of nuclear energy, and only all renewable. And look at it, all these hedge funds and all these major players are now investing in solar and renewable, isn’t that the proof that this is a good thing?”

Well, the reality is the Great Reset is an investment in the biggest bubble and the biggest swindle, because if you invest in CO2 emission titles, you are investing in something which in reality does not exist, other than that it will completely destroy the economy.

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Russia is going to increase coal production, of which 50% will be exported to Asia. Here, President Vladimir Putin holds a March 2, 2021 videoconference with some of his ministers on the development of the coal industry.

We have pointed many times to the fact that that insanity affects only the so-called “Western” countries; because Putin, at the same time had a meeting with some of his ministers, and he basically said that Russia is going to increase its coal production and 50% of that will be exported to Asia. And, naturally, the Chinese intend to have 50% of their energy supply by 2050 still coming from coal, while going heavily into nuclear energy.

And the Chinese, on the other side, they have just announced that they will soon start the first commercial high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HGTR). This is a technology which was developed in Germany by Professor Schulten from Jülich, and because it was politically unrealizable in Germany, Professor Schulten gave the entire technology to the Chinese, because he said this technology is too precious, so rather give to the Chinese than not have it developed. Now, if you want to have really safe nuclear energy, then you go to high-temperature reactors, which, for physical reasons turn off immediately if there is the slightest irregularity.

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CC BY-SA 3.0/ Maurice van Bruggen
AVR High Temperature Reactor at Forschungszentrum Jülich in the dismantling phase

This just shows you that behind all of this, the so-called “climate” question, the anti-nuclear question, there are quite different motives, namely, to reduce the population. And that is what is not being accepted by Russia and China.

And we have discussed many times in the past, and I want to repeat it, this self-destruction of the West by deindustrializing, by bringing back the level of industry and agriculture to the time of the preindustrial era, means the West is weakening itself. And naturally, this increases the war danger, because Russia and China have no intention of doing likewise, and therefore the so-called “threat of the rise of China” will be increasingly an issue. So, these things have all kinds of strategic implications, that people who normally think about these questions are not really thinking through.

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